The Final Bar with David Keller, CMT

The Final Bar with David Keller, CMT

Weekdays following the US market close, join StockCharts Chief Market Strategist, David Keller, CMT on "The Final Bar" as he unpacks the day's trading action, uncovers the most important charts you need to be watching, and helps you use technical analysis to elevate your process to the next level. Plus, he'll feature frequent guest interviews and special segments from some of the industry's leading chartists, analysts, money managers and market wizards.

The Final Bar with David Keller, CMT
  • Despite Bank Chaos, Technology Remains Strong | The Final Bar (03.24)

    On this final bar for Friday 24th of March Julius de Kempenaer wraps up the week looking at the price action as it unfolded during the week. This week was sprinkled with events ranging from a rate hike by the FED, followed by a not so nice comment by Mrs Yellen, to havoc in the banking sector and...

  • FED Not Able to Ruin Return to Growth Party | The Final Bar (03.23)

    Today on the Final Bar, guest host Julius de Kempenaer assesses the market's response to the FED rate hike and its subsequent comments after the markets had some time to digest all that information. It ended up being another day with a difference of more than 2% between the high and the low of th...

  • Volatility of Volatility...What is That? | The Final Bar (03.22)

    With David Keller on a short Break Julius de Kempenaer is guest-hosting the show today (and tomorrow and Friday). On this FED day he is talking you through the markets, breaking down the price action on stock and bond markets. For a review of sector rotation during the day he uses an intraday RRG...

  • Mean Reversion for Financials and Technology | The Final Bar (03.21)

    Samantha LaDuc of LaDuc Trading shares her playbook for Fed week and what would tell her the rally in technology is ending. Host David Keller, CMT highlights the countertrend rally in financials including regional banks, also a key breadth indicator flashing bullish today!

  • Value Sectors Lead US Equities Higher | Dave Keller, CMT | The Final Bar (03.20)

    Host David Keller, CMT charts today's rally driven by materials and energy, but also notes the strength in growth sectors like technology leading into this week's pivotal Fed meeting. He answers viewer questions on the MOVE index and drawing trendlines.

  • Bonds Rally in Flight to Safety | David Keller, CMT (03.17)

    Host David Keller, CMT focuses in on strength in bonds and gold as investors rotate to positions of safety on quad witching day. He also answers viewer questions on Tesla (TSLA) and First Solar (FSLR).

  • Risk vs. Reward as Risk Assets Rise | David Keller, CMT (03.16)

    Guest Mish Schneider of MarketGauge shares four monthly charts of her economic modern family: SMH, IWM, KRE and KRT. Host David Keller, CMT talks offense vs. defense themes as market uncertainty persists.

  • Energy and Materials Push Averages Lower | David Keller, CMT (03.15)

    Guest Ryan Detrick, CMT of Carson Group shows how the weekly S&P 500 chart and seasonality trends suggest strength into April. Host David Keller, CMT covers the bounce in bond markets and names on the move including STLD, WAL, FRC, RCI.

  • Breadth Conditions Initiate Bottoming Pattern | David Keller, CMT (03.14)

    Host David Keller, CMT breaks down a series of breadth indicators showing two things: this has been a broad market decline with many indicators in firmly bearish territory, but also some buy patterns have now been initiated. Today we'll share the triggers that could suggest an all clear for stoc...

  • Bonds, Cryptos Rise on Fed Bailout | David Keller, CMT (03.13)

    Host David Keller, CMT reviews the continuing fallout from the Silicon Valley Bank debacle, focusing on the interplay between stocks, bonds and cryptocurrencies. He answers viewer questions on Elliott Wave, breadth indicators and the outlook for gold.

  • Will Plunging Markets Continue | Erin Swenlin | The Final Bar (03.10)

    Special guest host Erin Swenlin wraps the week by explaining what her DecisionPoint indicators are telling her about the markets — specifically, whether they’ll continue to decline or not. Later, she answers viewer questions on RIVN and the Swenlin oscillators, and also lets viewers know what her...

  • Finding Strength Among Struggling Stocks | The Final Bar (03.09)

    Guest Larry Tentarelli of The Blue Chip Daily Report shares three stocks showing strong patterns using price and moving averages. Host David Keller, CMT highlights one breadth indicator flashing a sell signal and charts the sudden decline in cryptos.

  • Breadth Indicators Rotate Bearish This Week | David Keller, CMT (03.08)

    Guest Erin Swenlin of DecisionPoint shares two charts that show a clear rotation from bullish to bearish given weakening breadth and momentum characteristics. Host David Keller, CMT highlights one group within technology showing resilience during uncertain times.

  • Short-Term Weakness on Hawkish Fed | David Keller, CMT | The Final Bar (03.07)

    Guest Mike Zaccardi, CMT CFA shares the bull case for semiconductors and how advisors should reconcile short-term and long-term trends. Host David Keller, CMT reviews how gold has not been much of a safe haven given the stronger US Dollar.

  • Shooting Stars All Around | David Keller, CMT | The Final Bar (03.06)

    Host David Keller, CMT notes the "inverted V" shape to today's trading, causing charts like the SPY and QQQ to show a bearish shooting star candle pattern. He answers viewer questions on sector rotation, ETF analysis and the stochastics indicator.

  • Risk Assets Power Higher Into Weekend | Dave Keller, CMT (03.03)

    Host David Keller, CMT tracks Friday's rally with the Nasdaq Composite gaining 2% driven by stocks like META and FSLR. He answers viewer questions on 0DTE options, the VIX and China ETFs KWEB and FXI.

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  • Momentum Improves on Fed Fueled Rally | David Keller, CMT (03.02)

    Guest Mary Ellen McGonagle of Simpler Trading compares price momentum for the S&P 500 and Nasdaq, also talks with host David Keller, CMT about areas of the market showing strength including semiconductors, industrials and basic materials.

  • The Bull Case for Bitcoin | David Keller, CMT (03.01)

    Guest Adrian Zduńczyk of The Birb Nest describes how Bitcoin has made a clear rotation from bearish phase to bullish phase. Host David Keller, CMT highlights stocks on the move including CRM, FSLR, VLO and LOW.

  • Strength Begets Further Strength | David Keller, CMT (02.28)

    Guest Chris Verrone, CMT of Strategas focuses in on groups showing strength in uncertain times including industrials and semiconductors. He shares with host David Keller, CMT why he feels "what's overbought right now is conviction."

  • Offense Over Defense As SPX Tests Support | The Final Bar (02.27)

    Host David Keller, CMT focuses in on key support levels for the S&P 500, Nasdaq Composite and NYSE Composite indexes. He answers viewer questions on ARKK, "smart money" vs. "dumb money", and Dow Theory.

  • S&P 500 vs. 200-Day Moving Average | David Keller, CMT (02.24)

    Host David Keller, CMT walks through the down week for stocks with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq both showing signs of distribution. He answers viewer questions on Enphase Energy (ENPH), the McClellan Summation Index and StockCharts SCTR rankings.

  • The Case for Clean Water and Anchored VWAP | The Final Bar (02.23)

    Guest Louis Llanes, CMT CFA of Wealthnet Investments makes the case for a clean water ETF (FIW) also a recent IPO (MBLY) using Keltner Channels and Anchored VWAP. Host David Keller, CMT highlights names reporting earnings including NVDA, ETSY, BABA, MRNA and DPZ.

  • What's Next For ARKK and AI? | David Keller, CMT (02.22)

    Guest Dave Landry of gives a bullish take on semiconductors and identifies key levels to watch on Bitcoin and Kusama. Host David Keller, CMT highlights the bullish pennant setup on ARKK as breadth indicators continue to deteriorate.

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  • Risk Off Mode as SPX Breaks 4000 | David Keller, CMT (02.21)

    Guest Danielle Shay of Simpler Trading shares her charts of QQQ, XLY, HD and describes how she approaches earnings releases. Host David Keller, CMT notes the SPX 4000 level as well as the bearish non-confirmation signal from Dow Theory.