Reflections 2020: A Year in Review

Reflections 2020: A Year in Review

Our end of year content is even BIGGER with three different segments for our viewers: Top 10 Charts, Re-Evaluating Your Process, and Sector Rotation.

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Reflections 2020: A Year in Review
  • Re-Evaluating Your Process | Dave Landry | Reflections 2020

    In this video, Dave Landry talks about how he followed his core methodology along with signs and signals in 2020. He discusses how that worked very well overall. Unfortunately, Dave also did some things outside of his core methodology which nearly led to his demise. Learn from what Dave did right...

  • Re-Evaluating Your Process | David Keller, CMT | Reflections 2020

    David Keller, CMT, Chief Market Strategist at StockCharts, shares ten questions you should ask yourself at year end. The first question, "How would you evaluate your overall performance this year?" begins a journey of introspection, evaluation and renewal of purpose. Answer these ten questions ...

  • Re-Evaluating Your Process | Gatis Roze, CMT, MBA | Reflections 2020

    Gatis Roze, co-author of "Tensile Trading: The 10 Essential Stages of Stock Market Mastery", sits down with our own Grayson Roze to reflect back on his investment process in 2020 and share his approach to re-evaluating and improving for the year ahead.

    Gatis is a veteran full-time stock market i...

  • Re-Evaluating Your Process | Keith Fitz-Gerald | Reflections 2020

    Keith Fitz-Gerald of the Fitz-Gerald sits down with David Keller, CMT of StockCharts to describe how investors should evaluate their own performance at year-end. Join this lively conversation about trading journals and lessons learned from one of the most pivotal years in financial market history!