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Your Daily Five

With key insights and top charts from leading analysts, "Your Daily Five" is a concise yet action-packed daily rundown of the five most important charts you need to be watching. Each episode during the week features a different host, bringing a wide variety of perspectives and strategies to your screen every day.

Your Daily Five
  • Larry’s Top Trend Watch List | Larry Tentarelli (06.24)

    Larry has 5 charts today starting with the core charts S&P 500 and NASDAQ. when there is a general market downtrend, it is very important to pay attention to the indices. This is because a lot of what happens tends to carryover to most stocks. The key factors he focuses on are price, and trend. ...

  • Oversold Mixed Market, Will It Bounce? | TG Watkins (06.23)

    TG analyzes the state of the current environment using various time periods including daily, 60-minute, and 15-minute. He analyzes SPY first, isolating times when CPI and FOMC were announced and how that shows on the charts. As he goes through the charts, he also discusses what his Moxie indicato...

  • Brace for a Hard Landing! | Jeffrey Huge, CMT (06.22)

    In this episode, Jeffrey addresses the question "Are we already in a recession?" He also discusses the roadmap for how the economy responds to changes in rates. This is called the "Slope Of Hope." Jeffrey then continues with potential earnings revisions, the Advance Decline Line, and how he view...

  • Where are the Indexes Heading? | Leslie Jouflas, CMT (06.21)

    In this episode, Leslie looks at the indexes. Where are the SPX, INDU, and NASDAQ likely headed? This takes a look back the past 100 years then, the current state of the indexes and where they are likely headed.

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  • It's Time For Gold To Shine | Jane Gallina (06.17)

    We have had a higher than expected rate hike and it looks like they are not looking to slow down until potentially 2023. So where are people putting their money? During financial turmoils, metals generally hold up. So, Jane is looking at the gold sector this week.

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  • Bond Yields Can Double From Here | Julius de Kempenaer (06.16)

    Following the rate hike by the FED, Julius takes a look at the rotation of fixed income in an asset class setting and then zooms in on US 10 year and US 2 year yields and the resulting yield curve and the potential impact on stocks.

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  • Larry's FOMC Focus List | Larry Tentarelli (06.15)

    Todays FOMC is expected to be historic. Given where we are at right now, Larry brings into focus the big picture for the core market. The primary trend right now is down but it's not all negative, there is some positive.

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  • When Will The Downtrend End? Watch This Stock | John Kosar, CMT (06.14)

    In this episode, John presents his five most important charts, data series, and models with a focus on how much deeper the stock market decline is likely to go from here, and how to determine when a bottom is in.

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  • This ETF Is Weathering The Storm | Erin Swenlin (06.13)

    Erin shows you the market overview then gives you one ETF that might help you profit despite what is going on.

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  • Anatomy Of The Perfect Trade Setup | Jeffrey Huge, CMT (06.10)

    Today, Jeffrey gets back to the basics. In this episode, he talks about the "Anatomy Of The Perfect Trade Setup."
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  • Bollinger Pop & Run Scan | John Colucci (06.09)

    In this episode, John focuses on the scan "Lower Bollinger Band Pop & Run." That is when price dips below the lower Bollinger Band and moves up from there. He walks through the scan syntax, scan results, and then narrows down to charts from those results. He also covers how to find why you may r...

  • 5 Growth Stocks That Have Bottomed | Tom Bowley (06.08)

    Tom highlights 5 growth stocks that he believes have seen their worst days. From positive divergences to strong AD lines to heavy volume advances, Tom walks you through his reasons for calling these 5 bottoms.

  • Feel The Burn Of The Cost At The Pump | Jane Gallina (06.07)

    This year, the energy sector, in particular oil has been performing amazing. There are no indications of that slowing at this time. So, the focus for Jane is the longest and strongest stocks that are performing well. Right now, most oil stocks are setting up and breaking up with new highs.


  • The Next Dip Buy is Alt-Energy | Mish Schneider (06.01)

    In a sea of bad news for the market, we have had extremely high energy gas and oil prices. Today, Mish dives into alternative energy. This is because there have been some statistics coming out related to a record number of EV cars being bought, and the backlog of orders due to supply chain issues...

  • Use ATR To Scan For Bottom Signals | John Colucci (05.31)

    Today, John takes a look at how to use "Average True Range" (ATR) to find bottoms in stocks or indices. First, he covers how ATR is calculated. What he is looking for is a comparative analysis to look for extreme significant in ATR value. These values will identify whether something has stopped...

  • Larry’s Favorite Stock Trends | Larry Tentarelli (05.27)

    Larry presents 5 charts very high on his watchlist that are important right now. He starts with the overall market and a focus on intermediate to long-term.

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  • This is NOT the Buying Opportunity of a Lifetime | Jeffrey Huge, CMT (05.26)

    Today, Jeffrey goes through 5 important charts for what is going on today in the markets. The S&P has declined 20% from its January high, but does that mean this is a buying opportunity of a lifetime? I argue it's not. The Elliott Wave principle supports a move to lower lows, but if our preferred...

  • Searching For Bullish Trades in a Bear Market | Jane Gallina (05.25)

    In this bear market, Jane is looking for potential bullish trades. She found that the semiconductor charts are starting to show some bullish action.

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  • Anatomy Of A Bear Market | Bruce Fraser (05.24)

    Today, Bruce presents "Anatomy Of A Bear Market" where he looks at the structure of Bear markets. From that, we can get a roadmap of how a Bear market might unfold.

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  • Building A Stock Shopping List | Greg Harmon, CMT (05.23)

    As we've been in a 6 month market decline, the data is starting to grow a little stronger. So, what do you do when you're sitting on your hands, watching your portfolio lose value and not really being active in the market? What you should be doing, is building a shopping list. Today, Greg shows h...

  • Yep, It's A Bear Market | TG Watkins (05.20)

    We have been seeing some really crazy moves now and earnings destruction across the board. These are signs of what is going on with the economy slowing down. There are a lot of big issues out there are it's starting to show in the markets. TG presents setups that the Moxie Indicator has been c...

  • Market Indexes Testing Recent Lows | Leslie Jouflas, CMT (05.19)

    Today, Leslie updates primarily the indexes today. If you really get a handle on those, that's going to make your individual choices a bit smoother.

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  • Shopping In Telecom | Julius de Kempenaer (05.18)

    In this episode of Your Daily Five Julius builds on an observation he made in yesterdays Sector Spotlight show. He noticed that the Telecommunication Services sector has reached a major support level after a long decline and the speed of the decline has started to slow down.
    There is no turnaroun...

  • Stocks & Sectors To Watch | Joe Rabil (05.17)

    Joe Rabil of Rabil Stock Research shows three sector charts from his subscription service which display the components composite Short-Term Positives and Long-Term Positives. He discusses how the position of these sectors can be useful in helping to time some of the strongest Relative Strength s...