Moxie Indicator Minutes with TG Watkins

Moxie Indicator Minutes with TG Watkins

The Moxie Indicator Minutes will provide analysis of the weeks action which will be rich with education of the Moxie Indicator Method. Each week will provide numerous examples of the unique way the Moxie Indicator can help you determine the path of a stock and by tuning in each week, you will learn how you can apply it to your trading. TG will also cover stocks that are starting to setup, showcasing what he wants to see for it to work, and what will invalidate the setup. The proof is in the pudding, and each week you will be able to see the Moxie Indicator in action.

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Moxie Indicator Minutes with TG Watkins
  • Expecting a Pullback Soon? | TG Watkins | Moxie Indicator Minutes (06.02)

    The market has had a great few days based off NVDA and a handful of bullish names. The internals are diverging and traders are wondering how long can that persist. The Put/Call Ratio is also getting to a point where it tends to signal tops, so lets see what the charts look like.

  • Breadth Divergence Continues | TG Watkins (05.26)

    Today was all about NVDA, semis, and sympathy moves. If we look under the hood. we continue to see that some names are doing great, while many others continue to stay weak. Lets look at those names, along with some foreign ETFs so see how the Moxie Indicator is showing their weakness.

  • Be Willing to Change Your Mind | Moxie Indicator Minutes (05.19)

    Quite the difference two days will make! Positive news about the debt ceiling reveals what the market was waiting for. But even before that, many names have been quietly building strength. Lets take a look at what the higher time frame charts have been telling us and about the overall trends and ...

  • Indexes Masked By Mega Tech | TG Watkins | Moxie Indicator Minutes (05.11)

    Last week I spoke about a turning point in the market. This week, not much has changed for the major indexes, but underneath the surface strength is not easily found. Money is hiding out in a handful of the biggest names, and I continue to wonder how much higher they can go or how long they can h...

  • Is This A Turning Point? | TG Watkins | Moxie Indicator Minutes (05.05)

    The markets are weakening after FOMC, but internally we have been seeing strength deteriorate for a few weeks. The SPY could not break out, and the IWM looks like it is about to break down. Let's see what the big names say.

  • Dancing with the Market | TG Watkins | Moxie Indicator Minutes (04.20)

    Today I take you inside the Moxie Indicator trading room and show you how we have been navigating this week of large up and down moves. It has been a fun and interesting several days as the market twists itself into a pretzel, but we have been managing to stay with it and accurately taking trades...

  • We Called the Pullback | TG Watkins | Moxie Indicator Minutes (04.21)

    Hey traders, hope you were able to catch today's action. In the Moxie trading room, we were well positioned for the drop of the market today. Then I notified the subscribers that there was likely to be a bounce and exactly where it would go. That worked out perfectly and we added to our short pos...

  • Bullish Moxie Setups Working | TG Watkins | Moxie Indicator Minutes (04.14)

    In today's video I will show you how I have had a bullish lean to the markets and how that has been setting up with the indexes and a few tickers. The market seems to have liked the PPI report and so today was a strong day. Will it continue?

  • How Big Moves Begin | TG Watkins | Moxie Indicator Minutes (04.06)

    Markets look poised to move higher, so lets take a look at higher time frame charts to get a feel for how they begin, then we can drill down to the Daily and Hourly to find out exactly how they moved.

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  • Tickers Still Bullish | TG Watkins | Moxie Indicator Minutes (03.24)

    The SPY is down twice now after the FOMC where Powell continued to hike rates with another 25BPS. Despite that, there are still many sectors and tickers that are bullish. Of course this can change and we need to always be on guard for that, but here are several big tickers which are still bullish...

  • Tug of War | TG Watkins | Moxie Indicator Minutes (03.17)

    The financial crisis helped to bring interest rates back down, which is benefiting tech and the growth sector. But the Energy sector is starting to decline which implies a weakening economy. And interest rates going down could be for the bad reason, not the good reason. So how long can the tech s...

  • Did Systemic Risk Just Show Up? | TG Watkins (03.10)

    The news of SIVB getting into trouble sent huge waves through the market. Financials and bank stocks cratered which then brought the rest of the market down. The question now is "Are rising interest rates the risk, or is there an unknown out there that will turn into a Black Swan event?"
    The mark...

  • Pullback Finding Support | TG Watkins | Moxie Indicator Minutes (03.02)

    We are starting to see the market find support from its mid February pullback. I am expecting a small bounce, but it is not a confirmation of a long yet. The Hourly will still need to setup for that to happen.

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  • SPY Pullback Target Hit | TG Watkins | Moxie Indicator Minutes (02.24)

    This week the SPY pulled backed to the Daily 50 SMA which was the target I was looking for. Now it seems price is trying to hammer out a local bottom. Will it be enough? Will there be more down side? Lets dive in and see what the charts tell us and what side we should lean towards.

  • Larger Pullback Could be Forming | TG Watkins | Moxie Indicator Minutes (02.16)

    So we got the little pull back to SPY D21 correct last week which left us wondering if it was going to be major support, or just minor support before the bigger pullback. In this video, I will show you what signs I am seeing that indicate we could be on the verge of a bigger pullback.

  • Market Liked FOMC | TG Watkins (02.03)

    Whether its a short squeeze or more buying, the market went up a few minutes after Jerome Powell started speaking today. Yes, there might be really negative economic data coming sometime in the future. But we don't know how much of that the market has already priced in, and it might take time for...

  • Many Stocks Are Basing / Lifting | TG Watkins | Moxie Indicator Minutes (01.27)

    There is a lot of negativity out there and concern about the effects the economy will have on the market. But GDP has come in strong and many names have been basing. Many other names have been quietly rising too. Lets take a look around the higher time frame charts and see what they say. Keep you...

  • Smashed Names Showing Life | TG Watkins | Moxie Indicator Minutes (01.20)

    Yes, we are still in a bear market, and yes the indexes can still go lower. Heck, the SPY can still waterfall lower. But there are names that have been in their own bear market for a year and a half or two already. And they have either been basing, or are starting to come out of their bases. The ...

  • New Year Seeing Strength | TG Watkins | Moxie Indicator Minutes (01.13)

    Volatility products, breadth indicators, and individual tickers are showing me that there is strength coming into the market. Is it the end of the Bear? I can't say, but I see trades setting up that I want to be ready for. Lets dive in and I will show you what I see.

  • Third Week of Chop | TG Watkins | Moxie Indicator Minutes (01.06)

    The market got into its sideways range starting about December 16th and is still in that zone. They say dont short a quiet market, but it is also hard to see where strength will be coming in from. The VIX is set up in a bullish manner, but nothing has moved or triggered yet. The big names are sti...

  • Has The Market Priced In All The Bad News? | TG Watkins (12.16)

    In the episode TG shares how there are two narratives out there for the future direction of the market and he discuss both of them in the beginning of the video. Which one is true is what we are all debating and what the market is also trying to figure out. TG tells us to step back today and look...

  • Chop Going into CPI and FOMC | TG Watkins (12.09)

    The market has been flagging at its highs as it seems to be awaiting more economic data from CPI and direction from the Fed at FOMC. TG can see the case for both bullish and bearish outcomes and he thinks it will depend on what these two data points come out as. It has been a tough market to work...

  • Basic Chart Setups | TG Watkins | Moxie Indicator Minutes (11.25)

    In this educational episode TG Watkins goes over his basic chart setups, the indicators he uses, and some basic principles that he implements in his trading.

  • How to Determine Trend Changes Using The Moxie Indicator | TG Watkins

    TG demonstrates how the Moxie Indicator can be used on a longer time horizon to see when the overall trend is changing for both the long side and the short side. In addition to seeing divergences between price and the Moxie Indicator, TG incorporates the Price Triggers, and finally the Trampoline...