Halftime by Chaikin Analytics

Halftime by Chaikin Analytics

Pete Carmasino guides you through the middle of the trading day by using a top down approach to analyze the current market action. Starting with a market overview, drilling down into the sectors and then highlighting specific stocks within those sectors.

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Halftime by Chaikin Analytics
  • Expect a Volatile and Range-Bound Market | Pete Carmasino (05.16)

    Pete takes a bit of a different approach to today's show by taking a look at what's happening in a couple major indices; The S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Flipping through some charts, looking at the overall market patterns, and explaining what he expects to see this week - a vola...

  • Technology Takes a Beating | Pete Carmasino (05.02)

    The technology sector in general has taken a beating mostly due to rates, and the possibility of a recession. Pete takes a backward look at charts in the streaming sector to identify where the signals were, to help you spot the signals in the future.

  • Market Movers on the S&P400 | Pete Carmasino (04.25)

    Pete covers the trends using the Market Movers list on the S&P400 from his members dashboard. While trying to spot a trend in the names, he focuses on the metals and mining industry as it sells off with the rest of the commodity sectors.

  • Still Betting on Consumer Spending | Pete Carmasino (04.18)

    Pete starts the show with a brief overview of what a Parabolic SAR is and then runs a scan looking for a parabolic SAR sell signal. He then reviews the scan results that includes some apparel retailers and one major multi-line name. Pete finds that the consumer is not dead and people are still be...

  • Scanning for Bearish Crossovers | Pete Carmasino (04.11)

    This week Pete takes a look at bearish set ups, with the 50/200-Day moving average crossing to the downside. His bearish set up scan provided a list of stocks that he covers, including the Chaikin Power rating and technicals. After taking a look at some semiconductor names, Pete highlights a tren...

  • Identifying Strength in Bullish Crossovers | Pete Carmasino (04.04)

    After a brief overview of the Chaikin Analytics platform, Pete discusses a name (EWZ) that was called out in a March Chaikin Morning Note that produced a 20% gain! He then dives into another pre-defined scan - the Bullish 50/200-Day MA Crossover. He compares the RSI and the Chaikin Analytics ra...

  • Overbought with Declining RSI | Pete Carmasino (03.28)

    In this weeks show Pete highlights the importance of combining the primarily fundamental biased Chaikin Analytics rating with the technical superiority of StockChartsACP. Using a scan for overbought stocks with a declining RSI, Pete pulls out some names to take a look at their setups.

  • Generate Ideas by Combining ACP & Chaikin | Pete Carmasino (03.14)

    In the show today, Pete takes a look at how combining the Chaikin Power Gauge plugin with StockChartsACP can alert you to setups in stocks for today's market - on the fly! By combining the SCTR leaders list with Chaikin Analytics ratings, you can generate trading ideas by identifying charts that ...

  • Energy is Heating Up | Pete Carmasino (03.07)

    No question about it, energy is a hot part of the market right now. Pete breaks down the top names in the energy sector (XLE) that Chaikin has rated as bullish. He takes a look at the technicals and fundamentals behind these stocks, and the Power Gauge rating behind them.

  • NYSE FANG+ Index and Mega-Cap Review | Pete Carmasino (02.14)

    Pete takes a look at some tech names today, diving into NYSE FANG+ Index. This index contains 10 mega-cap names along with a few top foreign tech names. After reviewing the index chart, Pete digs down into the component names.

  • 2021 Darlings to 2022 Dogs | Pete Carmasino (02.07)

    Pete takes a look at some meme stocks of 2021 by analyzing the rise and fall on their charts, and highlights when the power gauge could have helped identify the turning points. There is one name that still looks like a good company, but the stock just got out of control.

  • Finding Oversold Stocks and Downside Potential | Pete Carmasino (01.31)

    Pete shares how the Chaikin Power Gauge plugin highlighted the ratings changes for stocks in a downside slide, while also pointing out good quality names that are oversold with a possible buy opportunity.

  • Searching for Strength in Mega-Caps | Pete Carmasino (01.24)

    After a continuation of ugly days in the markets, Pete searches for relative strength in mega-cap names and focuses in on the semiconductor sector.

  • Markets Continue Downside Slide | Pete Carmasino (01.10)

    Lots going on in the markets lately with investor worries regarding the Fed, the upcoming earnings season, and covid variants continuing to cause a downside slide. Pete digs into the StockCharts scan engine to find names with bearish 50/200-Day Crossover. He then compares these name between the S...

  • Santa Gets Lost in Market Fears | Pete Carmasino (12.20)

    With a few more trading days left in the year, the fear in the news is spilling over into the markets and we can't seem to find Santa Claus. Pete searches for the positives this week using the StockCharts scan engine and compares the tickers he finds with the Chaikin Power Gauge.

  • Taking a Weight of the Evidence Approach | Pete Carmasino

    Pete focuses on scans and screeners this week. Identifying trends using multiple pieces of information, a "weight of the evidence" approach, allows you to harness the power of technicals and fundamentals combined. Pete shares technical scans that can lead you down the path of good technical setup...

  • Putting a Spotlight on Semiconductor Stocks | Pete Carmasino (12.06)

    This week Pete takes a look at the equal-weighted S&P Semiconductor ETF (XSD) and explains why he's looking at it. Then Pete highlights a cool way that he finds names with signals showing they are oversold, and then some names showing the opposite signals on the downside.

  • Opportunities in Home Builders | Pete Carmasino (11.29)

    Choppy days in the market - big swings up and down - make it more important than ever to pay attention to the longer-term trends to put things into perspective. Using fundamentals and technicals together can show you areas of support to focus on - whether you are looking for a buy or to set stops...

  • Surprises in the Financial Sector | Pete Carmasino (11.22)

    Pete is back this week with his take on the markets. During his market review, Pete talks about why the markets are soaring today on the news of the nomination of Jerome Powell for a second term as the chairman of the Federal Reserve. He then takes a deep dive into the Financial Sector (XLF) and ...

  • Breakouts in Health Care | Pete Carmasino (08.09)

    Pete covers the current mid-day market action. U.S. equities are mostly lower while value and growth are in line again - strangely working together and not against each other as they usually do. In the health care sector Pete is takes a look at two very bullish names and two that are experiencing...