Options 101

Options 101

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Options 101
  • Options 101 Trading Panel | Price Headley, Lex Luthringshausen, Sean McLaughlin

    Our Options Week 101 culminates in a panel discussion featuring three top options experts to discuss opportunities and challenges for new options investors. Price Headley CFA, CMT of Big Trends, Lex Luthringshausen from Tradier, and Sean McLaughlin of All Star Charts share how successful options ...

  • Options 101: Maximizing Technical Analysis with Options Trading | Tony Zhang

    During this session with Tony Zhang, discover the optimal options strategies for various technical analysis techniques. Understand the best practices for key option strategies that can minimize your risk exposure in the markets.

  • How to Let Your Stock Charts Lead to Great Covered Calls | Joe Duarte, MD

    In this Options 101 special, Joe Duarte starts by outlining options definitions, charting characteristics for options and how to improve trading results by actively using this knowledge. Joe's main focus will be on covered call options strategy as great way to produce income when you're just gett...

  • Options 101: Butterflies | Danielle Shay | Options 101

    In the options market, I love trading using directional butterflies. I use this strategy because it has excellent risk to reward, it's a great way to be directional and the percentage gains are typically more than what you'd see with calls or spreads. During this session, I breakdown what a butte...