Behind the Charts

Behind the Charts

2 Seasons

Featuring exclusive, behind-the-scenes interviews with the charting world's very best technical minds and financial analysts, this unique show from StockCharts TV brings you timeless wisdom and invaluable insights each and every week. Hear the stories behind the legends and the history that made them such successful market technicians as we take you "Behind The Charts".

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Behind the Charts
  • Peter Brandt on Trading | Behind the Charts (S2:E1)

    Episode 1

    Host David Keller, CMT kicks off the second season of Behind the Charts with a fascinating discussion with Peter Brandt. From Peter's beginnings on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade through a successful trading career, we get a behind the scenes look at how Peter journals his experiences, ...

  • Jason Goepfert, SentimenTrader | Behind the Charts (S2:E2)

    Episode 2

    For our second episode, host David Keller, CMT sits down with Jason Goepfert, President and CEO of Sundial Capital Research. Jason created the website to fill the void he found in trying to manually gather investor sentiment data. David and Jason talk about Jason's journey so f...

  • Marc Chaikin, Chaikin Analytics | Behind the Charts (S2:E3)

    Episode 3

    Host David Keller, CMT sits down with Marc Chaikin, president of Chaikin Analytics, to talk about Marc's history, the toolkit he uses and the indicators he has developed. They then delve into the parallels Marc sees between current and past markets, finishing up with how Marc stays centered in un...

  • Walter Deemer, CMT Founding Member | Behind the Charts (S2:E4)

    Episode 4

    Today's guest is Walter Deemer, a founding member and past president of the CMT. His is a name that you probably know, and if not, you should. Walter spent much of his career in the Boston area, and talks with David about how the group of technical analysts located in Boston related to the MTA gr...

  • Helene Meisler, | Behind the Charts (S2:E5)

    Episode 5

    Today's guest is Helene Meisler, was the first technical analyst at Goldman-Sachs. David and Helene talk about her start in the industry including her experiences working with Jim Cramer and Justin Mamus. Her career has spanned the globe for decades, and she continues to publish her hand drawn ch...

  • Mark Dibble, Fidelity Investments | Behind the Charts (S2:E6)

    Episode 6

    In today's episode of Behind the Charts, we sit down with technical analyst Mark Dibble of Fidelity Investments. Mark describes his investing journey from early days with Rick Aker at Cowen & Co to his current role helping Fidelity portfolio managers identify outperforming stocks. Learn why the...

  • Michael Kahn, CMT, Lowry Research | Behind the Charts (S2:E7)

    Episode 7

    Today on Behind the Charts we sit down with Michael Kahn, CMT of Lowry Research. Michael describes himself as a "jargon buster" and shares why investors should focus less on overcomplicating their strategies and more on simplifying their process. Learn how a top technical analyst breaks down th...

  • Bruce Fraser, Wyckoff Analytics | Behind the Charts (S2:E8)

    Episode 8

    Our latest episode of Behind the Charts features a conversation with technical analysis educator and scholar Bruce Fraser. With mentors like Hank Pruden, Martin Pring and Joe Turner, Bruce brings a wealth of market knowledge to the table as he describes the benefits of the Wyckoff Method.

  • David Lundgren, CMT, CFA | Behind the Charts (S2:E9)

    Episode 9

    On today's episode of Behind the Charts, we feature a conversation with technical analyst and money manager David Lundgren, CMT CFA. Dave's first position was described as "updater" because a key part of his job was to update hand-drawn price charts. He shares lessons learned managing funds usi...

  • Doug Ramsey, CFA, CMT, Leuthold Group | Behind the Charts (S2:E10)

    Episode 10

    In today's episode of Behind the Charts, we sit down with Chief Investment Officer, Doug Ramsey, CFA, CMT of the Leuthold Group. Dave and Doug talk about the Major Trend Index, one of the long term trend following models that the Leuthold Group has updated for decades and Doug is now responsible ...

  • Larry McMillan, McMillan Analysis Corp. | Behind the Charts (S2:E11)

    Episode 11

    In today's episode of Behind the Charts, we sit down with Larry McMillian, author of Options As a Strategic Investment. Dave talks with Larry about all
    the lessons learned over decades of educating, writing, and learning about options.