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  • ChartLists for Technicians, Fundamentalists AND Historians | Tom Bowley

    Tom Bowley shares how he looks at ChartLists in his everyday trading and how they are incorporated into the EarningsBeats service. Tom will walk you through his ChartLists paying special attention to relationship between technical and fundamental inputs using instructive historical examples. He...

  • Getting Personal With ChartLists | Grayson Roze | ChartSchool

    Grayson Roze believes that ChartLists are the most important feature on StockCharts! You'll get the inside scoop into ChartLists by peeking into Grayson's own personal StockCharts account. He'll show you how he organizes his ChartLists and shares lessons he's learned over time.

  • The Living Ecosystem of ChartLists | Julius de Kempenaer | ChartSchool

    Julius de Kempenaer shares with you his two-fold use of ChartLists. He shows saving charts with annotations, including watchlists, portfolio holdings, and market monitoring. He will also break down (large) universes for input in RRG. Also, with ChartLists being a "living ecosystem" Julius belie...

  • Using ChartPacks & Scanning Engines | Erin Swenlin | ChartSchool

    Erin Swenlin shows you the power of using DecisionPoint ChartPacks in conjunction with StockCharts and pointers that help with your scanning. She'll also give you some insider tips on how to organize your ChartLists like a pro.

  • Welcome to ChartLists | Greg Schnell, CMT | ChartSchool: The Power of ChartLists

    Greg Schnell, CMT literally "wrote the book" on ChartLists and now he is bringing all that knowledge to you! In this ChartSchool series video, he breaks things down from the very top, beginning with "what even is a ChartList?" He then dives into the ins and outs of organizing and sorting. Greg wa...

  • Scans Help You Stay Nimble | Greg Schnell, CMT | ChartSchool: Idea Generation

    Greg rolls through different types of scans to help find pockets of opportunity. Whether you are a buyer of stocks breaking out to all time highs or a buyer of stocks that have pulled back, we need a reason to push our attention into those charts. That is the power of the scan engine.

  • Using Pre-Defined Scans to Jumpstart Your Own | Erin Swenlin | ChartSchool

    Erin demonstrates how you can “borrow” from StockCharts Predefined scans to create your own powerful scans. Additionally she will share some of her powerful “DecisionPoint Diamonds” scans. To conclude you’ll learn how to quickly sift through results to find the best investment opportunities.

  • Using a Scan to Fill a RRG | Julius de Kempenaer | ChartSchool: Idea Generation

    Julius shows how he uses the StockCharts scan engine to plot the results on Relative Rotation Graphs, and then works from there to find interesting opportunities! He gives three valuable examples of how he uses scan results in combination with RRGs.

    Julius' Turtle Soup article:

  • Combining the StockCharts & EarningsBeats Platforms | Tom Bowley | ChartSchool

    Tom demonstrates how to run powerful StockCharts scans against the EarningsBeats research platform to identify great reward-to-risk trading opportunities. The EB strategy is a top-down approach, consistently uncovering leading stocks in leading industry groups.

  • Finding Outperformance | Bill Shelby | ChartSchool: Idea Generation

    The Scan Engine has a number of ways to look for outperformance, but Percent Relative, Streak Up/Down and Count Up/Down are three functions that are the easiest and most powerful. In this video we’ll break down how to use them, some of the variations of each and ways in which you might use them i...