Behind the Charts

Behind the Charts

2 Seasons

Featuring exclusive, behind-the-scenes interviews with the charting world's very best technical minds and financial analysts, this unique show from StockCharts TV brings you timeless wisdom and invaluable insights each and every week. Hear the stories behind the legends and the history that made them such successful market technicians as we take you "Behind The Charts".

Behind the Charts
  • Behind the Charts: Jeff Hirsch, Probabilities Fund (Sn1 Ep1)

    Episode 1

    In this episode David goes behind the scenes and behind the charts with Jeff Hirsch, Chief Market Strategist at Probabilities Fund. They talk about Jeff's history and involvement as the editor of the Stock Traders Almanac, one of the longest running financial books in the industry. They also dig ...

  • Behind the Charts: JC Parets, All Star Charts (Sn1 Ep2)

    Episode 2

    David Keller sits down with JC Parets, founder of All Star Charts, at the Traders Expo in Las Vegas, to discuss intermarket analysis, JC's routines and his involvement in financial media.

  • Behind the Charts: Tony Dwyer, Canaccord Genuity (Sn1 Ep3)

    Episode 3

    Join us as we go behind the charts and behind the scenes with some of today's leading market strategists. The show today features Tony Dwyer, Chief Market Strategist at Canaccord Genuity, as he discusses his history and gives us insight into his processes.

  • Behind the Charts: Eric Balchunas, Bloomberg Intelligence (Sn1 Ep4)

    Episode 4

    Host David Keller sits down with Eric Balchunas, Sr. ETF Analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence. They discuss everything ETFs, including structural challenges, solvency issues and what opportunities exist that investors might not be aware of.

  • Behind the Charts: Craig Johnson, CMT, CFA, Piper Sandler (Sn1 Ep5)

    Episode 5

    This episode features Craig Johnson CMT, CFA, Senior Technical Research Analyst at Piper Sandler. Craig works with a micro group strategy, which breaks down the equity universe into individual, micro industry groups. Craig also writes a monthly publication, "The Informed Investor" which is widely...

  • Behind the Charts: Fred Meissner, The Fred Report (Sn1 Ep6)

    Episode 6

    Today episode features Fred Meissner, CMT, editor of The Fred Report. The Fred Report focuses on asset allocation, particularly for financial advisors.

    Fred talks about how he got started in the industry, and shares stories of how he proactively reached out to people like Larry Williams and Jef...

  • Behind the Charts: Brian Shannon, (Sn1 Ep7)

    Episode 7

    David Keller sits down with Brian Shannon, President of, to talk about Brian's career history, his approach to investing and how thinks about the charts relative to other disciples. They delve in to using volume-weighted average price (VWAP) as a scalping technique as well as how ...

  • Behind the Charts: Jeff Huge, JWH Investment Partners (Sn1 Ep8)

    Episode 8

    David Keller sits down with Jeff Huge, Chief Investment Officer at JWH Investment Partners, to talk about his investment process and how he now focuses on technical analysis as part of a holistic investment process.

    Jeff thinks about fundamental and technical analysis from a quantitative persp...

  • Behind the Charts: David Auerbach, World Equity Group (Sn1 Ep9)

    Episode 9

    This week's episode features David Auerbach, an institutional trader with World Equity Group and the editor/contributor to the Daily REITBeat Newsletter.

    Most asset allocation approaches suggest that you have 5-10% in REITs, in Real estate, though most investors are relatively uninformed about r...

  • Behind the Charts: Jonathan Krinsky, Bay Crest Partners (Sn1 Ep10)

    Episode 10

    StockCharts Chief Market Strategist, David Keller, sits down with Jonathan Krinsky, Chief Market Technician at Bay Crest Partners. Jonathan talks about how he got started in the industry, how his beginning in the industry during a bear market has shaped him as an analyst now, as well as his most ...

  • Behind the Charts: Chris Ciovacco, Ciovacco Capital Management (Sn1 Ep11)

    Episode 11

    Chris Ciovacco, Chief Strategist and Portfolio Manager at Ciovacco Capital Management.

  • Behind the Charts: Rick Bensignor, In The Know Trader (Sn1 Ep12)

    Episode 12

    Filmed on location at the Orlando Money Show in February 2020, David Keller, Chief Market Strategist at StockCharts, sat down with with Rick Bensignor, President of, to chat about Rick's experience as a floor trader, his time as a technical analyst at Morgan Stanley and Rick's...

  • Behind the Charts: Steve Hochberg & Peter Kendall, Elliott Wave (Sn1 Ep13)

    Episode 13

    David Keller sits down with Steve Hochberg and Peter Kendall from Elliott Wave International to talk about the Elliott Wave process and methodologies. The conversation includes the behavioral aspects of Elliott Wave and how social mood drives asset prices.

  • Behind the Charts: Todd Gordon, (Sn1 Ep14)

    Episode 14

    David Keller, Chief Market Strategist at StockCharts, sits down with Todd Gordon, Founder of, to talk about how to approach the markets by thinking about "how you think" and how that can influence your decisions as a trader.
    They then delve into Todd's mentors and in particul...

  • Behind the Charts: Sam Stovall, CFRA (Sn1 Ep15)

    Episode 15

    David Keller sits down with Sam Stovall, Managing Director of US Equity Strategy at CFRA, to discuss sector rotation, market cycles and how he relates technicals to his strategies.

  • Behind the Charts: Keith Fitz-Gerald (Sn1 Ep16)

    Episode 16

    David Keller and Keith Fitz-Gerald sat down to talk about how social mood drives the market, and in turn, how the market drives social mood. This timely topic relates investor psychology to market activity and price movement.

    They also discuss risk management and how important technical analysis...

  • Behind the Charts: Matt Lampert, Elliot Wave International (Sn1 Ep17)

    Episode 17

    A conversation with Matt Lampert, Director of Research at the Socionomics Institute, Elliot Wave International, about social mood and the impact that mood has on the market.

  • Behind the Charts: Joe Duarte, MD (Sn1 Ep18)

    Episode 18

    David Keller, Chief Market Strategist at StockCharts, sits down with Joe Duarte, MD at the Money Show in Orlando to talk about how Joe was introduced to technical analysis. Joe is the author of Trading Options for Dummies and The Everything Investing Guide in Your 20's and 30's. Joe has a particu...

  • Behind the Charts: Ralph Acampora, Altaira, ltd. (Sn1 Ep19)

    Episode 19

    David Keller, Chief Market Strategist at StockCharts, sits down with the Godfather of Technical Analysis, Ralph Acampora, CMT at his famous barn in Minnesota to talk about Ralph's 50 year career on Wall Street, how the CMT association was founded, and much more.

  • Behind the Charts: Price Headley, Big Trends (Sn1 Ep20)

    Episode 20

    David sat down with Price Headley, President of, at the MoneyShow in Orlando. David and Price talk about a number of interesting topics, including; massive perfectionism as a weakness in investors and how to deal with being "wrong", they also discuss how to think of options trading ...

  • Behind the Charts: Mike Turner, Turner Capital Management (Sn1 Ep21)

    Episode 21

    Host David Keller sat down with Mike Turner, Chief Portfolio Manager at Turner Capital Management, at the Orlando Money Show in February. Mike started out as a software developer and over time developed a price and rules based trading system, eventually moving in to capital investment management....

  • Behind the Charts: Toni Hansen, (Sn1 Ep22)

    Episode 22

    David Keller sat down with Toni Hansen late last year and had a great conversation about how she approaches the market. Toni is an educator, and focuses on empowering traders to make better decisions with their investments.

    Toni shares how you can deal with losing trades and the danger of doubli...

  • Behind the Charts: Eddy Elfenbein, Crossing Wall Street (Sn1 Ep 23)

    Episode 23

    David Keller sits down with Eddy Elfenbein at the February Money Show in Orlando. While the blogosphere was still in it's infancy, Eddy was a pioneer and created his blog, Crossing Wall Street, to discuss the markets and how he was making sense of all of the information available. Eddy then talks...

  • Behind the Charts: Thomas Lee, FundStrat (Sn1 Ep24)

    Episode 24

    David Keller sat down with Thomas Lee, Co-Founder and Director of Research at Fundstrat. Thomas' background is as an investment strategist. Strategists can help technical analysts think about and compare what they are seeing on the charts with other disciplines including fundamentals, macro-econo...