Market Buzz with Greg Schnell, CMT

Market Buzz with Greg Schnell, CMT

On "Market Buzz", internationally-renowned technician Greg Schnell, CMT will discuss everything from macro-level global positioning down to specific industry setups and stock discoveries on the move.

Market Buzz with Greg Schnell, CMT
  • Charting Bitcoin and Tesla to Trade | Greg Schnell, CMT | (10.27)

    The market should be bullish, breadth indicators are leaning bullish, but when he takes a deeper look Greg finds a few select stock groups that are starting to roll over. Energy and technology had been strong, they are starting to stall now. So where can we find good setups? Greg analyzes his ann...

  • Digging For Gold In The Cellar | Greg Schnell, CMT (10.20)

    With the market running to the upside, breadth has spread out. Recently some of the unloved parts of the market were catching bids. When you are looking at beaten down industries, some times it can be hard to find the good stuff in the cellar. Greg works through a few ways to do that in this vide...

  • The Markets Are Tricky Technically | Greg Schnell, CMT (10.13)

    Greg looks as some of the underlying issues technically for the market and why this level is so important for technical chartists. Reviewing some of the technical positions for oil companies is also part of the conversation as oil holds above $80. Lastly, the price of lumber has been trying to cl...

  • Miners Poke A Head Out Of The Hole | Greg Schnell, CMT (10.06)

    The industrial metal miners have struggling over the last 5-6 months and have retraced significantly off their highs. Rather than waiting for a breakout and then discussing them, Greg shows the traits he looks for on a strong chart. He shows the characteristics of stocks breaking out and then sta...

  • As The Market Sells Off, Where To Find The Buyers | Greg Schnell, CMT (09.29)

    Greg covers off the market selling that showed up Tuesday. He shows some of the tools he uses to point out why we need to be more cautious here and where he is looking for buyers to show up for work.

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  • How to Draw and Use Trend Lines | Greg Schnell, CMT (09.22)

    In this timeless video, Greg works through whether to use candlesticks, bar charts or line charts. Should the trend line use the wicks or the candlestick bodies? See how to use horizontal lines for support and resistance. Moving averages are demonstrated to help a user decide what is their time f...

  • Out With The Old, In With The New | Greg Schnell, CMT

    While looking at the retail industry, Greg shows why it is important to stay with the winning stocks in the industry. Stocks that were great before, bombed out. New stocks have taken their place. Greg identifies ways to sort the data to help see that. Notice who the old leaders were, then re-sort...

  • What Is The Story With Bitcoin? Let’s Take A Look! | Greg Schnell, CMT

    Greg shows how to set up a chartlist of cryptocurrency charts using StockCharts. This includes, how to sort the strongest first, and how to adjust the settings on one chart, and make them appear on all the charts.

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  • Feel The Sizzle Of Software | Greg Schnell, CMT (09.01)

    Software names have been flying high lately. In this show Greg goes through how to download a specific industry list and put restrictions like price on it. Then he describes how to sort and save the company charts. He finishes up the show by highlighting where to look for new ideas with some nice...

  • Staying On Top | Greg Schnell, CMT (08.25)

    In this timeless edition of Market Buzz, Greg highlights how to use the scan engine to help understand some of the underlying conditions in an index or industry. By having very simple scans set up, we can quickly check the health of an industry group by altering some of the basic scan components....

  • A Deep Look Into Stocks | Greg Schnell, CMT

    The steel industry has been soaring of late, but in this edition of Market Buzz, Greg looks deeper into the group of charts using the tools on the StockCharts platform. By sorting the stocks different ways, we can start to see a change in the underlying condition of the steel and materials indust...

  • The Bizarre Oil Market | Greg Schnell, CMT

    Greg discusses how he uses the information on the weekly charts compared to the daily charts to look for buying points on pullbacks during uptrends. After a pullback ranging from 4 weeks to 8 weeks, it appears to be a nice point in time to revisit the charts.

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  • Connecting With 5G | Greg Schnell, CMT (08.04)

    As we get set for the next group of 5G phones to be released, it seemed like a good time to review the charts of industries related to 5G. A couple of industry groups look promising, but a few look like it might be time to avoid.

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  • Commodities - A Time For Change? | Greg Schnell, CMT (07.28)

    Greg points out the potential setup for commodities with the Fed expecting inflation. As he rolls through the backdrop of different charts, they are all similar in that they could be signalling a move back to cyclical stocks. The use of multiple charts in different areas come into play to help fo...

  • Defensive Market Alignment | Greg Schnell, CMT (07.21)

    Greg uses a couple of charts to define why he suspects this market pullback will be different that the ones we have seen since the Covid low. He also reviews his 10 treasury chart and why he is expecting a bottom in yields soon. If you were caught by surprise by this pullback, you might be more i...

  • Market Shows Signs of Strain | Greg Schnell, CMT (07.14)

    The market is showing some signs of strain here, and Greg continues to watch to see if we can continue to move higher. We have some data starting to get to the point of outright weakness. Greg discusses Banks, Tech and the oil trade.

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  • Consumer Discretionary Mid Year Review | Greg Schnell, CMT (07.07)

    The scan engine on StockCharts is setup to help you isolate sectors or industries to work through. In this edition of Market Buzz, Greg works through capturing a large sector like Consumer Discretionary in a quick scan and saving it to a ChartList in a sorted order by industry. Then by isolating ...

  • Alternative Energy Turns On | Greg Schnell, CMT (06.30)

    Greg works through why he expects alternative energy to be a big performer in the second half of the year. It's prime time viewing as the charts are just starting to make their moves.

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  • The Grand Breakout | Greg Schnell, CMT (06.23)

    The megacap names look ready to break higher. The charts are all arriving at resistance or just breaking out. Seeing all the charts do this together suggests to me they are ready to push through for the next leg higher. Greg also identifies some of the indicators he is looking at to help him with...

  • Thread The Fed | Greg Schnell, CMT (06.16)

    The world has had the pandemic trade, the reopening trade and now it is transitioning to the 'open' trade. Many of the charts are highlighting a wait and see setup, from bonds, basic materials, financials, and growth. This week highlights the charts starting to break down, and the passive look of...

  • Behind The Indexes | Greg Schnell, CMT

    As the markets have been in a sideways range for two months, Greg walks through the breadth indicators to show how they change with the market and what we need to see for the market to start improving meaningfully. He also gives a sneak peak at his strength indexes.

  • Global Stock Insights | Greg Schnell, CMT (06.02)

    Greg rolls through the month end charts from around the world. This is a very high level view and Greg works to explain why he thinks these markets are getting ready to move higher. If you are interested, you can also watch a free look at the weekly video produced for subscribers of GregSchnell.c...

  • Dicey Rolls or Wieldy Dice | Greg Schnell, CMT (05.26)

    Greg hits the throttle on multiple industry groups that can go on big rolls. All of them can cool quickly, but a few of them look like they are ready for a hot run.

  • Clean Tech Wreck Review 2 | Greg Schnell, CMT (05.19)

    After the portfolio bombing of the clean tech stocks, it is time to look for opportunities in the area. Last week Greg covered off the most beaten down names.
    This week, Greg covered off the stocks with the biggest gains in the last month. Some mining charts are in there, but Greg focuses on som...