Mish's Market Minute with Mish Schneider

Mish's Market Minute with Mish Schneider

Join veteran swing trader Mish Schneider weekly on "Mish's Market Minute" as she covers key market relationships across equities, commodities, bonds and currencies. She'll talk you through the action, walk you through her charts and demonstrate how her trading plans are evolving for the current climate.

Mish's Market Minute with Mish Schneider
  • Has Inflation Peaked? | Mish Schneider (06.03)

    With rumors swirling that inflation has peaked, Mish debunks this wishful thinking and shows that though inflation has cooled there are still a lot of different areas where prices continue to soar. She first examines the "Federal Reserves playground" with long bonds and then takes a deep dive int...

  • A Roadmap for a Volatile, Trading Range Market | Mish Schneider (05.06)

    As another volatile week in the market comes to an end, Mish looks at the macro and gives you a roadmap to guide you through all the hyperbole. She provides a sensible plan that reduces risk and potentially equips you with the ability to make some money.

  • Earnings Season Starts With a Bang | Mish Schneider (04.29)

    Earnings season has started with a bang in this range-bound market!
    This week Mish Schneider takes a deep dive into companies that have already reported and look at some companies that are set to report soon. All with the the intent to give you a game plan as we end this week and go into next week.

  • Alternatives to Our Energy Crisis | Mish Scheider (04.22)

    As the Federal Reserve buzzes about what to do regarding the energy crisis, the question of how we can get to some sort of clean energy alternative is very much in the spotlight. On this Earth day special, Mish goes through socially conscious and environmentally focused charts.
    Later, Mish is int...

  • Best Ways to Gauge Your Risk | Mish Schneider (04.01)

    With volatile and choppy markets traders and investors need to know when to put your money to work, and when to sit on the sidelines. Mish takes a look at how MarketGauge determines if they are risk on or risk off.

  • Is It Time to Buy the Meme Stocks? | Mish Schneider (03.25)

    With big moves this week with AMC and GameStop propelled by the Reddit crowed, meme stocks have come back in popularity with retail investors. Mish takes a look at hot meme stocks and gives actionable information.

  • Is the Economy, Ergo the Market, Going to Improve? | Mish Schneider (03.18)

    The question on everybody's mind right now is - "Was that the bottom?" A lot of the doubt has to due to with the economy and the recent interest rate rise; however, the economy and the markets can be two very different things so Mish examines the entire macro looking for signs of strength or wea...

  • Promising Biotechnology Setups | Mish Schneider (03.11)

    During these turbulent times, Biotechnology stands out as a really good opportunity once the markets stabilize. Mish explains the difference between cyclical and non-cyclical, as well as pinpoints which stocks could be ready to go.

  • Favorite Trade Setups | Mish Schneider (03.04)

    Now that earning season is almost over Mish shares with you her favorite trade setups. With the market still in the middle of a range, there are still some great setups to watch for whether the market goes up or down.

  • Signs Of A Market Bottom | Mish Schneider (02.25)

    Mish takes you through four different signs of a bottom and why it's very possible that through ALL the bad news the market may be bottoming. She'll take a deep dive into the macro showing you that instead of listening to all the noise, the best place to go for your information is the charts.

  • Where You Should Park Your Money | Mish Schneider (02.18)

    Mish Schneider shows you where to park your money in this rangebound market. With ups and downs in current events, Mish still thinks there are plenty of opportunities for investing; you'll just need to get creative!

  • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Earnings Trades | Mish Schneider (01.28)

    With the market under pressure, stocks that outperform after earnings reports can often give you great trading ideas of where to go. This week Mish Schneider dives into an assortment of stocks that have already reported or are about to report to show you the "good, the bad, and the ugly" of earn...

  • How To Trade During Stagflation | Mish Schneider (01.21)

    It's been a hectic week in the markets and we are finally seeing the markets take a dive! This week Mish will do a deep dive into the charts showing you what stagflation looks like and how to trade during this rocky period.

  • Medical Care Stocks Beyond Covid | Mish Schneider (01.14)

    Once Covid passes the global medical device market is projected to grow tremendously over the next 10 years. In this episode Mish takes a look at an ETF and some medical devices companies that you should be considering in the new year.

  • No More Easy Money - Now What? | Mish Schneider (01.07)

    As we head into 2022 Mish explains the "Sea Change" with the Federal Reserve policy and what that means for the market. With 2022 being a year where you really need to think before you make investments - you'll definitely not want to miss this episode!

  • How and Why Real Motion Works | Mish Schneider

    Mish takes us through a quick trip into the Real Motion Indicators and how they can be used to alert you to moves in any instrument before the price action confirms the momentum change. Be sure to watch the presentation and then see her examples of Real Motion on real charts.

  • Triple Play Leadership Indicators on StockCharts | Keith Schneider

    Today Keith fills in for Mish to cover the second plug-in available at StockCharts.com; MarketGauge Triple Play. Triple Play contains the MarketGauge Leadership Line and the MarketGauge Volume Trend Line.

    Keith points out that the Pros look at the market differently and shows you how to spot tre...

  • How To Make Money with Real Motion | Mish & Keith Schneider (11.20)

    Mish and Keith take a deep dive into how to use the Real Motion Indicator. In this episode you will see Keith explain what trade setups look like using Real Motion, as well as an in-depth look at how Mish and Keith trade using Real Motion along side Bollinger Bands. In this indicator see how to i...

  • Day Trading Using the Opening Range | Mish Schneider

    Day-trading is easier when you know how to time your way into a post earnings gap up or gap down. Using the pivots, phases and a 5 or 30-minute opening range, Mish teaches you a powerful tool for day or swing trading.

    Whether you are a novice or an experienced trader, learning how to take the a...