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  • The Pitch | Greg Schnell, CMT, Mark Newton, CMT, Jay Woods, CMT (10.27)

    In this special edition of The Pitch, host Grayson Roze sits down with Greg Schnell, CMT ( Mark Newton, CMT (Fundstrat Global Advisors, LLC) and Jay Woods, CMT (DriveWealth) as they each bring four buy ideas and one short idea that is frightful.

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  • Stocks Down as Yield Curve Flattens | David Keller, CMT (10.27)

    Guest Pat Ceresna of Big Picture Trading discusses why the flattening yield curve may impact stocks going forward. Host David Keller, CMT highlights stocks reporting earnings this week and unveils one bottom fishing candidate with upside potential.

  • Off To The Races With Cryptos | Jane Gallina (10.27)

    Right now, we are starting to see crypto really ramp up. Bitcoin also recently reached a new high and that usually leads to alt season coming into November through the rest of the year. Jane brings the top 3 coins that she is looking at.

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  • Go Where The Money Is | Dave Landry

    In this episode, Dave shows his methodology in action - both good and bad - including a new mystery chart. He then resumes his discussion on how inefficient markets are the holy grail by using IPOs and Cryptos as examples. He highlights the fact that even if you're an investor, you still need to ...

  • Charting Bitcoin and Tesla to Trade | Greg Schnell, CMT | (10.27)

    The market should be bullish, breadth indicators are leaning bullish, but when he takes a deeper look Greg finds a few select stock groups that are starting to roll over. Energy and technology had been strong, they are starting to stall now. So where can we find good setups? Greg analyzes his ann...

  • Long-Term Upside Targets for Bitcoin | David Keller, CMT (10.26)

    Guest Roman Bogomazov of Wyckoff Analytics projects upside targets for Bitcoin using point & figure charts. Host David Keller, CMT compares two stocks testing the 200-day moving average and answers viewer questions on island reversals and Consumer Discretionary stocks.

  • Know What You’re Trading | Rick Bensignor

    Rick explains how important it is to understand the risks associated to buying any specific ETF, especially the new ones that invest in Bitcoin futures. You may not be buying what you think you are (i.e., they own no Bitcoin).

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  • Strong Seasonal Trends For November | Julius de Kempenaer (10.26)

    In this episode of Sector Spotlight Julius takes a quick look at the current state of Asset Class rotation through the RRG lens. After that he moves on to Sectors. After a quick assessment of last week's rotation he brings in BETA again to determine which sectors are likely to be defensive and wh...

  • Discretionary Leading Stocks To All-Time Highs | Tom Bowley (10.26)

    It was another day of record highs and discretionary stocks were the big reason. This group has been outperforming the overall market by a wide margin the past few months and Tom breaks down the group, identifying the big winners ahead. He then combines earnings and the 3 You Must See to look a...

  • Utilities is a Sleeper Sector | Carl Swenlin & Erin Swenlin (10.25)

    Carl opens the show with his take on the current market rally and reviews all of the “under the hood” indicators on the SPY. Carl and Erin comment on the health of all of the sectors. Erin takes a deep dive into the Utilities sector, where she sees momentum and participation improving. With Faceb...

  • Base Breakouts And Downtrend Reversals | Mary Ellen McGonagle (10.22)

    Mary Ellen shares areas of the market that are setting up to outperform. She reviews base breakouts and downtrend reversals in companies that have reported strong earnings, and reveals new industry groups that are coming into play!

  • NEW! Enhanced ChartList Drawer Features In ACP | Grayson Roze

    On today's show, Grayson is excited to announce the latest enhancements to the ChartList drawer on our Advanced Charting Platform (ACP). We've just added some important new features and moved some critical components down onto the bottom of the screen, making that space even more powerful for you...

  • "The Expander Strategy" With Wieland Arlt | Bruce Fraser (10.22)

    Special guest Wieland Arlt, CFTe is an author, full time trader and trading coach. In addition to being one of the most successful traders in Germany he is the author of best selling books on trading. His book ‘Risk and Money Management for Day and Swing Trading’ has recently been translated int...

  • Earnings Season Revs Into High Gear! | Mish Schneider (10.22)

    Earning season really gets into gear this week and Mish Schneider (Market Gauge) shows you the best of the best.

  • Crawling Toward New Highs...Will It Last? | TG Watkins (10.22)

    The market has seemed to find movement to the upside, but will it last? Using his Moxie Indicator, TG Watkins will talk you through the momentum we have been seeing, as well as share shorts that are setting up.

  • Knowledge for Earnings Season | Chartwise Women (10.21)

    This week is all about earnings season! Mary Ellen McGonagle (MEM Investment Research) and Erin Swenlin ( explain why earnings season is so important and share stocks that have propelled the market into an uptrend. The duo also discusses how having expert knowledge can really s...

  • Improve Timing and Reduce Risk with Multiple Time Frames | Joe Rabil (10.21)

    Joe Rabil from Rabil Stock Research explains how he uses 2 time frames, side by side, to identify trades with low risk. He discusses the "opposing trend trigger", where it came from and how it can be used to improve timing and lower risk. Joe then analyzes the symbol requests that came through ...

  • Materials and Industrials Look Set to Follow Copper | Arthur Hill, CMT (10.21)

    Copper and the Copper Miners ETF broke out last week with big surges. These moves ended extended corrections and signaled a resumption of the bigger uptrends. Strength is spilling over into the Materials SPDR and Industrials SPDR, which could be next in line for breakouts. We will also look at th...