The Final Bar with David Keller, CMT

The Final Bar with David Keller, CMT

Weekdays following the US market close, join StockCharts Chief Market Strategist, David Keller, CMT on "The Final Bar" as he unpacks the day's trading action, uncovers the most important charts you need to be watching, and helps you use technical analysis to elevate your process to the next level. Plus, he'll feature frequent guest interviews and special segments from some of the industry's leading chartists, analysts, money managers and market wizards.

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The Final Bar with David Keller, CMT
  • Finding Bright Spots as Stocks Sag | David Keller, CMT (09.17)

    Host David Keller, CMT wraps the week with a focus on deteriorating breadth conditions and sentiment readings that have rotated to bearish ranges. He also answers viewer questions on relative strength, the AAII survey and the Hindenburg Omen.

  • All Eyes on the 50-Day Moving Average | David Keller, CMT (09.16)

    Guest Frank Cappelleri, CFA, CMT, notices the lack of gains over 1% and outlines the bull case for Energy stocks. Host David Keller, CMT reinforces the importance of the 50-day moving average and reveals a sentiment indicator that took a huge bearish turn this week.

  • Combining Fundamental and Technical Analysis | David Keller, CMT (09.14)

    Guest Louis Llanes, CFA CMT demonstrates which fundamental factors have outperformed and how to combine these factors with traditional technical analysis. Host David Keller, CMT talks through potential scenarios for the S&P 500 and which breadth indicators are leaning bearish here.

  • Bullish Momentum for Energy Stocks | David Keller, CMT (09.13)

    Host David Keller, CMT reviews key levels for the S&P 500 and Bitcoin and highlights a potential breakout for commodities. He also focuses on the Energy sector with bullish momentum divergences potentially resolving higher.

  • Three Signals That Could Confirm a Bear Market Phase | David Keller, CMT (09.10)

    Host David Keller, CMT identifies the three indications that could confirm a bear market phase as the S&P 500 shows signs of distribution on weaker breadth readings. He answers viewer questions on yield spreads, uranium (URA) and using RSI on weekly and monthly charts.

  • An Absence of New Highs | David Keller, CMT (09.09)

    Guest Todd Sohn, CMT of Strategas Securities talks market breadth including new three-month highs and the equal-weighted S&P 500. Host David Keller, CMT highlights stocks making new swing lows including down moves in key biotech names.

  • Blue Skies Ahead for S&P 500 | David Keller, CMT (09.08)

    Guest Ryan Detrick, CMT of LPL Research talks stocks vs. bonds and how the market may show renewed strength through year-end. Host David Keller, CMT unveils a key mystery chart and illustrates improving breadth conditions.

  • The New Economy Breaks From The Old Economy | David Keller, CMT (09.07)

    Host David Keller, CMT breaks down the charts from three perspectives: top-down macro, bottom-up stock picking and sector rotation. He highlights the outperformance of "new economy" sectors like Technology and Communication Services, and identifies key levels to watch for gold and Bitcoin.

  • Improving Breadth Speaks to Market Strength | David Keller, CMT (09.03)

    Host David Keller, CMT wraps the week as the S&P 500 reaches yet another new high for 2021 and breadth conditions continue to improve. He also answers viewer questions on global stocks, relative performance, the $VIX and $KO.

  • Finding Great Opportunities & Reviewing Bullish Sentiment | David Keller, CMT

    Guest Denise Chisholm of Fidelity Investments discusses upside potential for Consumer Discretionary and Energy names. Host David Keller, CMT reviews the latest investor sentiment readings and where to find opportunities in Consumer Staples.

  • Why You Must Watch The VIX On Pullbacks | David Keller, CMT (09.02.21)

    Guest Bob Lang of Explosive Options breaks down the small cap ETF (IWM) and why the VIX is the chart to watch on pullbacks. Host David Keller, CMT breaks down the Communication Services sector including strong trends for internet and publishing names versus weak moves in the old telecoms.

  • Rising Real Estate Expands New Highs | David Keller, CMT (08.31)

    Guest David Auerbach of World Equity Group and The Daily REIT Beat identifies charts to watch in the top-performing real estate sector. Host David Keller, CMT answers viewer questions on his Market Trend Model, relative strength and scanning for new swing highs.

  • Growth Over Value as Stocks Soar | David Keller, CMT (08.30)

    Host David Keller, CMT reviews the top macro charts including the S&P 500, gold, high yield bonds HYG, mid cap and small cap stocks. He also compares relative sector performance and identifies stocks in the technology and consumer sectors with upside potential.

  • Small and Mid Caps Pound Higher | David Keller, CMT (08.27)

    Host David Keller, CMT wraps the week with a focus on renewed strength in small cap and mid cap indexes along with a bounce higher for gold. He also answers viewer questions on FIbonacci extensions, trend exhaustion and seasonal patterns for the S&P 500.

  • Sector Opportunities in Technology, Utilities | The Final Bar (08.26)

    Guest John Kosar, CMT of Asbury Research shares his bullish Asbury Six model as well as upside for Technology and Utilities. Host David Keller, CMT talks weakening bullish sentiment, higher interest rates and crypto weakness.

  • Stocks in Risk Off Mode as TSLA, AMZN Slide | David Keller, CMT (05.10)

    Host David Keller, CMT covers macro themes including the further deterioration in the growth trade. He reviews the largest names in Consumer Discretionary ($TSLA $AMZN $HD) and also highlights groups moving higher including homebuilders and steel stocks.

  • Short-term Pain and Long-term Strength | David Keller, CMT (03.04)

    Guest Ari Wald, CFA CMT lays out the long-term bullish case and the case for high beta cyclicals. Host David Keller, CMT walks through the top ten SCTR ranked stocks with strong relative strength profiles.

  • Sentiment Indicators Say Stocks Stretched | David Keller, CMT

    Host David Keller, CMT shares the five main indicators he uses to monitor investor sentiment: VIX, put/call ratio, NAAIM Exposure Index, Rydex fund flows and AAII Survey. He'll also illustrate how these indicators speak to investor euphoria and limited upside for stocks.