Halftime by Chaikin Analytics

Halftime by Chaikin Analytics

Pete Carmasino guides you through the middle of the trading day by using a top down approach to analyze the current market action. Starting with a market overview, drilling down into the sectors and then highlighting specific stocks within those sectors.

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Halftime by Chaikin Analytics
  • Is Tech Becoming a Safe Haven? | Pete Carmasino (03.20)

    Pete discusses the noise that's been driving the markets, starting with Silver Gate and moving in to speculation on Silicon Valley and Signature banks. Although he can't believe it, he talks about the idea of Technology becoming a safe haven in this murky, dark, storm that we're seeing in the ban...

  • Sectors Bullish Percent Index | Halftime by Chaikin Analytics (03.06)

    Pete gives his run down of the current market before moving on to a discussion about combining trend lines and looking at the bullish percent on the big three indexes. He then takes a look at the bullish percent on some individual sectors.

  • Soft Landing, No Landing, Fly By? | Pete Carmasino (02.27)

    With all of the talking heads and the "Wall Street" headlines throwing uncertainty into the mix (soft landing, no landing, fly by anyone?), Pete takes the time to find things that are more certain. Analyzing the S&P from a trend standpoint, looking at a sideways market and playing the odds.

  • Chaikin Power Gauge Ratings In-Depth | Pete Carmasino (02.21)

    In today's episode Pete breaks down the Chaikin Power Gauge Stock Rating System, shares what all of the ratings mean, and how you can use them to your advantage.

  • S&P 500 Testing Its Resolve | Pete Carmasino (02.13)

    As Pete watches the weekly S&P 500 rallies, he notices they've been stalling and somewhat back-filling. The S&P has been moving up but is definitely testing it's resolve around the 4100 level that everyone has been calling out. For Pete, the real number to watch is 4175. Pete highlights his Chaik...

  • Best of the Large Caps | Pete Carmasino (02.06)

    In the last few weeks, Pete's been highlighting some features of the Chaikin system, including some lists available to Chaikin subscribers. Today he takes a look at the "Best of the Large Caps" list. These names are flashing bullish Chaikin ratings and have good patterns.

  • Sharing "Secret" Chaikin Lists | Pete Carmasino (01.30)

    Using a different perspective than last week, Pete reviews some sectors today that include names with bullish changes over the last week He also shares some "secret" lists from the Chaikin platform. This weeks upcoming events (Chicago PMI, Consumer Confidence) could prove to be pivotal for senti...

  • Names Turning Bullish | Pete Carmasino (01.23)

    Pete highlights some names popping up that haven't been on the radar for a long time, including retail tickers like Wayfair. The DOW, S&P and NASDAQ are all up today some by big numbers, and Pete dives into the sectors and symbols driving that move higher.

  • Predicting Recessions and Bullish Names | Pete Carmasino (01.09)

    The 2022 year end came with plenty of volatility in the market, and that's what bear market rallies and turning points look like. However, we don't know where the turning point really is. Pete takes a look at the current market, and discusses economist Campbell Harvey's outlook on the possibility...

  • Yet Another Sell Off | Pete Carmasino (12.19)

    Coming to the end of the year, Pete's focus is primarily on the market and the mechanics of the market in general. Another sell off is in progress today as the indices and stocks that had big moves higher are now acting like a bear market rally. Specifically, the direction in the NASDAQ is negati...

  • Trend Changes and Buy Zones | Pete Carmasino (12.12)

    Right now the markets are green across the screen, but Pete urges caution due to the CPI coming out tomorrow. Pete takes a look at trends today, including the oil market looking at a pullback in the commodity and how it could affect the industry.

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  • It's A Mixed Bag Of Performers | Pete Carmasino (12.05)

    It's a bit of an ugly market today. Dow is down over 400 points, Nasdaq down about 1.5% Russell Down 2.4%. It has been an interesting last 2-3 months with seeing some names really rise in the face of uncertainty and looking at the market reassessing some things.

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  • Cautiously Optimistic | Pete Carmasino (11.28)

    Pete gives a run down of the current markets which appear to be taking a break from a pretty good run in the last month. With industrials and materials still looking strong, he's feeling cautiously optimistic as he goes through the sector rotation today.

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  • Putting Interest Rates Into Perspective | Pete Carmasino (11.14)

    Lately it seems like it's more of the same - treasuries are mostly weaker, interest rates rising, bond prices falling, tech running into headwinds. Rinse and repeat. Today Pete covers a high level overview of the sectors, and discusses interest rates and the effects on the markets.

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  • Be Selective and Protect Yourself! | Pete Carmasino (11.07)

    Pete is back with his take on the current bear market rally, including the volatility and some unusual breakouts in stocks. The message for today is to be selective in the stocks you focus on and the ones you are looking to take exposure on, while protecting yourself from the downside.

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  • Possible Setups in the FANG Plus Index | Pete Carmasino (10.17)

    With earnings season kicking in, Pete takes a macro view of the market and interest rates today. He then shares some the FANG+ index mega-cap names that have been beat down, and what could be setting up going forward.

  • Longer Rallies = Longer Sell Offs | Pete Carmasino (10.10)

    Pete takes a macro view look at the markets today, including an acquired target level for TLT. He also covers some charts that are continuing to break down in this bear market.

  • Markets Can Move Lower | Pete Carmasino (09.26)

    Looking at the macros view of the markets. Review of the US dollar, 10- Interest Rates.
    Also, review of the TLT, SPY, and QQQ ETFs.

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  • Taking a Weight of the Evidence Approach | Pete Carmasino

    Pete focuses on scans and screeners this week. Identifying trends using multiple pieces of information, a "weight of the evidence" approach, allows you to harness the power of technicals and fundamentals combined. Pete shares technical scans that can lead you down the path of good technical setup...

  • Putting a Spotlight on Semiconductor Stocks | Pete Carmasino (12.06)

    This week Pete takes a look at the equal-weighted S&P Semiconductor ETF (XSD) and explains why he's looking at it. Then Pete highlights a cool way that he finds names with signals showing they are oversold, and then some names showing the opposite signals on the downside.

  • Breakouts in Health Care | Pete Carmasino (08.09)

    Pete covers the current mid-day market action. U.S. equities are mostly lower while value and growth are in line again - strangely working together and not against each other as they usually do. In the health care sector Pete is takes a look at two very bullish names and two that are experiencing...