Mish's Market Minute with Mish Schneider

Mish's Market Minute with Mish Schneider

Join veteran swing trader Mish Schneider weekly on "Mish's Market Minute" as she covers key market relationships across equities, commodities, bonds and currencies. She'll talk you through the action, walk you through her charts and demonstrate how her trading plans are evolving for the current climate.

Mish's Market Minute with Mish Schneider
  • How to Trade MEME Stocks | Mish Schneider (06.11)

    Are you afraid to trade MEME stocks? Now you don't have to be! Mish takes you through the top MEME stocks. She shows you day trading and mini swing trading strategies so you can capitalize on the hottest trend going right now.

  • Mish's Top 20 Picks | Mish Schneider (06.04)

    Mish reviews the macros; SPY, IWM, and IYT. If the stock market holds up she proceeds to give 20 picks from various sectors to look at for big upside gain.

  • Deep Dive Into Small-Cap Growth | Mish Schneider (05.28)

    As the economic recovery starts to get legs, and after a sizeable correction, some of the small-cap growth stocks are offering really good opportunities to buy. Mish covers a long list of stock with actionable suggestions.

  • All Things Electric Vehicle | Mish Schneider (05.21)

    The current administration is bringing attention to the electric vehicle sector, along with possible tax credits, and many investors are taking a look at this beat up sector. Mish goes through the charts to show why the price performance isn't ready yet for most, but there are a couple of possibi...

  • Using the 50 and 200 Week Moving Averages | Mish Schneider (05.14)

    Part lesson and part actionable information, Mish takes you through the longer term moving averages plus gives you a bunch of picks long and short. Be sure to check out Mish's book "Plant Your Money Tree" which you can buy at this link: https://marketgauge.com/plantyourmoneytree/

  • Earnings Season with Mish | Mish Schneider (05.07)

    In the middle of earnings season Mish walks you through a plethora of different sectors on stocks that reported with actionable information on which ones to short, which ones to buy, and which ones to leave alone.

  • How and Why Real Motion Works | Mish Schneider

    Mish takes us through a quick trip into the Real Motion Indicators and how they can be used to alert you to moves in any instrument before the price action confirms the momentum change. Be sure to watch the presentation and then see her examples of Real Motion on real charts.

  • Deep Dive Into All Commodities | Mish Schneider (04.16)

    With the potential of coming stagflation for the rest of 2021 and 2022, Mish goes through all of the different commodities and tells you what to trade, how and when.

  • All About Banks and Crypto | Mish Schneider (04.09)

    With dividends rising, stock buybacks returning and yields tightening, the banks are worth looking at for a few new long positions. We also look at banks that offer commercial services in both FIAT, lending, and 24/7 liquidity.

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  • Fresh Look at Emerging Markets | Mish Schneider (03.26)

    Mish has a fresh look at emerging markets as they have fallen a bit behind the US performance due to Covid and trade issues. Is this a good time to start thinking forward and looking at emerging markets as the next opportunity?

  • 20 SPACs to Consider | Mish Schneider (03.19)

    SPACs are the latest craze and also are heavily shorted. Mish looks at 20 of them with actionable information.

  • More Downside or a Buy Opportunity? | Mish Schneider (03.05)

    With the rising yields, the market has tumbled. What will do better in a rising yield environment, and how will we know what/when to buy? Mish takes you though the indexes, key sectors, and some of her top picks.

  • Time To Buy These Stocks? | Mish Schneider (02.26)

    Today Mish gives new actionable ideas based off of stocks earnings. Now that we are having a big correction, these are some names that reported and should be on your radar: AMC, CVS, SEDG, PLUG, EHTH, TOL, BYND, ABNA.

  • All Things Blockchain | Mish Schneider (02.19)

    Mish takes you through an exciting new ETF (BLCN), examining the top 25 holdings. She also discusses some of the top companies related to blockchain technology with actionable advice. Be sure to see these key symbols within: BLCN, BRPFH, SQ, JD, MSFT, GOOGL, PYPL.

  • Actionable Earnings Picks | Mish Schneider (02.12)

    This week Mish covers another 25 top rated stocks that have reported earnings. Her analysis includes actionable advice with a review from one of last weeks pick Gilead Sciences, Inc. (GILD). Stocks to note are:

  • Top Earnings Picks of the Week | Mish Schneider (02.25)

    This week on Mish’s Market Minute, Mish covers 25 stocks from this weeks earnings reports. Sectors covered include Healthcare, Pharma, Solar, Industrials, FAANG, Tech, Financials, and E-Commerce. Here you will find great actionable information for momentum and value traders alike. Some featured s...

  • Trading Stocks After They Report Earnings | Mish Schneider (01.29)

    Grab your pen and paper!! Mish covers 25 stocks from several different sectors and gives you actionable information on how to trade them now that earnings is out of the way.

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  • New Technology Top Stock Picks | Mish Schneider (01.22)

    Mish breaks down 10 big sectors: Manufacturing/Industrial, Big data, Ag Tech, Retail, AI, Space, Health, EVs, Cybersecurity and Crypto. She shares an astounding list of 25 charts, with a heavy focus on new technology stocks and gives you her top picks in each sector with actionable information.

  • Exploring New Frontiers (01.15)

    Mish discusses the agricultural tech space now that food commodities have blasted off. Also, the rush to space. Stocks to take advantage of as we explore the new space exploration frontier, a theme for 2021.

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  • Market Outlook 2021 (01.08)

    In her first show of the year, Mish has a full agenda covering the Russell's, Retail, MJ, USO, DBA charts and more!! She has an accompanying PDF you can download for free as well.

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