All Star Charts with JC Parets, CMT

All Star Charts with JC Parets, CMT

Join JC Parets, CMT, Founder of All Star Charts, for a weekly rundown of the most important charts and technical themes of the week.

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All Star Charts with JC Parets, CMT
  • A Ton of Opportunities in Stocks | JC Parets, CMT (08.03)

    In this month's episode of The JC Show, we talk about the most important trends in the world.
    The first thing we want to do is identify what type of market environment we're in, and then find the catalysts to change or extend current trends. There are a ton of opportunities in stocks right now. W...

  • Catalysts That Will Change Market Trends | JC Parets, CMT (07.13)

    On this episode of the JC Show, we talk about the most important themes in the market right now. Bonds and especially the US Dollar are bullying this market around - stocks, commodities and crypto. In this video we go over the current environment and what the drivers are. And then, more important...

  • Overwhelming Amount of Overhead Supply | JC Parets, CMT (05.18)

    On this month's show we talk about the overwhelming amount of overhead supply in most stocks and indexes. We're not just seeing this in the U.S. but in almost every other country around the world.

    The US Dollar Index is likely to have a huge impact on the next direction of stocks, as it continue...

  • Messy Market Within An Uptrend | JC Parets, CMT (04.06)

    Over the last year, over 70% of the stocks in the NASDAQ were down over 20%, some might call that a bear market. It's definitely messy, but we've been in long term uptrend for a long time, so now it's a messy market within that uptrend. What do you call that?
    The relentless strength in utilities ...

  • The Winners and Losers in This Market Environment | JC Parets, CMT (02.16)

    In our February video we dive into the beneficiaries of the current market environment vs the areas that have been hurt the most.

    I believe this bifurcation continues to be driven by interest rates. The United States stocks are the worst performing country in the Western Hemisphere this year. T...

  • Rotation To International | JC Parets, CMT (01.19)

    We're seeing some unusual relative strength recently in areas like Brazil and China. That is something we haven't been able to say in quite some time.

    With such relentless strength in Financials and Energy lately, on the back of those much higher interest rates, it's about time we start to see r...

  • The World is Digesting Overhead Supply | JC Parets, CMT (12.09)

    On this week's show we talk about assets around the world digesting overhead supply. You can see it in Copper and Gold dating back to their 2011 highs. You see it in Oil struggling with its 2018 highs and more recently you see it in Bitcoin having trouble getting past its Spring highs.

    Where are...

  • Market Breadth & Market Sentiment | JC Parets, CMT

    On today's show, we dive deeper into Market Breadth and Market Sentiment. These are 2 of my favorite supplements to price action.

    At the end of the day, this is a "Market of Stocks". We want to treat it that way. Same with the humans. We want to analyze price, of course, but the humans (or robot...