Mish's Market Minute with Mish Schneider

Mish's Market Minute with Mish Schneider

Join veteran swing trader Mish Schneider weekly on "Mish's Market Minute" as she covers key market relationships across equities, commodities, bonds and currencies. She'll talk you through the action, walk you through her charts and demonstrate how her trading plans are evolving for the current climate.

Mish's Market Minute with Mish Schneider
  • Medical Care Stocks Beyond Covid | Mish Schneider (01.14)

    Once Covid passes the global medical device market is projected to grow tremendously over the next 10 years. In this episode Mish takes a look at an ETF and some medical devices companies that you should be considering in the new year.

  • No More Easy Money - Now What? | Mish Schneider (01.07)

    As we head into 2022 Mish explains the "Sea Change" with the Federal Reserve policy and what that means for the market. With 2022 being a year where you really need to think before you make investments - you'll definitely not want to miss this episode!

  • The Grinch That Stole The Christmas Rally | Mish's Market Minute (12.17)

    For the last new episode of 2021 Mish takes another deep dive into the macro and prepare you for what could come at you in 2022. Watch to find out what the "Grinch" is and what is doing to the Christmas rally.

  • Mish's Favorite Chart Patterns | Mish Schneider (12.10)

    Mish gives you an overview of her favorite chart patterns that you can use to help you trade. She will review "flags", "gaps", "consolidation" and "wedges" just to name a few. This is an episode you'll want to revisit many times.

  • Bottom Picking Potential Reversals | Mish Schneider (12.03)

    It's been quite a volatile week and yet miraculously the market is finding some level of support. However, incase of a market bottom Mish Schneider shares a multitude of trades to look at with good risk and great reward potential.

  • Are Small Caps the Next Big Thing? | Mish Schneider (11.19.21)

    Mish gives actionable information on current trades that are unfolding in the Small Cap space. She also highlights how she is positioning herself from now and into 2022.

  • Get Ready for 2022 With Clean Energy! | Mish Schneider (11.12)

    With the climate accord being the hottest topic of the year, Mish covers ETF's and stocks for your portfolio as clean energy will be a continuing trend in 2022.

  • Is The Market About to Crack? | Mish Schneider (11.05)

    With the market making all time highs, Mish shows you what would be the potential signs for it to crack! She covers key intermarket relationships and does a deep dive into the market. She will show some earnings plays that have already reported and some that are about to report.

  • Big Winners & Losers During Earnings Season | Mish Schneider (10.29)

    So far this earning season has proven to have some big winners and some big losers! This week Mish takes you through those that have already reported and those who are about to report to give you the setups both long and short.

  • Earnings Season Revs Into High Gear! | Mish Schneider (10.22)

    Earning season really gets into gear this week and Mish Schneider (Market Gauge) shows you the best of the best.

  • Make Money With Earning Season Setups | Mish's Market Minute (10.15)

    Get ready to make some money! As earning season begins, Mish shows you stocks that have already reported and a whole bunch that are set to report next week.

  • How To Bottom Pick Stocks With Minimal Risk | Mish Schneider (10.08)

    After a big correction in the market Mish covers the intermarket relationships you can look at oversold stocks for potential buys with minimal risk.

  • New Ideas For Inflation Plays That You Need To See | Mish Schneider (10.01)

    With inflation being a hot topic this week, Mish looks at some top symbols held by Horizon Kinetics Inflation Beneficiaries for new ideas for inflation plays. Of course Mish adds a few of her own picks as other possible options for an inflationary environment.

  • Following the Money: The Top IPO Tickers | Mish's Market Minute (09.17)

    Mish does something a little different by taking you through the top Renaissance Capital holdings that are heavy in the tech space. She takes a deep dive to see if there are any strategic moves to make while the market is extremely tough.

  • Is This The Beginning Of The End For The Bulls? | Mish Schneider (09.10)

    The market is at a very pivotal point right now, we are either in for a much deeper correction or this is another dip into support. Mish weighs the evidence and dives into the macro, looking at where we should potentially be putting our money as we go forward.

  • What Will It Mean For You If Transports Pick Up? | Mish Schneider (09.03)

    The Transportation Sector has underperformed the whole market. If it starts to pick up what does that me for your accounts. Mish walks through the various transport sectors and shows which ones she is looking at and why.

  • The Art of Stock Picking | Mish Schneider (08.27)

    Mish goes over how to pick stocks using the Momentum Indicator on StockCharts.com.
    1. Momentum versus Buying Weakness
    2. Real Motion-Looking for Divergences or Confirmation
    3. Risk versus Reward

  • Consumer's Appetite - What are Stocks Saying? | Mish Schneider (07.23)

    As a continuation of last weeks video, Mish talks about consumer staples and consumer discretionary by following up on some stocks she presented last week, as well as offering some new choices. Consumer Staples can include things that we need no matter what (food and beverages) and Consumer Discr...

  • How and Why Real Motion Works | Mish Schneider

    Mish takes us through a quick trip into the Real Motion Indicators and how they can be used to alert you to moves in any instrument before the price action confirms the momentum change. Be sure to watch the presentation and then see her examples of Real Motion on real charts.

  • Triple Play Leadership Indicators on StockCharts | Keith Schneider

    Today Keith fills in for Mish to cover the second plug-in available at StockCharts.com; MarketGauge Triple Play. Triple Play contains the MarketGauge Leadership Line and the MarketGauge Volume Trend Line.

    Keith points out that the Pros look at the market differently and shows you how to spot tre...

  • How To Make Money with Real Motion | Mish & Keith Schneider (11.20)

    Mish and Keith take a deep dive into how to use the Real Motion Indicator. In this episode you will see Keith explain what trade setups look like using Real Motion, as well as an in-depth look at how Mish and Keith trade using Real Motion along side Bollinger Bands. In this indicator see how to i...

  • Day Trading Using the Opening Range | Mish Schneider

    Day-trading is easier when you know how to time your way into a post earnings gap up or gap down. Using the pivots, phases and a 5 or 30-minute opening range, Mish teaches you a powerful tool for day or swing trading.

    Whether you are a novice or an experienced trader, learning how to take the a...