In The Know Trader with Rick Bensignor

In The Know Trader with Rick Bensignor

Rick Bensignor, former Morgan Stanley Chief Market Strategist and respected market tactician, reveals his unique behavioral market insights and showcases the timing strategies he uses to identify where a trend will exhaust itself well before it's obvious to the Street.

In The Know Trader with Rick Bensignor
  • Pros And Cons Of Meme Stocks | Rick Bensignor (06.22)

    Rick talks about the risks and rewards of Meme stocks in "Trader Education." He discusses the pros and cons of trading Meme stocks and analyzes several of them.

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  • Understanding Market Sector Weightings | Rick Bensignor (06.15)

    In today's "Trader Education" Rick explains macro sector weightings and why it's important to understand them. Market Overview covers the Russell 2000 ETF (IWM), Gold (GLD) and ARK Innovations Fund (ARKK). He then finishes with a Sector Analysis of the Consumer Discretionary.

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  • We All Have Financial Biases, Here's How To Fix It | Rick Bensignor (06.08)

    We are so excited that Rick is bringing back "Trader Education" as part of his show. This week covers the valuable topic of financial biases we have. A new study has found that 98% of investors have 1 or more financial biases. The more you have, the higher the likelihood you have poorer financ...

  • Exploring Technology | Rick Bensignor (06.01)

    This week's show is all about the Technology Sector of the S&P 500. Most of Tech has kind of petered out. Rick covers the macro group and over 12 individual names.

  • Gold And Silver Stocks On The Move | Rick Bensignor (05.18)

    Today Rick covers Gold, and Silver stocks "On The Move." He looks at Gold and Silver Equity Names. In addition he discusses the chart of ARKK, 10 Year Treasury Note, Dollar Index, and Gold Futures.

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  • Do Your Pre-Market Prep Daily | Rick Bensignor (05.04)

    Rick explains the prep work you need to do each day before the market opens; reviews the SPX, TNX, and GLD, and then looks at the two major crypto markets to trade: Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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  • How To Prepare To Be An "In The Know" Trader | Rick Bensignor

    So, who is an "In The Know Trader?" Rick helps to explain who and what you need to be to prepare to have an edge in 7 points. A quick summary of the first few:
    1. Do your homework.
    2. Be mentally prepared
    3. Know your trading parameters.

    Keep listening for more!

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  • Be Wary Of Those Who Believe Their Own Hype | Rick Bensignor (02.09)

    On today's Trader Education Rick talks about being wary of those who believe their own hype. Market Overview covers Russell 2000 (IWM), TNX, GLD. He finishes up with some possible short-squeeze candidates

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  • The Benefit Of Multiple Brokerage Accounts | Rick Bensignor (02.02)

    In this week's "Trader Education" Rick explains why you need to have multiple brokerage accounts. This past week in the market has been a good example of how crazy things can get and how brokerage firms halt trading on their own. When that happens, you want to have the flexibility to potentiall...

  • Playing The Short Squeeze Game | Rick Bensignor (01.26)

    In this week's show, Rick discusses the game of trying to take advantage of heavily shorted stocks and the need for a strategy to do that. He also discusses Russell 2000, US 10-Year, Platinum, and then looks at some of Barron's Roundtable Top Picks for 2021 (MSGS,NEP,AGR,GLD,NOC,DHI,ASIX,MSFT,PM,KE)

  • How to Buy Runaway Strength | Rick Bensignor (01.19)

    This week’s show has Rick describing his strategy for buying stocks that are ripping higher, and seemingly give you no opportunities to buy into support. He also gives you his thoughts for QQQ, TNX, and GLD, and then reviews several of the big names in the energy sector for key buy and sell levels.

  • The Value Of Taking A Break (01.12)

    For traders, taking vacation time away from the markets a few times a year is important. This helps keep you fresh, alert, and allows for a break from the intensity of the trading. Going on a trip is not necessary, it simply means closing down from watching the markets for a time and step away.