Halftime by Chaikin Analytics

Halftime by Chaikin Analytics

Pete Carmasino guides you through the middle of the trading day by using a top down approach to analyze the current market action.

Halftime by Chaikin Analytics
  • Markets Continue Downside Slide | Pete Carmasino (01.10)

    Lots going on in the markets lately with investor worries regarding the Fed, the upcoming earnings season, and covid variants continuing to cause a downside slide. Pete digs into the StockCharts scan engine to find names with bearish 50/200-Day Crossover. He then compares these name between the S...

  • Santa Gets Lost in Market Fears | Pete Carmasino (12.20)

    With a few more trading days left in the year, the fear in the news is spilling over into the markets and we can't seem to find Santa Claus. Pete searches for the positives this week using the StockCharts scan engine and compares the tickers he finds with the Chaikin Power Gauge.

  • Taking a Weight of the Evidence Approach | Pete Carmasino

    Pete focuses on scans and screeners this week. Identifying trends using multiple pieces of information, a "weight of the evidence" approach, allows you to harness the power of technicals and fundamentals combined. Pete shares technical scans that can lead you down the path of good technical setup...

  • Putting a Spotlight on Semiconductor Stocks | Pete Carmasino (12.06)

    This week Pete takes a look at the equal-weighted S&P Semiconductor ETF (XSD) and explains why he's looking at it. Then Pete highlights a cool way that he finds names with signals showing they are oversold, and then some names showing the opposite signals on the downside.

  • Opportunities in Home Builders | Pete Carmasino (11.29)

    Choppy days in the market - big swings up and down - make it more important than ever to pay attention to the longer-term trends to put things into perspective. Using fundamentals and technicals together can show you areas of support to focus on - whether you are looking for a buy or to set stops...

  • Surprises in the Financial Sector | Pete Carmasino (11.22)

    Pete is back this week with his take on the markets. During his market review, Pete talks about why the markets are soaring today on the news of the nomination of Jerome Powell for a second term as the chairman of the Federal Reserve. He then takes a deep dive into the Financial Sector (XLF) and ...

  • Top Stocks in Retail ETF | Pete Carmasino (11.15)

    After an overview of retail, Pete dives into the S&P Retail ETF (XRT). The S&P Retail ETF is an equally weighted fund, so the weighting differences in the top names might be marginal; however, in general, Pete is seeing some patterns taking shape especially in the ETF itself.

  • Top 7 Stocks in the WisdomTree Cloud Computing Fund | Pete Carmasino (11.08)

    After another great week in the market last week, Pete takes a quick look at what's happening this week and what you can expect to see. He then dives into analyzing the top 7 names in WisdomTree Cloud Computing Fund (WCLD). Even though WCLD is equally weighted, some names migrate to the top, so t...

  • Top Weight Names In The NASDAQ 100 | Pete Carmasino (11.01)

    We are in the heat of earnings season and really moving into seasonality. Markets have been mixed but there is the potential for another week of gains, with value beginning to outperform. Consumer demand for things continues, but a shift towards "let's do something" from "let's buy something" is ...

  • Top 5 Bullish Names in the Dow Jones | Pete Carmasino (10.18)

    After the market overview for today, Pete digs into 5 top DJIA names that are showing as bullish on the Chaikin Power Gauge, including one very popular name that is showing as neutral-positive.

  • Inflation Looms But Consumers Still Strong | Pete Carmasino (10.11)

    Pete Carmasio, Chief Market Strategist at Chaikin Analytics, takes a look at the current markets highlighting the strength in energy, metal, mining, and materials. He then covers a few names in the insurance and healthcare areas that are breaking out. One big name that was recently downgraded was...

  • Bearish Stance In Stocks As The Market Sells Off | Pete Carmasino (10.04)

    The market is under pressure and is testing support levels with the sell off today. Only the close today will tell if support levels have been broken. Pete takes a look at stocks breaking down in a bearish stance, including why you want to avoid them for right now, and when we might see an opport...

  • Capital Markets Question The Business Cycle | Pete Carmasino (09.27)

    As interest rates are jumping higher we're experiencing mixed sentiment in the equities markets. Investment banks and the capital markets are beginning to question where we are in the business cycle. Are we late-cycle, mid-cycle, or in a recovery?
    In today's show Pete takes a look at some areas o...

  • Market Rebound Short Lived As Food Products Turn Sour | Pete Carmasino (09.13)

    After taking a break last week for the market holiday, Pete is back with his market overview and some interesting stocks he's watching. The food sector in general is in a bearish trend and there are a few well known food product names whose charts are starting to change to the downside.

  • Stocks Reaching New Highs! | Pete Carmasino (08.30)

    Pete covers what's going on in the markets today including a few sectors like Specialty Retail, Interactive Media and REITs. Finishing up the show he revisits some charts he covered last week including Dick's Sporting Goods that has taken off to new highs.

  • Digesting Chaotic Markets | Pete Carmasino (08.16)

    Pete covers the market today by taking a look at what the S&P is doing with a focus on stocks that are showing bearish technical and fundamental set ups. On the other side, he also covers a few stocks showing bullish set ups. With markets being topsy-turvy lately there is a lot to digest and toda...

  • Breakouts in Health Care | Pete Carmasino (08.09)

    Pete covers the current mid-day market action. U.S. equities are mostly lower while value and growth are in line again - strangely working together and not against each other as they usually do. In the health care sector Pete is takes a look at two very bullish names and two that are experiencing...

  • Setups in Semiconductors | Pete Carmasino (08.02)

    On this week's show Pete discusses the Monday morning trading session, including the mixed signals in the market right now. He then covers what he's seeing in Semiconductors with a ratio chart between SMH and SPY, and shows the charts of several names that are heavily weighted in the SMH.

  • Welcome to the Show and Market Overview | Pete Carmasino (07.26)

    Pete Carmasino, Chief Market Strategist at Chaikin Analytics, introduces viewers to the show and gives an overview of what they can expect from going forward. Pete is excited to bring you his expert views by looking at the market overall, drilling down into sectors and highlighting stocks that he...