Trading Simplified with Dave Landry

Trading Simplified with Dave Landry

Seasoned trader and charting expert, Dave Landry, helps you see the markets more clearly in "Trading Simplified". An insightful guide here to give you a clearer picture of the current landscape, Dave makes the complex simple to help you succeed in the markets. Learn how to chart your way with ease.

Trading Simplified with Dave Landry
  • Trend Following Methodology | Dave Landry (07.21)

    Trend following is easy if you follow a system, the hard part is sticking to it. Dave walks you though simple setups and simple systems.

  • The Only Question That You Need To Ask | Dave Landry

    Dave discusses that not all textbook writers actually trade. He continues his discussion "Thinking Like A Trader." He shows the open setup and open portfolio. Feel free to contact him with suggestions on other topics you'd like to see him cover. See contact information below.

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  • Thinking Like A Trader Part 3 | Dave Landry

    If you want to be a trader, you have to think like a trader.
    In this episode, Dave focuses on seeing what's there vs. what you want to see. Being right by ceasing to be wrong, and doing the right thing vs. trying to look smart.

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  • Thinking Like A Trader, Part 2 | Dave Landry

    Dave continues his discussion on the fact that successful trading is more about attitude and less about aptitude. If you want to succeed at trading then think like a trader. Dave also went on to continue to show his methodology in action.

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  • How To Think Like A Trader | Dave Landry

    In this episode, Dave explains that trading success is more about attitude than aptitude. How you think is crucial.
    If you want to succeed at trading then think like a trader. Dave also went on to continue to show his methodology in action and why you need to follow your trading plan.

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  • Trading Secrets: Ten through Seventeen | Dave Landry

    Dave starts the show by covering three mystery charts, and then continues his discussion on "Trading Secrets" including making decisions, emotions in trading, gaining experience and going with the flow of the market.

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  • 17 Secrets To Trading: One through Nine | Dave Landry

    Dave gives you his 17 secrets to trading, number one might surprise you! Starting the series off with secrets 1-9, Dave explains that you don't need to be a genius to be a successful trader, and how having a set of rules, along with a trading plan, can help you reach your goals.

  • The Power of the Plug-In | Dave Landry (05.12)

    Dave discusses market timing, staying on the right side of the trend, setups, and volatility using his Trading Simplified Plug-in.

  • How To Hunt And Trade Alt-Coins | Dave Landry

    This week, Dave focuses on Profit Centers, what it is, the dangers and pitfalls. He combines them for Hunting and Trading Hot Alt-Coins! Learn more about Landry Light Pullbacks, profit centers, and more in this new episode!

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  • Hunting Hot IPO's | Dave Landry

    Dave shows you how to find HOT IPOs to trade. Not so much finding the right one right now but, how to find them and what to look for. He also shows you two of his favorite patterns for trading them. He continues his "If I Can Do It" series with Mystery Charts and recent IPO trades.

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  • Landry Light Pullbacks - Crypto | Dave Landry (04.14)

    Today Dave continues to show the methodology in action. It's important to stick with what's happening methodology and current markets. He has 2 new IPO Mystery Charts and covers Alt-Coins in "Profit Center." He also has a pattern "Landry Light Pullback."

  • Letting the Ebb & Flow Control Your Portfolio | Dave Landry (04.07)

    In today's show, Dave continues his discussion about portfolios and shares some examples of swing trades that turned out to be fantastic longer-term trades. Dave also follows up on a mystery chart that ended badly, and finally takes a look at profit centers and alt coins.

  • Same As It Ever Was | Dave Landry (03.31)

    Today Dave is ready to share a plethora of lessons with you. First up, a brief market update. He continues the series "If I Can Do It So Can You, Letting The Ebb and Flow Control Your Portfolio." He finishes with Mystery Charts, and more talk on "Profit Centers."

  • If I Can Do It, So Can You - Part 3 | Dave Landry

    Dave continues the discussion "If I Can Do It, So Can You" and show you some simple things he does and how he does them. This includes "Letting The Ebb & Flow Control Your Portfolio." Also, there are new Mystery Charts and he revisits some old ones. He concludes with "Profit Center" a slightly...

  • It Pays To Listen When The Database Speaks | Dave Landry (03.17)

    Dave brings more lessons with the market update. He continues his series "If I Can Do It" with establishing Free Positions and Mystery Chart Follow-Up. He then brings 3 new Mystery Charts.

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  • If I Can Do It So Can You Part 2 | Dave Landry (03.10)

    Dave follows up on his last presentation. He focuses on his core methodology and shows how you as a trader can do it as well. Finally Dave shows how to establish free positions.

  • Should You Short Stocks? | Dave Landry

    In this episode, Dave continues to show the methodology in action using his actual trades. He went on to discuss if you should short stocks and continued to show how his new ACP plugin can be used to identify and get aboard great trends.