Market Buzz with Greg Schnell, CMT

Market Buzz with Greg Schnell, CMT

On "Market Buzz", internationally-renowned technician Greg Schnell, CMT will discuss everything from macro-level global positioning down to specific industry setups and stock discoveries on the move.

Market Buzz with Greg Schnell, CMT
  • My Favorite Indicator: Percentage Price Oscillator | Greg Schnell, CMT (06.22)

    In this episode, Greg provides education on the "Percentage Price Oscillator" (PPO) which is his favorite indicator. He provides guidance on what the PPO is, and how it can be interpreted. Included are real-world chart examples and, also a scan you can use in our Technical Scan Workbench!


  • Recession Data Is Arriving | Greg Schnell, CMT (06.15)

    The market data continues to demonstrate that we are in a bigger downtrend than most would like to think about. The 10 charts that reveal how similar the current environment is for starting some of the biggest bear markets are in this week's video.

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  • Starting Principles For Analyzing Price | Greg Schnell, CMT

    Greg covers off the absolute starting point for using charts to help you analyze the price of something you are buying. Not just for stocks, but also houses, cars etc. When you use charts, you can put into context where the price is relative to history.

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  • Market Technicals at Critical Levels | Greg Schnell, CMT (06.01)

    The global markets have been rallying for a few weeks now, while the US market has rallied for one. June becomes paramount for a lot of reasons. The technical levels and the time frames of weekly and monthly are at critical levels defining longer term bear markets. Lots of important information t...

  • What's the Buzz With Financials? | Greg Schnell, CMT (05.25)

    JPM was jumping this week, up 7% in two days. While it does not mean the lows are in, it intrigued me to go check on the rest of the banks. The methods used this week can help investors sort through the charts in an organized fashion to find nice setups that are ready to start moving up. Whether ...

  • How to Discover a New Rally | Greg Schnell, CMT (05.18)

    Greg works through different ways to use the tools on StockCharts to see where investors are moving into as the market makes an intermediate low.

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  • Is 27% A Sale? | Greg Schnell, CMT (05.11)

    Greg looks through the different markets around the world and discusses where we are currently. The educational portion of todays video reviews the news we got with the changes in some of our breadth data and how we can use that to get back on the horse.

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  • The Benefits of Using Relative Strength | Greg Schnell, CMT

    Greg discusses relative strength and why it is helpful to use it. It is also helpful to understand the different ways to display relative strength and also to recognize the importance of timing signals for relative strength.

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  • Chart Display Secrets Revealed | Greg Schnell

    StockCharts has changed a few features on the website, and Greg has had some requests for specific information on chart settings. This is one of those videos that will save you time if you like to change the settings on your charts.

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  • Market Under Pressure | Greg Schnell, CMT (04.06)

    Greg rolls back to advice from a famous investor; Gerald Loeb. Loeb discussed how the bear market of 1929 - 1932 altered his investing behaviour. Inflation was difficult and continually wiped out capital appreciation. This presentation outlines Greg's current views on this information and how he ...

  • 20-Year Trends Are Breaking | Greg Schnell, CMT (03.30)

    20 year trends are starting to break as we approach the end of the first quarter in 2022, so it is important to notice the changes that are happening. Greg works through some big changes in the bonds, currencies and equities since the start of 2022.

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  • Searching For Crypto Setups | Greg Schnell, CMT (03.23)

    As the charts change, technical investors find compelling setups to watch for. This week, Greg discusses the indexes, the railway stocks and a rare view into the cryptocurrencies. Greg discusses why he likes the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin at this time.

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  • Commodities Swing Wildly | Greg Schnell, CMT (03.16)

    It would appear that commodities are about to soar to all time highs as Russian and Ukrainian supplies are limited from world markets. However, the commodities have a surprise for us this week as Greg rolls through the charts.

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  • A Hard Market To Trade | Greg Schnell, CMT (03.09)

    With the volatility turned up significantly, the market is whipping positions around both ways. The swings in Commodities have been huge. Financials have come under pressure. Greg gives a private tour of some of the charts he creates to keep his clients on the right side of the trade.

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  • A Commodity Run | Greg Schnell, CMT (03.02)

    With the full escalation to war in the Ukraine, Russia has been pressed with sanctions. As a commodity powerhouse, that puts pressure on the rest of the world to make that back. These sanctions are not going to ease quickly. This is really shifting the commodity related industries. Greg works thr...

  • Lessons Learned: Electric Vehicles One Year Later | Greg Schnell, CMT (02.23)

    Greg looks back and reviews the technical information we had on the charts as the SPAC boom came and went in the spring of 2021. What lessons were there to be learned? What clues can we use to help us trade those types of hyperbolic, effervescent stock move

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  • Is A Rally Starting? | Greg Schnell, CMT

    Tuesday had some nice price action. However, each time a new rally starts we get rotating leadership. That means a new industry is perking up and taking control. The previous ones might keep rallying, but these other industries are adding to the bullish thrust. In this video, Greg identifies one ...

  • Bankers Enjoy The Rate Rise | Greg Schnell, CMT (02.09)

    As the market tries to build on higher lows, the composition of the market strength is changing. The real issue is that each pullback has fewer industries able to reach prior highs. But one area holding up well is financials and the charts are just breaking out in many cases. They look good!


  • The Markets After The Storm | Greg Schnell, CMT (02.02)

    Greg works through sorting a ChartList and changing the charts to reflect the current environment. Within the Nasdaq 100, there have been some big out-performers. Here's how to find them, look at them and get some ideas for chart settings to help show the change.

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  • Finding Charts with Strength | Greg Schnell, CMT (01.26)

    During the recent pullback, I have received calls asking if I would buy a stock that was down 40%. I explained that watching for relative strength during a pullback is important. Greg works through some of the reasons he is looking towards a couple of specific industry groups right now.

  • Navigating Down Markets and Weakness | Greg Schnell, CMT (01.19)

    The markets have been showing underlying weakness since early November, but the S&P 500 logged a new high to start the year. That means you have to lean bullish when you are hitting new highs. However the Nasdaq did not make new highs and tech names have been selling down since the start of the y...

  • Will Copper Explode Higher in 2022? | Greg Schnell, CMT (01.12)

    Greg describes some of the interesting twists on the Nasdaq 100 through this consolidation since November. For his industry segment, Greg reviews the copper miners and why it looks like they could explode higher.

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  • New Names Rotating Into 2022! | Greg Schnell, CMT (01.05)

    We are seeing rotation into new names set to outperform for 2022. Greg rolls through the Nasdaq 100 using a barbell approach of looking at the weakest names starting 2022 and discusses the chart shapes of new names starting to outperform to kick off the year.

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  • The Art Of Selling Your Stocks | Greg Schnell, CMT

    Most investors have a big win at some point in their life, the real trick to keeping those gains is to have a selling strategy. Fundamental data will break long after the investors are gone. Picking a few good indicators to help you identify a sell point with significant gains is helpful. This vi...