The Final Bar with David Keller, CMT

The Final Bar with David Keller, CMT

Weekdays following the US market close, join StockCharts Chief Market Strategist, David Keller, CMT on "The Final Bar" as he unpacks the day's trading action, uncovers the most important charts you need to be watching, and helps you use technical analysis to elevate your process to the next level. Plus, he'll feature frequent guest interviews and special segments from some of the industry's leading chartists, analysts, money managers and market wizards.

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The Final Bar with David Keller, CMT
  • Options Strategy for Energy ETF | David Keller, CMT (06.30)

    Guest Sean McLaughlin of All Star Charts shares a short strangle options trade on the Energy sector to play a rangebound market. Host David Keller, CMT reviews the latest market sentiment indicators and highlights a bearish chart for gold.

  • Higher Rates and Lower Stocks | David Keller, CMT (06.29)

    Guest Samantha LaDuc of LaDuc Trading breaks down the reality of higher interest rates, higher inflation, and lower stocks. Host David Keller, CMT outlines weakening breadth conditions and why 20,000 is such an important level for Bitcoin.

  • Strong Finish for Risk Assets | David Keller, CMT (06.24)

    Host David Keller, CMT wraps the week with a breakdown of sector performance including weakening Energy stocks and improving growth stocks. He also answers viewer questions on position sizing, stop losses, shorting stocks and the VIX.

  • Health Care and Utilities Lead On Another Up Day | David Keller, CMT (06.23)

    Guest Mary Ellen McGonagle of MEM Investment Research highlights a strong rotation to biotech and pharma stocks. Host David Keller, CMT reviews the latest market sentiment readings including one investor survey at one of its lowest levels in history.

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  • Looking for Leadership from FAANG Stocks | David Keller, CMT (06.22)

    Guest Bill Baruch of Blue Line Futures shares a key ratio for tracking renewed strength from the FAANG stocks and sectors. Host David Keller, CMT outlines the latest market breadth readings including one indicator still firmly in the bearish camp.

  • Nasdaq New Lows Confirm Bear | David Keller, CMT (06.16)

    Guest Clif Droke of SX Gold & Metals Advisory reviews the bearish evidence of Nasdaq new lows and how gold may be setting up for a bullish move. Host David Keller, CMT updates the latest market sentiment indicators including an extreme bearish reading in the AAII Survey.

  • Fed Rate Hike Sends Stocks Higher | David Keller, CMT (06.15.22)

    Guest Dana Lyons of J. Lyons Fund Management shares an upside target for the Ten Year Treasury Yield. Host David Keller, CMT breaks down price action around today's Fed meeting and how that compares to other Fed days earlier in 2022.

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  • Can Retail Stocks Find a Floor? | David Keller, CMT (06.14)

    Guest Mish Schneider of MarketGauge looks for a bounce from the Retail ETF (XRT) and talks downside targets for Bitcoin. Host David Keller, CMT answers viewer questions on drawing trendlines, managing ChartLists and electric cars (ALB, SQM).

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  • New Downside Objectives for S&P 500 | David Keller, CMT (06.13)

    Host David Keller, CMT outlines new downside objectives for the S&P 500 as the equity markets continue in risk-off mode leading into this week's Fed meeting. He also highlights three sectors showing strong relative performance in an era of higher interest rates.

  • Which Stocks Are Showing the Strongest Signals? | David Keller, CMT (04.15)

    In our final edition of Five Hidden Features of StockCharts, David Keller CMT unveils new ways to use the CandleGlance function to easily sort lists of stocks and identify charts with profitable setups.

  • Broadening Your Use of Technical Indicators | David Keller, CMT (04.14)

    In the fourth of Five Hidden Features of StockCharts, host David Keller CMT presents the SharpCharts Voyeur page. See how other StockCharts users are trying to beat the market, and learn new technical analysis techniques!

    SharpCharts Voyeur Page:
    StockCharts ChartSchoo...

  • Learning From Market History | David Keller, CMT (04.13)

    The third edition of Five Hidden Features of StockCharts, hosted by David Keller CMT, takes you on a historical journey through bull and bear market cycles. Join us as we analyze long-term trends in the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average and interest rates.

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  • Best Practices for Trendlines | David Keller, CMT (04.12)

    In the second of Five Hidden Features of StockCharts, David Keller CMT shares some lesser known ways to use trendlines to track trends and identify potential price reversals.

    ** Use Command for Mac, or Control for PC, to create a level trendline

    ChartSchool Page on Trendlines:

  • Comparing Two Stocks with StockCharts | David Keller, CMT (04.11)

    In the first of Five Hidden Features of StockCharts, host David Keller CMT reveals a powerful way to compare two stocks using the Comparative GalleryView function. Which stock is more likely to outperform based on Daily, Weekly and Point and Figure charts?

  • Trend Following 101 | David Keller, CMT

    In this special edition of the show, David talks about the importance of trend following (momentum based investing) and shares his trend following tool kit. The technical tools he uses are designed to help you understand how things are evolving over time, with a focus on leaning into what's worki...

  • S&P 500 Breaks 200-Day Moving Average | David Keller (02.11)

    Host David Keller, CMT recaps the continued rotation away from growth-oriented sectors like Technology and Communication Services. He also answers viewer questions on short ETFs, Sam Weinstein's Stage Analysis methodology and an outlook for $SPCE.

  • Ten Questions To Ask At Year End | David Keller, CMT (12.27)

    In this special year-end edition of The Final Bar, host David Keller, CMT poses ten questions every investor should ask themselves as we wrap 2021. We'll focus on your performance, your successful trades, your missed opportunities, your routines, and your mindset as you navigate all of the above.

  • Top 5 Charts of 2021 | David Keller, CMT (12.20)

    David Keller, CMT, Chief Market Strategist at StockCharts, reviews the top five charts that tell the story of 2021 from a technical perspective. We'll cover the S&P 500 index in terms of price, breadth and sentiment measures and focus on where the money is flowing into year end. What can this y...

  • Long-Term Upside Targets for Bitcoin | David Keller, CMT (10.26)

    Guest Roman Bogomazov of Wyckoff Analytics projects upside targets for Bitcoin using point & figure charts. Host David Keller, CMT compares two stocks testing the 200-day moving average and answers viewer questions on island reversals and Consumer Discretionary stocks.

  • Short-term Pain and Long-term Strength | David Keller, CMT (03.04)

    Guest Ari Wald, CFA CMT lays out the long-term bullish case and the case for high beta cyclicals. Host David Keller, CMT walks through the top ten SCTR ranked stocks with strong relative strength profiles.

  • Sentiment Indicators Say Stocks Stretched | David Keller, CMT

    Host David Keller, CMT shares the five main indicators he uses to monitor investor sentiment: VIX, put/call ratio, NAAIM Exposure Index, Rydex fund flows and AAII Survey. He'll also illustrate how these indicators speak to investor euphoria and limited upside for stocks.