Your Daily Five

Your Daily Five

With key insights and top charts from leading analysts, "Your Daily Five" is a concise yet action-packed daily rundown of the five most important charts you need to be watching. Each episode during the week features a different host, bringing a wide variety of perspectives and strategies to your screen every day.

Your Daily Five
  • The Long & Short Of Things | Julius de Kempenaer (05.31)

    In this episode of YD5 Julius de Kempenaer highlights the rotation out of the utilities and staples sectors and into consumer discretionary. He picks 3 weaker candidates that are better avoided from Staples and Utilities and finds two potential buying candidates in the discretionary sector.


  • Mixed Sector Signals | TG Watkins (05.30)

    Last time, TG discussed the bearishness he is seeing in the markets. He follows this with displaying the mixed signals he is now seeing in the sectors using the Moxie indicator.

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  • Trouble Brewing In The Markets | Greg Schnell, CMT (05.26)

    A lot of the names that started working in April failed to break out in May. We all know that the market is narrowing. However, there are some clues that sell in May is starting to look like a better idea.

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  • NASDAQ Topping...Imminent Collapse Ahead! | Jeffrey Huge, CMT (05.25)

    Jeff is back to share what he sees as the impending collapse of NASDAQ. He shows the bearish conditions that historically precede major trend reversals, and highlights the four stages of a bubble. Caveat Emptor! The "Mania Phase" has ended, and the "Return to Normal" point is now at hand.


  • What's Next For The S&P 500? | Leslie Jouflas, CMT

    The markets have been on the quiet side. The S&P has traded above 4200 again but, it hasn't been holding. She also looks at the price levels for the Nasdaq and Industrials by looking at chart structures to help you navigate.

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  • 5 Stocks Showing Strength | Joe Rabil (05.23)

    Joe Rabil of Rabil Stock Research provides 5 stocks which have strong technical characteristics developing in multiple timeframes. He is looking for a combination of emerging trends with improving price structure, momentum and relative strength. Joe uses the monthly, weekly, and daily charts to...

  • Where Are Equities Headed? Greg Harmon, CMT (05.22)

    There has been a big debate going on in the marketplace since, the perception that interest rates may be at their peak or close to it. What will that impact be on the markets?

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  • The Inside Scoop On AI | Joe Duarte (05.19)

    Today, Joe follows up on the Megatrends Evolution theme. He has 5+ charts with the inside scoop on AI stocks. This is a new phenomenon that is really gripping the markets.

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  • Opportunities In Crude Oil | Chris Kimble (05.18)

    Chris has found opportunities in crude oil he would like to share. There’s a 40% decline in crude oil creating an opportunity in short exposure.

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  • Your Debt Ceiling Resolution | Jane Gallina (05.17)

    Jane takes a look at the bigger picture, showing the ins and outs of what could happen with the debt ceiling debacle, and where you could position yourself in the market for success.

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  • Why This Bull Market Is Unrelenting! | Tom Bowley (05.15)

    Tom discusses the current environment and prospects for growth stocks in large, mid, and small cap stocks. He also warns about options expiration week, providing an example of what to look for and how to prepare.

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  • False Breakouts Developing | TG Watkins (05.12)

    The markets have been pushing up, which has been pretty incredible. In taking a look around, TG sees that not everything has been following. Leadership has been very narrow, mostly Mega Cap Tech and he has found some interesting things.

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  • U.S. Debt Default, Recessions, & S&P 500 | Jeffrey Huge, CMT (05.11)

    Chart 1: COT Data Advises Caution

    Chart 2: Potential U.S. Debt Default...Probability Low, But Not Impossible

    Chart 3: Recessions & S&P 500...Here's the Data

    Chart 4: FANMAG: Market Cap vs. Earnings Contribution

    Chart 5: Bearish Preferred Elliott Wave Count Still Operative

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  • Stocks On Verge Of Breakout | Danielle Shay (05.10)

    Danielle Shay, of Simpler Trading brings the 5 charts that she is actively watching. She specifically covers a signal known as "The Squeeze." What that is, is where there's consolidation and compression on a chart. This indicates a buildup to a moment when it's likely to breakout.

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  • Bitcoin Pattern Analysis | Leslie Jouflas, CMT (05.09)

    Today, Leslie Jouflas, of "Trading Live Online discusses Bitcoin and related symbols. She describes her analysis of the patterns including Butterfly patterns, Fibonacci Retracements, using long and short term charts.

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  • Market Coiling For Next Big Move | John Kosar, CMT (05.08)

    Today, John Kosar of Asbury Research, discusses his 5 most important charts, data series, and quantitative models.

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  • 5 Uptrends At The Top of My List | Larry Tentarelli (05.05)

    Larry Tentarelli of “Blue Chip Daily” brings 5 charts that are of great interest to him and top on his watchlist.

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  • What’s Next For The S&P 500? | Leslie Jouflas, CMT (05.03)

    On April 25th, Leslie covered a breakout setup she had been watching. Today, she looks at where we are at in the breakout setup and where the market is going.

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  • Megatrends Evolution | Joe Duarte (04.28)

    Today, Joe talks about the evolution of Megatrends. He shows you how things are actually changing very rapidly in the markets. Joe discusses investing in the repurposing of office buildings which of a direct offshoot of the megatrend that we are seeing.

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  • 5 Charts You Need To Know About | Mary Ellen McGonagle (04.27)

    Mary Ellen gives a market update, and then share 5 charts that are of particular interest to her, including medical devices and retail stores.
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  • S&P Primed For Breakout | Leslie Jouflas, CMT (04.25)

    This episode brings some interesting details for day traders in particular. From an intraday perspective, Leslie sees that the S&P is setting up for a breakout. She discusses the things she looks at for confirmation using various periods.

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  • Are Markets Ready to Topple? | Erin Swenlin (04.24)

    Erin warns that the market is ready to topple and correct overbought prices. Her Swenlin Trading Oscillators (STOs) and Intermediate-Term Breadth Momentum and Intermediate-Term Volume Momentum oscillators worry her right now. However, there are pockets of strength that can be exploited. Erin says...

  • My Top 6 Long and Short Stock Picks | Mish Schneider (04.21)

    We all know at this point how difficult the market has been with all of the varying opinions regarding recession, inflation, stagflation, the market's going to come back, the market's going to collapse - ad nauseam. What about the people stuck in the middle of a range bound market? Mish presents ...

  • Headwinds Warning for Passive Investing | Chris Kimble (04.20)

    In today’s episode, Chris warns about headwinds for passive investing in stocks. On the flip side, he touts that tailwinds for passive investing in gold are yet to come.