Moxie Indicator Minutes with TG Watkins

Moxie Indicator Minutes with TG Watkins

The Moxie Indicator Minutes will provide analysis of the weeks action which will be rich with education of the Moxie Indicator Method. Each week will provide numerous examples of the unique way the Moxie Indicator can help you determine the path of a stock and by tuning in each week, you will learn how you can apply it to your trading. TG will also cover stocks that are starting to setup, showcasing what he wants to see for it to work, and what will invalidate the setup. The proof is in the pudding, and each week you will be able to see the Moxie Indicator in action.

Moxie Indicator Minutes with TG Watkins
  • Commodities Are Getting Hit Hard | TG Watkins (06.24)

    TG explains that while the SPY seems like it is trying to hammer out a local bottom, other bullish areas of the market are getting hit hard. The main thing we are seeing there is that commodities are showing significant signs of lowered demand and could also be a signal of global economic slowdow...

  • Market Doesn't Like An Aggressive Fed | Moxie Indicator Minutes (06.17)

    TG dives into the charts after the Fed raised rates by more than 50 bps to 75 bps. While this means the Fed is being more aggressive about inflation, it also means they are playing catch up. The VIX and UVXY really look like they are setting up for some sort of big move, but we aren't sure when t...

  • Markets Moved Down Ahead of CPI | TG Watkins (06.10)

    Previously TG said that we should be prepared for the markets to resolve lower instead of higher, as many were thinking. Now that the move down has occurred, it will probably be based on the CPI data and support zones as to whether price bounces or continues lower from here.

  • Trading With Quick Exits | TG Watkins (06.03)

    TG takes a look at the market's overall sentiment by examining the SPY price action. Then he will point out patterns that he is seeing, including short squeezes and double bottoms.

  • Can We Hammer Out A Bottom? | TG Watkins (05.27)

    In this week's episode, TG discusses the bear market sentiment in the market and the factors that got us here. Then, he will explain why he thinks we should prepare for choppy price action ahead. For more of TG's market commentary, catch the replay of his "Bear Market Update" available here: http...

  • Market Direction After Sideways Chop | Moxie Indicator Minutes (05.20)

    In this week's episode TG starts out with a deep dive of the SPY's price action. What does yesterday's sideways chop mean for the direction of the market? Then, TG will talk about the recent 20% overall correction we have seen. If you want to hear more from him, you can join his free webinar happ...

  • Will We See A Reversal? | TG Watkins (05.13)

    In this week's episode, TG talks about the air pockets he has been seeing, including one on the SPY and IWM. Then, he'll talk about his next target and why he is waiting for the SPY to hit 380.

  • Is This Market Meltdown Only the Beginning? | TG Watkins (05.06)

    In this week's episode TG outlines the market action post-Fed meeting. He does this by deep-diving into the SPY's price action and comparing it to previous market conditions. Then, he will explain why this may only be the beginning to bear market territory.

  • Which Path Forward After Earnings? | TG Watkins (04.29)

    In this week's episode TG covers the overall market action after some key players reported their earnings. How did Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple affect the market? Then, he will go into detail on where he thinks the market is headed next.

  • Gap Up, Then Major Sell-Off | TG Watkins (04.22)

    In this week's episode, TG talks about the recent market volatility starting with the gap up, then followed by the major sell-off we saw yesterday.

  • Market Weak Overall, Some Pockets of Strength | TG Watkins (04.15)

    In this week's episode, TG says why he thinks the overall market is weak. Then, he will point out where he is seeing the most strength. Commodities are the bullish place to be along with precious metals.

  • Untrusted Bounce | TG Watkins (04.08)

    In this week's episode, TG discusses the wild action of the market. Yesterday, the market experienced a bounce, but TG is not so sure you can trust it. Using examples like the SPY and XXX he will outline his "inverse trampoline pattern" and why there may be more reasons as to why we are not confi...

  • Where Is The Strength? | TG Watkins (04.01)

    In this week's episode, TG discusses where he is seeing strength in the market. Specifically, he takes a deep dive into commodities including Gold, Oil, and Natural Gas.

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  • Uptrend or Pullback? | TG Watkins (03.25)

    In this week's episode, TG lays out examples of how the market may move after the pullback he is expecting. Then, he will explain what an up trend might look like, even though it may be into resistance, vs a pullback that finds no support and the market ultimately drops lower. After that, he'll s...

  • Sideways Market | TG Watkins (03.11)

    In this week's episode, TG explains how the market is doing its best to stay afloat and has handled a lot of bad news. Right now, it doesn't seem interested in going much lower. The UVXY seems to be indicating that there could be an up move in the markets coming. Then, he talks about retail and h...

  • Are We Heading Up? | TG Watkins (03.04)

    In this week's episode, TG walks through the current state of the market. As of now, the market is still really difficult and messy. Then, TG talks about where he thinks the market is headed next, including his explanation as to why he thinks price is likely to go up first before making the next ...

  • A Secret Bear Market | TG Watkins | Moxie Indicator Minutes (02.18)

    In this week's episode, TG talks about current market conditions by first showing you the SPY and how it has been behaving. Then, TG becomes more granular and takes a look at individual tickers to see just how far they have fallen.

  • Where Will Price Go? | TG Watkins (02.11)

    In this week's episode, TG discusses stressors that are affecting market action. This includes the Fed and rising interest rates. Then, he deep dives into technical analysis, which is telling a different story than the news.

  • Earning Season Rocking Markets | TG Watkins 02.04)

    In this episode, TG covers the insane market action this week. We are in the midst of earnings season and the reports that came out rocked the market. How was the market affected?

  • Where is The Market Headed? | TG Watkins (1.28)

    In this week's episode, TG covers recent market action and outlines the destruction we've seen. Then, he will talk about where he sees the market going, as well as how he is finding setups in these choppy times.

  • Weak Market Sentiment Warning | TG Watkins (01.21)

    In this week's episode, TG talks about the weakness of the market. What is working? What isn't working? Then he walks you through areas that might go long, as well as where he thinks the market could be headed next.

  • Market Choppiness | TG Watkins (01.14)

    In this week's episode, TG talks about the strength in the small caps and the weakness in the tech sector. Then, he covers the most recent market behavior and walks you through the choppy last few days.

  • Effects Of Interest Rates | TG Watkins (01.07)

    In this week's episode, TG answers the question: "How much does the market not like interest rate hikes?" The market is being very difficult and moving into more defensive areas. TG then moves on to technology. Typically, this sector doesn't like higher interest rates so we are seeing some hits i...

  • How to Determine Trend Changes Using The Moxie Indicator | TG Watkins

    TG demonstrates how the Moxie Indicator can be used on a longer time horizon to see when the overall trend is changing for both the long side and the short side. In addition to seeing divergences between price and the Moxie Indicator, TG incorporates the Price Triggers, and finally the Trampoline...