Special Presentations

Special Presentations

Exclusive specials and bonus content featuring expert technical analysts, seasoned traders and veteran investors, all brought to you by StockCharts.com.

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Special Presentations
  • Embracing Volatility: A GoNoGo Charts Special Presentation (11.16)

    In this special presentation Alex Cole and Tyler Wood, CMT illustrate volatility compression in the lifecycle of a trade. Utilizing volatility compression as a tool for entering trend continuations or reversals with a view on the current market environment.

    Website: https://www.gonogocharts.com/

  • The End Is Near | Larry Williams Special Presentation (11.15)

    The end of this year is close. So, this will probably be the last special for Larry for 2022. Is the year going to close in a good or bad way? He thinks it will be in a good way and explains why. Today, the focus is on his forecast for the stock market, gold, and bonds into the end of 2022 and ...

  • Up, Up & Away | Larry Williams Special Presentation (10.12.22)

    In this StockCharts TV Special Presentation, Larry talks about how inflation has been the driving force in the markets. Where are we now, and what is about to happen? Larry uses the Cycle Theory, Crude Oil, P/E, the Presidential Cycle and more to determine where the markets are likely headed goin...

  • Characteristics of a New Bull Cycle | Mary Ellen McGonagle (10.05)

    In this special report, Mary Ellen highlights the unique characteristics of a new bull market, along with the precise signals that alert you to when it's safe to invest for the long term. She also reviews ways to capitalize on bear market rallies. https://bit.ly/3CtjaaY

  • Down, Then Up, Up & Away | Larry Williams (09.09)

    Larry goes back to the future today. The stock market, he predicts, will go down a bit then, UP, UP & Away! He shares the things that make him think that way, including inflation, stocks, and a view of the future.

    Information about ChartCon:

  • Charting the Second Half 2022 (08.03.22)

    We've survived the first half of 2022, but is there more uncertainty left? Join experts David Keller, Gina Martin Adams, Tom Bowley and John Kosar as they discuss this key question in CHARTING THE SECOND HALF: A STOCKCHARTS MID-YEAR PERSPECTIVE.

  • The Key Traits Of A True Market Bottom | Mary Ellen McGonagle (07.22)

    In this special presentation of The MEM Edge, Mary Ellen shares a rules based system to help you identify when a new bull cycle has come in to play. This proven system, "A Follow-Through Day", has identified every market bottom going back over 100 years. She finishes up by discussing where the m...

  • 2022 Mid-Year Outlook | Martin Pring (07.21)

    Legendary technical analyst Martin Pring updates his 2022 Market Roundup with this mid-year 2022 edition. Using his signature blend of economic studies and technical charting methods Martin Pring brings clear and concise analysis to the market trends of stocks, interest rates, inflation and commo...

  • Survival of the Fittest: A Brief History of Bear Markets | StockCharts TV

    For newer traders, this new bear market is the first time they have experienced any losses of this magnitude. Even the 2020 bear market doesn't make for a great comparison, given it happened over a relatively short period. So how long can bear markets really last? In this StockCharts TV special p...

  • 2022 StockCharts Stock Draft (04.27.22)

    Eight of our technical market experts square off in our first-ever StockCharts Draft! Each team owner will have a chance to select two stocks from the S&P 100 for a six-month time horizon. Which stocks will be selected and why? Which stock will be selected first? Which names will be left behind? ...

  • Understanding Sector Rotation | Mary Ellen McGonagle | Special Presentation

    In this special presentation, Mary Ellen McGonagle (MEM Investment Research) helps you get a clear grasp on sector rotation! She teaches you how to spot moves in and out of sectors, key drivers for rotation, why it’s important to be in the correct sector and different ways to capitalize on rotati...

  • Chart Madness 2022 | David Keller, Greg Schnell, Grayson Roze, Tom Bowley

    Watch David Keller, CMT (Chief Market Strategist at StockCharts.com), Greg Schnell. CMT (Chief Market Strategist at gregschnell.com), Grayson Roze (VP of Operations at StockCharts.com), and Tom Bowley (Chief Strategist at Earningsbeats.com) square off in a dynamic, head-to-head stock pickin' show...

  • Market Vision 2022 | Tom Bowley: Preparing for a Volatile Year Ahead

    Tom Bowley provides his 2022 market outlook including his year-end prediction for the S&P 500 index, key sectors and stocks to watch, and how the technical outlook relates to broader economic themes.

  • Market Vision 2022 | David Keller: 5 New Year's Resolutions for Every Investor

    Join Dave Keller for a one-hour discussion on self improvement for investors. He'll share five resolutions investors should consider for 2022, with the goal of improving the decision making process by improving your daily and weekly routines.

  • Market Vision 2022 | Grayson Roze: Broaden Your View With Multi-Timeframe Charts

    Savvy investors know that the market moves on multiple time frames. Grayson Roze shares powerful tools on StockCharts for investors to better analyze stocks and ETFs using multi-timeframe analysis, including the latest developments in StockCharts ACP.

  • Market Vision 2022 | Tom Bowley & Bill Shelby: Improving Your Scanning Skills

    Tom Bowley of EarningsBeats and Bill Shelby of StockCharts show investors can use the Predefined Scans on StockCharts to evaluate broad market themes. They'll also share ideas on how to customize those scans to identify potential investment ideas based on price, trend and momentum.

  • Charting Forward 2022 Market Outlook Special | StockChartsTV

    Will 2022 bring the same volatility in the markets as we saw at the end of 2021? What will be the top-performing S&P sector? What can we expect from the S&P 500 overall? Join Grayson Roze, VP of Operations at StockCharts, as he probes some of the top strategists in the industry on what to expect ...

  • 2022 Outlook with Martin Pring and Bruce Fraser

    Technical analysis titan Martin Pring presents his outlook on the markets in 2022. Martin covers all of the charts that you need to keep an eye on as we head into 2022, including equities, commodities, gold, and the dollar.

  • Trend-Following: Theory, Expectations and Reality - Special | Arthur Hill, CMT

    Trend-following is a systematic and rules-based strategy for trading in the direction of the underlying trend. Trend-following strategies originated in the commodity markets and benefited from broad diversification. These strategies can also be applied to stocks, however, some adjustments are nee...

  • Chart Madness Revisited | David Keller, Greg Schnell, Grayson Roze, Tom Bowley

    Seven months ago, four panelists selected stocks from a bracket of sixteen names. Which stocks would perform the best over the next six months? Join Tom Bowley, Grayson Roze, Greg Schnell and David Keller as they revisit their original picks, discuss and debate the seven months that followed, an...

  • Five Things To Understand About Cryptocurrency | Julius de Kempenaer (08.27)

    Julius explains the five things he thinks you need to understand to successfully trade cryptocurrencies.

    Connect with Julius:
    Email [email protected]
    Twitter - https://twitter.com/RRGresearch Facebook -

  • Chart Madness 2021 | David Keller, Greg Schnell, Grayson Roze, Tom Bowley

    Watch David Keller, CMT (Chief Market Strategist at StockCharts.com), Greg Schnell. CMT (Chief Market Strategist at gregschnell.com), Grayson Roze (VP of Operations at StockCharts.com), and Tom Bowley (Chief Strategist at Earningsbeats.com) square off in a dynamic, head-to-head stock pickin' show...

  • The Presidential Cycle Panel (10.19.20)

    Tom McClellan, Jeff Hirsch, and Bruce Fraser sit down with David Keller to share their unique insights into the presidential cycle from a technical market perspective. Together, these charting wizards will dig into what the presidential cycle means in an election year, what the historical trends ...

  • Navigating a Bear Market - A StockCharts TV Special Presentation (03.25.20)

    Ten of the most dynamic, insightful contributing market analysts on StockCharts.com share their unique strategies and processes for managing risk and identifying opportunity during times of heightened volatility and bear market conditions like we find ourselves in today. See how these experts are...