Moxie Indicator Minutes with TG Watkins

Moxie Indicator Minutes with TG Watkins

The Moxie Indicator Minutes will provide analysis of the weeks action which will be rich with education of the Moxie Indicator Method. Each week will provide numerous examples of the unique way the Moxie Indicator can help you determine the path of a stock and by tuning in each week, you will learn how you can apply it to your trading. TG will also cover stocks that are starting to setup, showcasing what he wants to see for it to work, and what will invalidate the setup. The proof is in the pudding, and each week you will be able to see the Moxie Indicator in action.

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Moxie Indicator Minutes with TG Watkins
  • Market Weak Overall, Some Pockets of Strength | TG Watkins (04.15)

    In this week's episode, TG says why he thinks the overall market is weak. Then, he will point out where he is seeing the most strength. Commodities are the bullish place to be along with precious metals.

  • Untrusted Bounce | TG Watkins (04.08)

    In this week's episode, TG discusses the wild action of the market. Yesterday, the market experienced a bounce, but TG is not so sure you can trust it. Using examples like the SPY and XXX he will outline his "inverse trampoline pattern" and why there may be more reasons as to why we are not confi...

  • How to Determine Trend Changes Using The Moxie Indicator | TG Watkins

    TG demonstrates how the Moxie Indicator can be used on a longer time horizon to see when the overall trend is changing for both the long side and the short side. In addition to seeing divergences between price and the Moxie Indicator, TG incorporates the Price Triggers, and finally the Trampoline...