StockCharts In Focus with Grayson Roze

StockCharts In Focus with Grayson Roze

Join Grayson Roze, VP of Operations at StockCharts, as he guides you through the latest and greatest additions to the StockCharts platform. Packed with tips, tricks and insightful tutorials, each week's episode of "StockCharts In Focus" is carefully designed to help you maximize all that StockCharts has to offer. Explore new tools, uncover powerful features, discover site shortcuts and chart customizations you didn't know about and stay up on the latest content coming to StockCharts TV.

Look for new episodes of "StockCharts In Focus" every Friday at 3:30pm ET on StockCharts TV, as well as right here on the official StockCharts YouTube channel.

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StockCharts In Focus with Grayson Roze
  • How To Manage Your Watchlist Of New Trade Targets | Grayson Roze

    Today, on Stock Charts in Focus, we’re talking process! Digging into some of the tools that I personally use on StockCharts to manage my watchlist. We’ve got a lot happening right now in the markets. We’ve got talk of a recovery, we’ve got a possible failure at the 200-day moving average at that ...

  • NEW! Follow Key Reports w/ The “Earnings Calendar” | Grayson Roze (01.13)

    Today, on StockCharts in Focus, we're kicking off earning season in a big way! Exploring some of the latest new tools and features on StockCharts: our earnings calendar - with reported results and upcoming announcement dates to help you use the right tool.

  • NEW! Exploring The Official StockCharts Mobile App | Grayson Roze

    Today, on StockCharts in Focus, we're touring you through the brand new StockCharts mobile app for iOS devices! You can now take your charts and the market anywhere with you on the go. We'll show you the features of the mobile app and how to get started!

  • NEW! Top 5 Features & Chart Enhancements in ACP | Grayson Roze

    Grayson's digging into more new features that just rolled out across the site, highlighting his top 5 favorites that have been added to ACP. He'll cover the new annotation features, actions, right-click, and quick settings menus - AND maximized indicator panels!

  • NEW! Access Pre-Built Sample Charts & Advanced Technical Scans | Grayson Roze

    It's the season of giving so we've got gifts for you with new tools and features rolling out all across the website! Grayson highlights all of the details of our latest product launch, before digging into two powerful features from this release - the Sample Chart Gallery and the Sample Scan Library.

  • My 5 Most Valuable New Features + Next Release Sneak Peek | StockCharts In Focus

    Grayson Roze (VP of Operations, shares his top 5 favorite new features and gives a quick sneak peek of what's coming in the next product release.

  • Create Custom Multi-Timeframe Chart Dashboards | StockCharts In Focus

    On today’s episode, Grayson shows you how to create and customize your own multi-timeframe charting views in both SharpCharts and ACP using “GalleryView”. Learn how to pull up the same symbol in multiple timeframes to simultaneously scroll through short-term intraday, intermediate-term daily and ...

  • 4 Crucial Dividend Features Every Investor Needs To Know About | Grayson Roze

    On today's show we're diving into dividends, showing you how to adjust your charts to either include dividends, or to take the impact of those payments out and leave your chart unadjusted for dividends. Plus - Grayson will show you other ways to visualize dividends including events, full quotes a...

  • Watching Interest Rates? These 3 Tools Are An Absolute MUST | Grayson Roze

    We're digging into the topic of the year - interest rates! Grayson's shares three of the most powerful and important ways you can visualize interest rates on StockCharts. This episode walks you through how to visualize interest rates, see how they are changing, and visualize how they relate to e...

  • Portfolio Tracking Made Easy With Automatic Alerts & Reports | Grayson Roze

    Grayson shares how to automate some of your portfolio tracking routines. Starting from scratch, he'll walk you through creating a sample portfolio using a ChartList, and then show you how to set that portfolio up with ChartList Reports. This allows you to automatically monitor your portfolio with...

  • Scans, Markets, SCTRs & More: My 5 Favorite ACP Sidebar Tools | Grayson Roze

    Grayson loves using StockCharts ACP overall, but to be honest, his favorite part of ACP can be found on the right side of the screen - the sidebar views! Today he's going to show you five of his favorites, making sure you know how to get the most out of ACP with these additional resources.


  • Relative Strength Leveled Up With Multi-Timeframe Analysis | Grayson Roze

    Level up your relative strength analysis by using the performance view for your ChartLists. Performance view allows you to dig into relative strength for an entire group of symbols across multiple timeframes, all at once. This is great for portfolio reviews, filtering watch lists, digging into se...

  • Exploring All The Excitement You Can Expect At ChartCon | StockCharts In Focus

    In this episode, Grayson gives you a quick preview of ChartCon 2022 and what to expect in this two-day event, running October 7-8. He summarizes the highlights, walks you through the agenda, and shows how you can save your seat for the biggest charting event of the season.

  • Perfect Starter To Build Your Daily Market Review Routine | StockCharts In Focus

    On today’s episode, Grayson discusses the importance of a daily market review routine and demonstrates how two specific ChartLists from his own account fuel his personal process. You’ll learn how to create and organize market review lists of your own as Grayson describes the reasons behind his pa...

  • A Hidden Gem That Will Transform Your Research: Symbol Summary | Grayson Roze

    Today Grayson reviews one of the hidden gems on the site - the Symbol Summary page! This tool provides you with a high level overview, making it easy for you to research individual securities using technicals, fundamentals, earnings, dividend information, and corporate profiles. All in one place!

  • How To Chart Scan Results In Both Daily And Weekly Timeframes | Grayson Roze

    In today's show Grayson is exploring his favorite way to run and review scan results, using multiple timeframes. He's going to show you how to do this StockCharts ACP using the multi chart layouts feature, putting two different timeframes side-by-side on the screen. In addition, he'll walk you th...

  • Breaking Your Charts Apart Into “Focused” Tool-Specific Styles | Grayson Roze

    Grayson's bringing the focus to your charts! Breaking your charts apart and separating all of your indicators into different ChartStyles will help you stay focused on one indicator, one section or one part of your analysis at a time.

  • The Multi-Chart Tools I Use Daily To Follow The Major Markets | Grayson Roze

    Today we're loading up your screen with multiple charts on a single page, all at once. Grayson is going to show you how to take 6 of the major indexes and put them on a single chart, allowing you to watch the averages all on one screen.

  • NEW! Split The Trading Day Evenly w/ 5 New Intraday Periods | Grayson Roze

    On today's show Grayson's bringing you another new feature from our latest product launch - new intraday chart periods for SharpCharts and ACP. Five new intraday chart periods that split the trading day evenly. PLUS - we've introduced intraday RRG charts!

  • NEW! “Performance View” + Automated Price Alert Markers In ACP | Grayson Roze

    Grayson is back to share a couple of new features that just rolled out with our latest product launch - Performance View for your ACP ChartLists, and automated Price Alert Markers! The Performance View feature allows you to pull up any ChartList and see price performance history over different ti...

  • NEW! Updated “Edit View” Streamlines Your ChartList Management | Grayson Roze

    We're back with another new feature from our latest product release. On the show today, Grayson takes you on a tour of the new and improved Edit View for your SharpCharts ChartLists. ChartLists are one of the most important features of StockCharts, and we've streamlined the editing process, makin...

  • NEW! Pin Your Top Charts To Your Dashboard w/ “Chart Panels” | Grayson Roze

    As part of our latest product release that just rolled out around the site this week, we're introducing a brand new feature for your dashboard called Chart Panels! This will bring your most important right to the dashboard, in a configurable, customizable row that you can add to your dashboard. T...

  • Sneak Peek! New Features Launching + Scheduled Scans Revisited | Grayson Roze

    We're giving you an exclusive sneak peek at everything that's coming to the site starting this weekend with our latest product launch. We have a whole slew of new features rolling out across every corner of the site! Grayson also revisits one of his favorite features released with our last update...

  • Digging Deeper Into Stocks And More With “Symbol Summary” | Grayson Roze

    We're revisiting Symbol Summary - our high level research tool that helps you dig into the stocks, dive into the next level, and go beyond charts. This powerful tool brings you fundamentals, technical highlights, after hours data and corporate profiles all in one place. Grayson highlights a coupl...