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  • Stocks Pull Back From Resistance | David Keller, CMT (12.05)

    Host David Keller, CMT highlights charts pulling back from their 200-day moving averages including the S&P 500 index and gold. He also reviews charts on the move including MRK, CVS, JNJ, BA, RTX, LMT and UAL.

  • Overbought/Oversold Momentum | Carl Swenlin & Erin Swenlin (12.05)

    To start today’s trading room, Carl answers the question: “How do we find overbought/oversold levels on the PMO?“. Both discuss rounded tops found throughout the market. Additionally, they talk the importance of knowing the trend and condition of the market above all else.

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  • It's A Mixed Bag Of Performers | Pete Carmasino (12.05)

    It's a bit of an ugly market today. Dow is down over 400 points, Nasdaq down about 1.5% Russell Down 2.4%. It has been an interesting last 2-3 months with seeing some names really rise in the face of uncertainty and looking at the market reassessing some things.

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  • A Market Top Appears Close at Hand | Jeffrey Huge, CMT (12.05)

    Today we discuss our expectation for an imminent trend reversal in the S&P 500 within the context of the Elliott Wave Principle. If our preferred Elliott Wave count proves correct, then the market is poised for an epic "third-of-a-third" wave decline in the days and weeks immediately ahead.


  • Stealth Moves Into These New Areas | Mary Ellen McGonagle (12.02)

    This week, Mary Ellen reviews high yielding stocks that are on the move higher after reporting strong earnings reports. These dividend aristocrat stocks can buffer against current volatility.

  • Create Custom Multi-Timeframe Chart Dashboards | StockCharts In Focus (12.02.22)

    On today’s episode, Grayson shows you how to create and customize your own multi-timeframe charting views in both SharpCharts and ACP using “GalleryView”. Learn how to pull up the same symbol in multiple timeframes to simultaneously scroll through short-term intraday, intermediate-term daily and ...

  • Fed Fallout | TG Watkins | Moxie Indicator Minutes (12.02)

    Setups are only as valid as the most recent data, and often times that data is greatly influenced by market news. This week was no exception when Jerome Powell rocked the market when he announced the possible reduction of interest rate hikes.
    In this week's episode, TG refers to his previous vide...

  • An Investing Roadmap For The Next Decade? | Bruce Fraser (12.02)

    Are there prior periods for financial markets that can inform today’s investors regarding the nature of how markets could behave in the years ahead? The 1960s and 1970s have similarities to recent financial market events. These commonalities between then and now are explored in this Power Chartin...

  • Simple Way to Clarify Price Structure | Joe Rabil (12.01)

    Joe Rabil of Rabil Stock Research shows why having 2 versions of ACP running at the same time can be a nice advantage in situations where the price structure is not crystal clear.  He also explains how to use price structure in conjunction with the MA lines as well as MACD and ADX.  Joe discusses...

  • US Equity Go Trend Reaches Downtrend Resistance | GoNoGo Charts (12.01)

    Tyler Wood, CMT shares perspective on global markets from a trend perspective looking at a "Go" trend in US equities that is bumping up against a familiar downtrend resistance line. Looking across macro forces like the "NoGo" in the US Dollar, Oil and Yields investors can better understand the co...

  • Looking For Strong ETF's | Greg Schnell, CMT (11.30)

    As the market has moved sideways for the last two weeks, it has been a mixed basket trying to find strong outperformance. Greg works through the current setup on the indexes and then shows how to use ETF ChartLists to find strong areas in the market using SCTR's.

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  • U.S. Equities: Full Speed Ahead | Tom Bowley (12.01)

    Tom discusses the significance of Thursday's huge afternoon rally as Fed Chief Powell turned a bit more dovish. He highlights the rotation back into more growth-oriented areas and what that could mean for U.S. equities as we close out 2022 and move into 2023. He wraps up the show with a few key...

  • Putting The Theory Into Practice | Dave Landry (11.30)

    There are plenty of books on trading filled with great setups. However, most are missing how to actually put the theory into action. With this in mind, Dave shows you two new mystery charts and one that's not a mystery and does a deep dive into why he picked them. He then explains how discretion ...

  • It's A Real Bull vs. Bear Battle | Greg Schnell, CMT (11.29)

    Does the market have the power to change the direction or, are we at the end of a bear market rally? Looking across his charts, Greg sees that we are at the upper limit of a bear market range on a lot of the indicators.

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