Your Daily Five

Your Daily Five

With key insights and top charts from leading analysts, "Your Daily Five" is a concise yet action-packed daily rundown of the five most important charts you need to be watching. Each episode during the week features a different host, bringing a wide variety of perspectives and strategies to your screen every day.

Your Daily Five
  • Is Inflation Transitory? | Chris Kimble (07.29)

    The definition of "Transitory" is Brief Duration, Temporary, Tending To Pass Away, Not Persistent. Chris covers this topic in regards to what Steel, Copper, and Cattle prices say about inflation. He includes an update on Coffee, and explores what are interest rates might be suggesting.

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  • RSI Bull And Bear Ranges | Leslie Jouflas, CMT (07.28)

    Leslie discussed the Bull and Bear Ranges using RSI. You can find, in advance, clues when the market is going from Bullish to Bearish and Bearish to Bullish. In episode, Leslie explains to to identify these clues.

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  • 5 Stocks To Play Cryptos | Mary Ellen McGonagle (07.27)

    Today, Mary Ellen reviews Cryptocurrency and related stocks. There have been events recently that have pushed these stocks higher. Elon Musk announced he may be taking Crypto payments again for Tesla. Also, there was rumor that Amazon may begin taking Cryptocurrency for payments.

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  • Must See Market Charts | Erin Swenlin (07.26)

    Erin brings in DecisonPoint’s indicators to help you prepare for the week. She covers market bias and finishes with an interesting “Diamond of the Week."

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  • Digital Paymasters - Yay Or Nay? | Jane Gallina (07.23)

    The Digital Dollar is huge and the earnings reports coming up could make or break these stocks.

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  • Correction Coming? Watch These Metrics. | John Kosar, CMT (07.22)

    John shares his five most important charts and data series to watch in the coming weeks, including tactical support levels, market internals, struggling semiconductors, and seasonality.

  • Bulled Up To 4600 | Jeff Huge (07.21)

    Jeff breaks down a technical view of the market of why he is bullish to the 4600 level on the S&P 500. At the end, Jeff gives a stock pick that his company is bullish on, including stop and target levels.

  • Snapshot of the Market | Mish Schneider (07.20)

    Mish runs through the Economic Modern Family. From Small Caps, to Bonds, to Bitcoin, she delivers timely information keeping you on the right side of the trend.

  • 5 Charts That Keep Me Up At Night | Tom Bowley (07.19)

    It's been a great year for U.S. equities, but there are caution signs that all traders should be aware of. Tom points out 5 charts that he's watching closely as short-term weakness accelerates today.

  • Setup For Inflationary Cycle | Andrew Cardwell (07.15)

    Everybody's talking about interest rates and inflation. Some things Andrew wants to talk about are the 10 Year Yield, The Dow, Crude Oil, Gold, and Coffee. A special request is also included on evaluating JinkoSolar (JKS).

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  • Waiting From the Weekend | Greg Harmon, CMT (07.14)

    Greg goes over the process he uses every week to create his newsletter and his watchlist. He runs through a Friday afternoon macro market review to confirm and identify the direction of the trend.

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  • Mega-Cap Trends | Joe Rabil (07.13)

    In this video, Joe Rabil from Rabil Stock Research examines the trends of the top 30 stocks in terms of capitalization. He then compares those trends to a broader universe to show what is taking place right now. Finally, a highlights a few of the mega cap stocks that are looking interesting righ...

  • Mega-Trends For The Future | Mish Schneider (07.12)

    Agriculture technology - Mish goes through the mega-trend stocks that have already flown and stocks that could have tremendous upside.

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  • Buy in July...And Here's Why | Jeffrey Huge, CMT (07.08)

    Today, Jeffrey brings us 5 charts. The first, covering the NYFANG Plus Index ($NYFANG). This index appears poised to resolve a 5-month double-bottom base. His final charts cover the constituents of the FAANG group.

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  • Get Ready To Buy At A Discount | Jane Gallina (07.07)

    This week is about the fireworks all over again. The Russell 2000 ETF (IWM) looks a little bit choppy and hit resistance. She shows charts of IWM in different time frames so you can see the picture more clearly.

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  • QQQ Analysis Using Time Frames | Leslie Jouflas, CMT (07.06)

    Today, Leslie shows you 5 different time frames using the QQQ's. She also demonstrates how she does analysis when looking at large patterns and how she scales down time frames for possible confirmation or non-confirmation of those patterns.

  • New Regulations put XLF On Watch | Jane Gallina (06.30)

    With new banking regulations coming in November 2021, all eyes are on financials. Jane walks you through what she's watching including the Financial Sector (XLF), Digital Currencies, the implementation of new banking regulation ISO 20022, and more.

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  • What's Hot in Commodities | Chris Kimble (06.29)

    Chris talks about a few things that are hot in commodities. These include, Lumber and Copper. He also discusses interest rates with are up 115% in the past year. Are they heading higher or peaking?

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  • All Things The Dow | Mish Schneider (06.28)

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average is showing some stress. Mish walks you through and tells you what to look for before getting overly bullish in current market conditions.

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  • Trading Is Uncertain, Always Be Prepared | Joe Duarte

    Today, Joe educates us on the useful indicators for following algorithms: Accumulation Distribution, On Balance Volume, and Volume By Price.

  • Charge Of The King | Jeffrey Huge, CMT (06.24)

    This week, Jeffrey brings us 5 charts today that really speak to what is important about what is going on in the market right now. He discusses the FAANG Plus Index.

  • 5 Pre-Earnings Surges To Expect | Tom Bowley (06.23)

    Tom discusses pre-earnings run-ups. The lions share of gains are made in the stock market as we approach earnings season. He brings 5 charts of companies that have had a good history going into earnings.

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  • QQQs New Highs, But...| Leslie Jouflas, CMT (06.22)

    Today, Leslie follows up on the previous "Your Daily Five" and her appearance on "The Final Bar" last week. SP 500 Emini Traded To First Downside Target, What's Next? QQQ's are at new highs, but... So today, she is going to be showing 4 different time frames and patterns to determine important ...

  • Catching Up With The FAAMGs | Greg Harmon, CMT (06.21)

    Today Greg covers the FAAMG stocks which he has replaced (Netflix and AMA Group with Microsoft). These are the stocks he thinks are ready to go after months of doing nothing.

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