Moxie Indicator Minutes with TG Watkins

Moxie Indicator Minutes with TG Watkins

The Moxie Indicator Minutes will provide analysis of the weeks action which will be rich with education of the Moxie Indicator Method. Each week will provide numerous examples of the unique way the Moxie Indicator can help you determine the path of a stock and by tuning in each week, you will learn how you can apply it to your trading. TG will also cover stocks that are starting to setup, showcasing what he wants to see for it to work, and what will invalidate the setup. The proof is in the pudding, and each week you will be able to see the Moxie Indicator in action.

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Moxie Indicator Minutes with TG Watkins
  • Analyzing The Long Side With Moxie Formations | TG Watkins (10.15)

    This week TG discusses the long side. Using his Moxie Indicator, he will talk about what could happen if the long side continues as well as what should we do if the long side fails? And what tickers are looking ripe for entries as we head into the weekend?

  • Overhead Resistance = Proceed With Caution I TG Watkins (10.08)

    The first week in October has been full of action. We began the week with bearish sentiment but then experienced a nice bounce on Thursday. Now, the market is at overhead resistance... could we see a fade down to support? TG will show you want it looks like now that the market is up into resistan...

  • Inverse Trampolines Can Help You Stay Safe In Market Drops | TG Watkins (10.01)

    In this week’s episode, TG recaps the week of 9/27 - 10/1. Overall, the market sentiment has been bearish. Using his Moxie Indicator, TG demonstrates how to identify an inverse trampoline move (a condition where the Moxie Indicator is below zero, but price is over the 50 SMA), and how this setup ...

  • Bouncing Into Resistance? I TG Watkins | Moxie Indicator Minutes (09.24)

    In last week's episode, TG expressed concern over the market action. Today, we're picking up we left off and continues that discussion, further explaining the market sentiment we have seen this week. Then, looking forward, using his Moxie Indicator, TG will outline possible long setups (barring t...

  • Where September's Seasonality Might Be Taking Us I TG Watkins (09.17)

    In this episode, we introduce TG Watkins from Simpler Trading along with his Moxie Indicator. Throughout your 30 minutes together, TG goes over the seasonality of September and where we might be headed for the rest of the month. Using his Moxie Indicator, TG will walk you through the action of th...