Special Presentations

Special Presentations

Exclusive specials and bonus content featuring expert technical analysts, seasoned traders and veteran investors.

Special Presentations
  • 2023 Equity Market Roundup | Martin Pring & Bruce Fraser (01.11)

    Martin Pring presents his 2023 equity market outlook. With a unique perspective he reveals the cyclic and secular trends that drive stock prices. Reaching back decades Martin identifies critical trends and thresholds that are reaching important junctures now and how historical relationships can i...

  • 2023 Outlook | Larry Williams (01.04.23)

    The Boy Scout Motto "Be Prepared" is apt for the year 2023. Larry shows you the things you should be prepared for and some of his expectations of 2023.


  • The End Is Near | Larry Williams Special Presentation (11.15)

    The end of this year is close. So, this will probably be the last special for Larry for 2022. Is the year going to close in a good or bad way? He thinks it will be in a good way and explains why. Today, the focus is on his forecast for the stock market, gold, and bonds into the end of 2022 and ...

  • Up, Up & Away | Larry Williams Special Presentation (10.12.22)

    In this StockCharts TV Special Presentation, Larry talks about how inflation has been the driving force in the markets. Where are we now, and what is about to happen? Larry uses the Cycle Theory, Crude Oil, P/E, the Presidential Cycle and more to determine where the markets are likely headed goin...

  • Down, Then Up, Up & Away | Larry Williams (09.09)

    Larry goes back to the future today. The stock market, he predicts, will go down a bit then, UP, UP & Away! He shares the things that make him think that way, including inflation, stocks, and a view of the future.

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  • Get Ready - Markets Ready To Rock & Roll | Larry Williams (08.01)

    Markets are getting ready to rock & roll to the upside! Legendary trader Larry Williams has a lot to show you and a lot of education to share.

    There are 3 reasons he expects a major rally.
    1. Panic Selling - Capitulation
    2. Important Buying Has Entered The Market
    3. Cycles Are Turning Very B...

  • Survival of the Fittest: A Brief History of Bear Markets | StockCharts TV

    For newer traders, this new bear market is the first time they have experienced any losses of this magnitude. Even the 2020 bear market doesn't make for a great comparison, given it happened over a relatively short period. So how long can bear markets really last? In this StockCharts TV special p...

  • Understanding Sector Rotation | Mary Ellen McGonagle | Special Presentation

    In this special presentation, Mary Ellen McGonagle (MEM Investment Research) helps you get a clear grasp on sector rotation! She teaches you how to spot moves in and out of sectors, key drivers for rotation, why it’s important to be in the correct sector and different ways to capitalize on rotati...

  • Trend-Following: Theory, Expectations and Reality - Special | Arthur Hill, CMT

    Trend-following is a systematic and rules-based strategy for trading in the direction of the underlying trend. Trend-following strategies originated in the commodity markets and benefited from broad diversification. These strategies can also be applied to stocks, however, some adjustments are nee...

  • Five Things To Understand About Cryptocurrency | Julius de Kempenaer (08.27)

    Julius explains the five things he thinks you need to understand to successfully trade cryptocurrencies.

    Connect with Julius:
    Email [email protected]
    Twitter - https://twitter.com/RRGresearch Facebook -

  • Options 101

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  • Introducing StockChartsACP

    13 items

    Join Chip Anderson (Founder and President, StockCharts), Grayson Roze (VP of Operations, StockCharts) and David Keller (Chief Market Strategist, StockCharts) as they sit down for an exclusive series of in-depth discussions with charting legends like John Murphy, Ralph Acampora, Martin Pring, Larr...

  • Navigating a Bear Market - A StockCharts TV Special Presentation (03.25.20)

    Ten of the most dynamic, insightful contributing market analysts on StockCharts.com share their unique strategies and processes for managing risk and identifying opportunity during times of heightened volatility and bear market conditions like we find ourselves in today. See how these experts are...