Your Daily Five

Your Daily Five

With key insights and top charts from leading analysts, "Your Daily Five" is a concise yet action-packed daily rundown of the five most important charts you need to be watching. Each episode during the week features a different host, bringing a wide variety of perspectives and strategies to your screen every day.

Your Daily Five
  • Scanning For Acceleration | John Colucci (01.30)

    Watch as John shares a scan you can use to find acceleration up on wider bars. This includes Rate Of Change (ROC) and Average True Range (ATR) for momentum and volatility. He first presents the scan, the scan map, and then covers 5 charts resulting from that scan.

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  • My Favorite Indicator Says - We're In A New Uptrend | Joe Duarte (01.27)

    Joe's goal in today's show is to answer the question, "Are We In A Bull Market or An Uptrend?" He covers the definition and behavior of bull markets and uptrends, before finishing up with how to make money in both.

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  • S&P Fighting 200-Day Trend | Greg Schnell, CMT (01.26)

    Today, Greg starts out with the S&P 500. What's worrying him, is that it's been fighting its 200 Day trend for 3 weeks. What will happen in the near future? He also analyzes the S&P 500 with the ATR indicator, Sector Rotation, 10 Year Treasury Note, and Crude oil.

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  • Lost & Found Decades In The Markets | Chris Kimble (01.25)

    The end of a long term trend, is the beginning of another and with that, opportunity which comes in many different ways. Based on his decades of experience, Chris believes that we are in the largest, groundbreaking, new beginning in the markets.
    He covers how King Dollar's is the great influencer...

  • Things Are Looking Up! | Leslie Jouflas, CMT (01.24)

    Today, Leslie follows up on indexes from her January 10, 2023 show. The topic was about the upside breakout on the indexes. Would that breakout indicate a go, or no? She shows the indexes she is looking at now and a discusses a change of leadership. She finishes with a chart of Adobe.


  • Scanning Sectors For Top Performers | Bruce Fraser (01.23)

    Bruce and John Colucci bring you a straightforward and simple scan for stocks. This scan looks at the Communications Sector (XLC) which has shown very strong performance You can use this modify this scan for any sector by adjusting the "Group" criteria. Then, they review the results.

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  • Is The Bear Market Over For Some? | TG Watkins (01.20)

    TG starts off with looking at SPY on multiple time frames. Right now, it is showing major Fibonacci levels that helps explain some market rebound. Further, the Moxie indicator is setting up for a trampoline move. Another thing TG has been looking at is the SOXX which has broken its trendline ...

  • Fed Says No More Debt - Let's Look To Gold | Jane Gallina (01.19)

    Yellen tells the congress, that we are in a debt issuance suspension period. Thusly, they are not able to fund raise by issuance of debt. Where does the market go? So, where do we go for long term trades? Metals are a potential safe haven.

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  • What Breadth Thrust? | Jeffrey Huge, CMT (01.18)

    Last time we reviewed the fundamental and technical bear case for stocks. Today, we look at a few technical indicators that has us convinced that the current advance is just another bear market rally that appears to be at or very near a top. Be prepared for a third wave decline at three degrees o...

  • Attractive Patterns To Watch | Joe Rabil (01.17)

    Joe Rabil discusses the improvement he is seeing based on his bottom-up reviews. He has identified a number of patterns that are looking attractive and highlights a few of them here. He explains how we want to look for stocks bucking the SPX trend and running independent of the market.

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  • 5 Charts To Focus On | Larry Tentarelli (01.13)

    There are some signs of life in the stock market. Larry brings 5 promising charts that are setup for the New Year! Let's keep our fingers crossed.

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  • How To Grow Your Wealth In 2023 | Mish Schneider (01.12)

    It's a very interesting time in the market right now, starting out optimistic on the year and yet there are still a tremendous amount of headwinds in the area of inflation. To help you navigate those headwinds, Mish introduces you to her 2023 Outlook and gives you 6 trading ideas from Macro to Mi...

  • Macro View Into 2023 | Greg Harmon, CMT (01.11)

    As we head into the new year, Greg looks at monthly charts and the macro view of 2023 and what might happen. The backdrop here, is that there is another fed meeting coming up in early February and the market is expecting the rates to go up to 4.9%.

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  • Indexes Breakout: Go Or No? | Leslie Jouflas, CMT (01.10)

    Today, Leslie talks about the recent upside breakout for indexes. So, she examines charts to help determine if this breakout is a go for the upside or no, it fails.

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  • Emerging Market Bottom? What To Watch | John Kosar, CMT (01.09)

    John discusses his 5 most important charts, data series, and Asbury Research quantitative models. These are the most influential to the US stock market direction over the next several weeks.

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  • The Bear Case Explained | Jeffrey Huge, CMT (01.05)

    Our bearish view going into 2023 is predicated upon five key points:
    Chart #1: The Fed's restrictive policy agenda.
    Chart #2: The odds of a recession in 2023 have increased dramatically.
    Chart #3: The risk of an earnings drawdown is not priced into the market.
    Chart #4: Equity valuations remain h...

  • SCAN: Finding 2022 BIG Winners | John Colucci (01.04)

    Today, John and Bruce bring a great start to the year with a new scan! They take a little retrospective and present a scan for stocks that have done 200% or better in 2022. These are great charts to really study that may have been overlooked. It is important to know what moved, why they moved an...

  • US Dollar To Get A Bounce? | Greg Schnell, CMT (01.03)

    This week, Greg focuses on the US Dollar and how it historically flips around year end. In the New Year for 2023, will it continue historical precedence and how will emerging markets trend?

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  • When To Fight The Fed | Joe Duarte (12.16)

    Today, Joe talks about how and when to fight the Fed and WIN! The goal is to sort out the market's truth by using the news as a guide. Then, gauging the market's response and home in on what's really happening via price charts.

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  • Time For An Energy Sector Correction | Leslie Jouflas, CMT (12.14)

    Today, Leslie talks about the energy sector. Her charts and patterns are saying it's time for a correction. First up, the Energy Sector ETF (XLE) and related stocks.

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  • Why The Market Had To Rally | Joe Rabil (12.13)

    Joe Rabil of Rabil Stock Research discusses the current market action and explains why our bias should have been to the upside this week. Sometimes when something is so obvious, we must plan on the opposite taking place. He also gives 4 individual stock ideas from 4 different sectors.


  • The Fed At 5000% | Greg Schnell, CMT (12.12)

    There is a Fed Fund Rate meeting coming up on Wednesday and the day after the CPI data. The problem, Greg has that the fund rate is coming up relatively quickly. The bigger issue is the Rate of Change (ROC) moving up so fast. Cars are being priced at 7%-9% interest rates now, and that is affe...

  • Market Weak, Time To Short | Erin Swenlin (12.09)

    Erin discusses why the market is looking weak. She also gives a shorting opportunity.

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  • This Is Where The Next Big Trend Begins | John Kosar, CMT

    John presents his 5 most important charts, data series, and Asbury Research’s quantitative models that will be the most influential to the US stock market direction in the near future.

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