The MEM Edge with Mary Ellen McGonagle

The MEM Edge with Mary Ellen McGonagle

Follow veteran momentum trader Mary Ellen McGonagle as she reviews the latest charts of stocks on the move and showcases the tools that give her an "edge" in today's market.

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The MEM Edge with Mary Ellen McGonagle
  • Nasdaq in Bear Market - What's Next? | Mary Ellen McGonagle (04.22)

    This week, Mary Ellen reviews what triggered last week's sharp selloff and what to be on the lookout for going forward. She also identifies pockets of strength, as well as ETFs to hedge against the current market.

  • How to Use Volume to Trade Stocks | Mary Ellen McGonagle

    It's all about volume on this special evergreen presentation from Mary Ellen! Take a look into why volume is so important, what it can signal in a stock, what technical indicators work best with volume, how to use accumulation and distribution and how to use history as your guide.

  • Pullback vs. Breakdown - Spotting the Difference | Mary Ellen McGonagle

    Mary Ellen reviews the best technical indicators to signal whether your stock is simply pulling back or headed into a downtrend. She also shares the ideal buy point for when your stock recovers from a pullback, as well as other key factors that will help you preserve your profits and limit losses.

  • How to Uncover & Successfully Trade Winning Stocks

    Mary Ellen shares the common characteristics of stocks that far outpace the broader markets. She also shares ways that you can screen for these big winners.