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  • It's All About Rotation, Rotation, Rotation | David Keller, CMT (06.22)

    Guest Julius de Kempenaer of RRG Research demonstrates sector rotation and why the weekly S&P chart suggests limited upside. Host David Keller, CMT answers viewer questions on futures curves, housing data and Dr. Copper.

  • The Pitch | Joe Rabil, Katie Stockton, CMT, Mish Schneider (06.22)

    Host Grayson Roze sits down with Joe Rabil (Rabil Stock Research), Katie Stockton, CMT (Fairlead Strategies ) and Mish Schneider (MarketGauge Group) as they each bring their five top stock ideas to the table and showcase the strategies they've used to select these promising trade targets.

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  • Pros And Cons Of Meme Stocks | Rick Bensignor (06.22)

    Rick talks about the risks and rewards of Meme stocks in "Trader Education." He discusses the pros and cons of trading Meme stocks and analyzes several of them.

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  • QQQs New Highs, But...| Leslie Jouflas, CMT (06.22)

    Today, Leslie follows up on the previous "Your Daily Five" and her appearance on "The Final Bar" last week. SP 500 Emini Traded To First Downside Target, What's Next? QQQ's are at new highs, but... So today, she is going to be showing 4 different time frames and patterns to determine important ...

  • SPX On The Edge | Julius de Kempenaer (06.22)

    After spending almost an entire show on a question from the mailbag last week, Julius shifts gears again and highlights the most important rotations in asset classes and sectors. In the asset class segment, the stock/bond ratio is highlighted. Then all sector rotations are reviewed on the Relativ...

  • Dow vs. S&P - Will The Real Head Fake Please Stand Up? | Tom Bowley (06.22)

    Tom points out two key charts, highlighting the Dow Jones' and S&P 500's recovery of Friday's big losses - but will the rebound stick? He discusses 8 industry groups in consumer discretionary - the way these 8 break will dictate the short-term fate of discretionary stocks. The 3 You Must See fe...

  • Short-Term Buying Initiation! | Carl Swenlin & Erin Swenlin (06.21)

    As Carl reviews the SPX today, he discusses last Friday’s “selling exhaustion” and today’s new “upside initiation climax”. Carl also reviews the DecisionPoint indicators and gives you his outlook on Gold, Gold Miners, the Dollar, Crude Oil, Bitcoin, Bonds and the 10-Year Treasury yield! Erin narr...

  • Dead Cat Bounce Alert | David Keller, CMT (06.21)

    Host David Keller, CMT highlights broad distribution in cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as a potential "dead cat bounce" pattern in major stock averages. He also reviews stocks with earnings releases this week including NKE, FDX and PAYX.

  • How to Use Volume to Trade Stocks | Mary Ellen McGonagle

    It's all about volume on this special evergreen presentation from Mary Ellen! Take a look into why volume is so important, what it can signal in a stock, what technical indicators work best with volume, how to use accumulation and distribution and how to use history as your guide.

  • How To Position Indicators & Overlays On Your Charts | Grayson Roze

    This week on “StockCharts In Focus”, Grayson shows you how to create advanced charts by customizing the indicator and overlay positions. For both SharpCharts and ACP, you have the flexibility to build powerful technical views and multi-symbol charts using the indicator position settings. You’ll ...

  • Downside Target for S&P 500 | David Keller, CMT (06.17)

    Guest Leslie Jouflas of Trading Live Online shares a short-term bear case for stocks given historical trends. Host David Keller, CMT breaks down the latest sentiment readings and highlights a key charts that has transitioned from bear phase to bull phase.

  • Navigating These Choppy Markets | Mary Ellen McGonagle & Erin Swenlin

    Today. Erin and Mary Ellen focus on determining the market tides and how to find and follow the treasure map and charts. Watch them uncover the sectors, industry groups and stocks that should “weather the storm” and guide you to fair winds and following seas.

  • Let's Get it Started! | Joe Rabil (06.17)

    Joe Rabil from Rabil Stock Research gives his background of 30 years and insights into his approach to the market. Since this is the first show, he gives a quick introduction to his history, format for future shows and use of technical analysis. He provides his preferred setup in StockCharts AC...

  • Metals-Related ETFs To Watch | Arthur Hill, CMT (06.17)

    Today's video starts with metals-related ETFs. There are short-term bullish patterns forming in the Base Metals, Palladium and Silver ETFs. One even has a long-term bullish pattern. We will then look at the extreme oversold condition on the Copper Miners ETF and show why Healthcare is a good sect...

  • Thinking Like A Trader, Part 2 | Dave Landry

    Dave continues his discussion on the fact that successful trading is more about attitude and less about aptitude. If you want to succeed at trading then think like a trader. Dave also went on to continue to show his methodology in action.

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  • Thread The Fed | Greg Schnell, CMT (06.16)

    The world has had the pandemic trade, the reopening trade and now it is transitioning to the 'open' trade. Many of the charts are highlighting a wait and see setup, from bonds, basic materials, financials, and growth. This week highlights the charts starting to break down, and the passive look of...

  • Campaign Candidates, A Workshop | Bruce Fraser

    Campaign of long-term trends is a specialized aspect of the tools of the Wyckoff Method. Horizontal Point & Figure counting is a technique for identifying and measuring a large accumulation structure and estimating the potential extent of the price objective. Phase analysis helps to identify the...

  • How to Trade MEME Stocks | Mish Schneider (06.11)

    Are you afraid to trade MEME stocks? Now you don't have to be! Mish takes you through the top MEME stocks. She shows you day trading and mini swing trading strategies so you can capitalize on the hottest trend going right now.

  • Larry Williams: Where Are We Now, What's Next? (06.11)

    Legendary trader Larry Williams shares his views about what is coming for stocks, gold, crude oil and bonds. In this special presentation, he provides some of his secrets of cycles and fundamentals, with an alert on what you need to be following going forward. As an added bonus, Larry highlights ...