Market Buzz with Greg Schnell, CMT

Market Buzz with Greg Schnell, CMT

Internationally-renowned technician Greg Schnell, CMT will discuss everything from macro-level global positioning down to specific industry setups and stock discoveries on the move.

Market Buzz with Greg Schnell, CMT
  • Thread The Fed | Greg Schnell, CMT (06.16)

    The world has had the pandemic trade, the reopening trade and now it is transitioning to the 'open' trade. Many of the charts are highlighting a wait and see setup, from bonds, basic materials, financials, and growth. This week highlights the charts starting to break down, and the passive look of...

  • Behind The Indexes | Greg Schnell, CMT

    As the markets have been in a sideways range for two months, Greg walks through the breadth indicators to show how they change with the market and what we need to see for the market to start improving meaningfully. He also gives a sneak peak at his strength indexes.

  • Global Stock Insights | Greg Schnell, CMT (06.02)

    Greg rolls through the month end charts from around the world. This is a very high level view and Greg works to explain why he thinks these markets are getting ready to move higher. If you are interested, you can also watch a free look at the weekly video produced for subscribers of GregSchnell.c...

  • Dicey Rolls or Wieldy Dice | Greg Schnell, CMT (05.26)

    Greg hits the throttle on multiple industry groups that can go on big rolls. All of them can cool quickly, but a few of them look like they are ready for a hot run.

  • Clean Tech Wreck Review 2 | Greg Schnell, CMT (05.19)

    After the portfolio bombing of the clean tech stocks, it is time to look for opportunities in the area. Last week Greg covered off the most beaten down names.
    This week, Greg covered off the stocks with the biggest gains in the last month. Some mining charts are in there, but Greg focuses on som...

  • Clean Tech Wreck Review | Greg Schnell, CMT (05.12)

    After the portfolio bombing of the clean tech stocks, it is time to look for opportunities in the area. During Tuesday's sell off, many of these charts were being bid and had significant intraday moves higher, suggesting buying interest starting to form. Also if you would like to see a copy of th...

  • Building With Industrials | Greg Schnell, CMT (05.05)

    Lots of the names are consolidating sideways but a few are starting to pop to the upside. Being ready is 1/2 the battle, so check some of the stronger names in the industrial sector.

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  • What Improving Economies Buy | Greg Schnell, CMT (04.28)

    As the USA opens and other economies start to follow out of the economic hole created by COVID19, what do improving economies buy? One of those things is energy and for the time being, liquid energy. Gasoline, Diesel, Natural gas to name a few. It all relates back to crude oil. This week's focus ...

  • NASDAQ 100 Under Pressure | Greg Schnell, CMT (04.21)

    The Nasdaq 100 is suffering from a lack of love. 70% of the stocks are under 50% SCTR ranking. That’s a real problem with so many names underperforming. Greg does a walk through to show what the leadership names are and how they are also starting to falter.

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  • Chipping Away At Semiconductors | Greg Schnell, CMT (04.14)

    Semiconductors are an odd industry group here. Stocks like NVDA look strong after a big kick this week. The rest of the group is a mixed bag

  • Something Old Starts to Shine | Greg Schnell, CMT (04.07)

    It's been a long time, but it looks like Gold is trying to climb higher. Greg sorts through some of the shiniest names in the group!

  • A Rotation Into Defensives | Greg Schnell, CMT (03.31)

    The defensive sectors are starting to outperform and when that happens it is important to move your strategy with the sector alignment. Some of the stocks in the Consumer Staples area have already moved up 25% since February!

    This week, Greg works through how to follow the rotation, how to set ...

  • A Deeper Look At Market Conditions | Greg Schnell, CMT (03.24)

    The market continues to struggle here. What was working a month ago is struggling to hold the gains. However, the Nasdaq is still unable to rally to new highs too. Greg explores how some of the breadth indicators are telling us to be careful, and others have yet to break down. It's a very tricky ...

  • All About The Home | Greg Schnell, CMT (03.17)

    One of the more interesting shifts has been the sector roll into the post pandemic recovery stocks. Housing has been all the rage, so is this a roll out of industry or a roll into? Looking through the list of charts, you'll get the feel for what is happening, and help you stay focused on the area...

  • The Story of 30 Stocks | Greg Schnell, CMT (03.10)

    Greg goes through the Dow 30, that houses some of the hottest areas of the market right now. Energy and financials. If so, how do the rest of the stocks in the list look? Find out the answer in this week's Market Buzz.

  • Schnell Strength Index | Greg Schnell, CMT (03.03)

    Greg shows his analysis of the market through a different lens. Using the StockCharts scanning engine, Greg created his Schnell Strength Index. This index is designed to help us understand when the market is getting weak. It is also designed to help us get back into the market near the lows. If a...

  • Hot And Old Industries | Greg Schnell, CMT (02.24)

    Greg works through the top performers in the electric vehicle space and compares that to what is working inside the $SPX. It's revealing as to what going on under the cover of the indexes.

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  • IPO Mania - Mischief Managed! | Greg Schnell, CMT

    A new tool located on StockCharts allows investors to find the new IPO's recently launched. Greg works through how to save that to a chartlist, sort the chartlist and save the sort order. Then how to adjust the chart settings for stocks just starting to trade. As Greg works through this, he shows...

  • February's New Highs | Greg Schnell, CMT (02.10)

    Hundreds of small caps are surging to new highs, but there are also some new highs in the large caps. Greg rolls through the stocks knocking a hole in the ceiling and pushing up in the top right corner.

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  • Oil Stocks Could Double In Near Term | Greg Schnell, CMT (02.03)

    Greg goes through the unloved oil industry and explains why a lot of these stocks could double over the near term, with oil at the current price.

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  • Frothy Stocks Not Cappuccinos! | Greg Schnell, CMT (01.27)

    A few weeks ago, an article appeared talking about how frothy stocks were in the 2000's when Sun Microsystems traded at 10 times revenue. What does that mean? It would take 10 years to get your money back at current annual revenues before the company pays for employees, real estate, cost of goods...

  • Transports Miss A Shift | Greg Schnell, CMT (01.20)

    While the transports have been working their way higher, FDX and UPS have dropped markedly from their late 2020 highs. Greg rolls through the main transportation stocks to check on the strength of things being shipped. The video talks specifically about Airlines and Boeing. There are a few other ...

  • Get Shopping! | Greg Schnell, CMT (01.13)

    Tis the season for the consumer shopping stocks to make the big move into the first quarter of 2021. There is a nice seasonal trade for a lot of the retail discretionary names. On the video, Greg describes how to get a list of these stocks easily. He also shows different ways to manipulate the li...

  • Hitting 5G | Greg Schnell, CMT (01.06)

    This weeks edition rolls through the 5G cellular technology related charts as 2021 promises to ramp up the network capacity. As the cell phone providers start to mainstream 5G phones, this is an important time to stay on top of the leaders in the space.

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