Special Presentations

Special Presentations

Exclusive specials and bonus content featuring expert technical analysts, seasoned traders and veteran investors.

Special Presentations
  • Options 101

    4 videos

  • Chart Madness 2021 | David Keller, Greg Schnell, Grayson Roze, Tom Bowley

    Watch David Keller, CMT (Chief Market Strategist at StockCharts.com), Greg Schnell. CMT (Chief Market Strategist at gregschnell.com), Grayson Roze (VP of Operations at StockCharts.com), and Tom Bowley (Chief Strategist at Earningsbeats.com) square off in a dynamic, head-to-head stock pickin' show...

  • Charting Forward 2021

    6 videos

    Which sectors provide the best opportunity in 2021? Where will the S&P 500 be at year end? What about gold? Join Grayson Roze, VP of Operations at StockCharts, as he ask these questions and others from some of the top strategists in the industry. Set yourself up for investing success in 2021 b...

  • Reflections 2020: A Year in Review

    4 videos

    Our end of year content is even BIGGER with three different segments for our viewers: Top 10 Charts, Re-Evaluating Your Process, and Sector Rotation.

  • Introducing StockChartsACP

    10 videos

    Join Chip Anderson (Founder and President, StockCharts), Grayson Roze (VP of Operations, StockCharts) and David Keller (Chief Market Strategist, StockCharts) as they sit down for an exclusive series of in-depth discussions with charting legends like John Murphy, Ralph Acampora, Martin Pring, Larr...

  • The Presidential Cycle Panel (10.19.20)

    Tom McClellan, Jeff Hirsch, and Bruce Fraser sit down with David Keller to share their unique insights into the presidential cycle from a technical market perspective. Together, these charting wizards will dig into what the presidential cycle means in an election year, what the historical trends ...

  • Navigating a Bear Market - A StockCharts TV Special Presentation (03.25.20)

    Ten of the most dynamic, insightful contributing market analysts on StockCharts.com share their unique strategies and processes for managing risk and identifying opportunity during times of heightened volatility and bear market conditions like we find ourselves in today. See how these experts are...