All Star Charts with JC Parets, CMT

All Star Charts with JC Parets, CMT

Join JC Parets, CMT, Founder of All Star Charts, for a weekly rundown of the most important charts and technical themes of the week.

All Star Charts with JC Parets, CMT
  • Be Aware of the Bubbles | JC Parets, CMT (06.02)

    This week on the show, we talk about recognizing your surroundings. What's happening around you in this particular cycle. Are there "cult leaders" you can point to that suggest we're near the end of a cycle and/or bubble?

    Divergences Galore is the big theme here this week. More recently, lumber ...

  • Weigh All The Evidence | JC Parets, CMT (05.26)

    Today on the show we talk about weighing all the evidence. There is no one signal or one crystal ball that will always tell you whether to buy or sell stocks. BUT, by weighing all the evidence, it gives us better context in which to make those decisions.

    We go over the major US Stock Indexes an...

  • Don't Pigeonhole Yourself | JC Parets, CMT (05.12)

    Today on the show, we talk about the continued rotation OUT of U.S. Technology and Growth stocks. We continue to be short the Nasdaq and Tech, so we're thrilled about the selling.

    Our bet is that things are about to get much worse for US Growth investors, so we're certainly hoping for that outco...

  • Look for the Big Bases | JC Parets, CMT (05.05)

    This week on the show we talk about bigger picture uptrends for stocks, but the short- to intermediate-term trends are messy. In fact, we're even shorting the Nasdaq $QQQ this week.

    Value stocks continue to thrive as Financials and Materials are making new relative highs, while Crude Oil and Ene...

  • Focus On Price | JC Parets, CMT (04.28)

    On this week's show, we talk about how similar this market environment is to 2010, 2004, 1983, and even 1976. These were all "Year 2" of their bull market cycles.

    Ethereum continues to break out to new all-time highs outperforming Bitcoin. And still, no one wants any gold.

    We dive deeper into o...

  • Keeping an Open Mind | JC Parets, CMT (04.21)

    On today's show we talk about the importance of keeping an open mind. We don't know what the market is going to next so let's not pretend we do. We want to be open to all possibilities.

    Chart-wise, we're seeing a lot of things that we haven't seen in a while. Bonds stopped going down. Japanese Y...

  • The Power of Supplementing Top/Down with Bottom/Up | JC Parets, CMT (04.14)

    On today’s show we talk about the power of supplementing all of the top/down analysis that we do with a series of Bottom’s/Up scans.

    For this episode we focus more specifically on our Young Aristocrats report, which identifies stocks that have increased their dividend every year for between 5-9...

  • Persistent Defensive Rotation | JC Parets, CMT (03.24)

    This week on the show we talk about the defensive rotation persisting among sectors. We're also seeing it across the intermarket complex as US Treasury Bonds and Yen/Aussie have caught a bid.

    Watching Communications and Industrials closely as leadership groups in the current market. The lesson ...

  • Stop Making Donations to the Market | JC Parets, CMT (03.17)

    This week on the show we're talking about the unwind of the ESG trade that benefited so much from the outperformance in Growth stocks.

    If that's over and the rotation into Value is real (and we think it is) then the "Short ESG" trade is what we're interested in.

    Rather than buying the cleanes...

  • Let’s Talk About the “Bubbles” | JC Parets, CMT (03.10)

    This week on the show we talk about this continued rotation into Value and out of Growth stocks. What will it take to invalidate this thesis and also what would confirm that we're on the right track?

    With dividend stocks outperforming we dive into our latest Young Aristocrats report, which is a ...

  • Out of Growth Into Value | JC Parets, CMT (03.03)

    This week on the show we're focusing our attention on the rotation out of Growth and into Value Stocks. With Interest Rates rising around the world, the money is flowing into international equities with more exposure to banks and natural resources. It's become the opposite of the US Growth & Tec...

  • Credit Spreads and Treasury Bonds | JC Parets, CMT (02.24)

    On this week's show we talk about Credit Spreads and how Treasury Bonds can't even outperform in a fixed income basket. That's not bearish for stocks and other risk assets.

    Our new Under The Hood Report just dropped. These are stocks showing an unusual increase in investor interest. We've hand s...

  • Record Number of New Highs | JC Parets, CMT (02.17)

    With Volatility falling and Credit Spreads narrowing to their lowest levels since the crash last year, stocks should be doing well. And as it turns out they are! We just saw the most amount of new highs EVER!

    What do we do about it? Which stocks do we buy? Rotation into Financials and Energy? Co...

  • What "Should" Be Versus What Is | JC Parets, CMT (02.10)

    On today's show we talk about identifying what's actually happening in the market, whether you agree that it should be happening or not. It's not about what you or I think it "should" be, it's only about how it is.

    We discuss the market implications of Financials finally breaking out of this 14 ...

  • Pessimism in a Bullish Market | JC Parets, CMT (02.03)

    In today's show we talk about the society of 7th place trophies. This is NOT a market where everyone wins. You don't get a participation ribbon. Everyone is against you. No one is going to help you. We need to worry about ourselves. And if you follow sports gambling websites into YOLO positions, ...

  • Be Aware of Potential Headwinds | JC Parets, CMT (01.27)

    This week we talk about what it’s going to take to ruin this party. The US Dollar? A Squeeze in Treasury Bonds? Or should all pullbacks get bought.

    The stocks with the highest short interest are ripping? Is that a sign or froth or are bears losing money just a classic characteristic of uptrends...

  • Market Breadth | JC Parets, CMT (01.21)

    Today’s lesson is about market breadth. What does it mean and where are we in the cycle? Then we’ll take a look at what it will take to get more defensive in this market and which stocks we want to own in the meantime. We finish up with some questions and get through a lot of charts in a short time.

  • Using a Top-Down Approach | JC Parets, CMT (01.13)

    On this week's show we dive into the process of the "Top/Down Approach", and how it keeps us disciplined. Then we walk through a series of "Bottoms/Up" Universes of stocks that help supplement that top/down work. There are a few new trade ideas in there too. And finally we'll finish up with some ...

  • New Year. Same Trends. | JC Parets, CMT (01.06)

    Educational Topic: Why Monthly charts are so important to help identify primary trends

    Market Topic: today vs 2018. What’s the difference. Why this one is bullish and that one wasn’t.

    Questions: Santa Claus Rally and stock market bubbles