DecisionPoint Trading Room

DecisionPoint Trading Room

A father-daughter team, Carl and Erin Swenlin, showcase their trading in action using DecisionPoint timing signals and indicators to find the strongest possible investment opportunities while simultaneously limiting risk exposure.

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DecisionPoint Trading Room
  • Gold vs. Gold Miners & Silver | Carl Swenlin & Erin Swenlin (08.08)

    Carl talks about the market conditions and trends, then dives into the metals and discusses possible entries. He explains how to use premium/discounts to determine sentiment for Gold and Silver. He also covers yield inversions. Erin gives the sector overview and dives into Biotechs and Renewable ...

  • End of the Bear Market? | Carl Swenlin & Erin Swenlin (08.01)

    Carl takes questions from the audience on his opinions regarding Silver, Gold and what he’s looking for as an end to the bear market. Meanwhile, Erin looks under the hood at leading sectors, Technology and Consumer Discretionary, as well as numerous symbol requests.

  • Energy Ready to Heat Up? | Carl Swenlin & Erin Swenlin (07.25)

    Carl and Erin cover the indicators and live market action. Erin takes a deep dive into the Energy sector among others that are looking promising. Stocks reviewed: PayPal (PYPL), Carl's take on Amazon (AMZN) and Apple (AAPL), and others!

  • Bear Market Special! | Carl Swenlin & Erin Swenlin (07.18)

    Carl opens today’s trading room session with his market overview, spending extra time on Crude Oil. He answers quite a few viewer questions, including a discussion of his famous P/E chart, and elaborates on questions regarding Energy. They uncover an Energy stock with an outrageously high yield t...

  • NVDA at Buy Point? | Carl Swenlin & Erin Swenlin (07.11)

    Carl and Erin present the premiere of their new DecisionPoint Trading Room show! Carl takes questions on options, his favorite indicators and market trend following. Erin deep dives into Technology, Healthcare and Real Estate, plus covers symbol requests.