Your Daily Five

Your Daily Five

With key insights and top charts from leading analysts, "Your Daily Five" is a concise yet action-packed daily rundown of the five most important charts you need to be watching. Each episode during the week features a different host, bringing a wide variety of perspectives and strategies to your screen every day.

Your Daily Five
  • Hands On Trading For Uncertain Markets | Joe Duarte (09.30)

    The markets are shifting. Fortunately, we have Joe to outline his "Hands On Trading" techniques. The goal is to diagnose trading bottoms, and deciding when and how to act.

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  • Larry's Top 5 To Watch | Larry Tentarelli (09.29)

    There is lots of volatility going on at the moment. In this episode, Larry presents 5 key charts that he is keeping tabs on right now. At this time, it's important to keep an eye on what bond yields do from here. To that end, he begins with what he believes is the most important chart to watch....

  • Time To Ride The Silver Stallion | Jane Gallina (09.28)

    This week is quite interesting with the end of the US fiscal year. What Jane is seeing is that the currencies are being affected. When she thinks of a safe haven, cash is great when we see a downward turn & bear market. etc. Jane brings up charts for Silver which is her first choice and explain...

  • Let’s Talk Correlations | Leslie Jouflas, CMT (09.27)

    Today, Leslie talks correlations! She thinks it's interesting some of the correlations that you assume might be inverse to each other. These are ones that are not playing out like they have in the past.

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  • Power Charting with Seasonality | Bruce Fraser (09.23)

    Seasonality often influences the trend and performance of financial assets throughout the calendar year. Dimitri Speck and Tea Muratovic are world renown experts in the study of financial market seasonality. In this episode of Power Charting they make the case for seasonality and illustrate its i...

  • Welcome To The Experiment | Chris Kimble (09.23)

    Today, Chris talks about yields breaking out & commodities falling. Also, how to take advantage of rising rates & do we really really need the Fed? What will give us the clues for their next move? Also, what asset is suggesting the June lows will not hold?

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  • Where Is The Next Market Bottom? | John Kosar, CMT (09.22)

    John brings the most important charts, data series, and Asbury Research quantitate models that will influence near-future market action.

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  • PnF Swing Trading & Bollinger Bands | Bruce Fraser (09.20)

    Today, Bruce brings a mini-workshop on PnF Swing Trading. The topic is "Coffee With Wyckoff" and he shows you a new technique from John Bollinger.

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  • Dark Clouds Ahead Of FOMC | Greg Harmon, CMT (09.16)

    The FOMC meeting is happening next Wednesday, and the expectation is that they will raise rates. So, what does the broad market look like heading into that event? What has been taking control of the market these past 9 months? This is Greg's take.

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  • Bollinger Volatility View + Scan | John Colucci (09.14)

    Today, John and Bruce talk about the Bollinger Volatility View using the S&P 500. Then, they show you how to use the StockCharts Scan Engine to scan for opportunities using Bollinger Width.

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  • Critical Test For The Market | Joe Rabil (09.13)

    Joe Rabil of Rabil Stock Research shows a chart he sends out to subscribers each week which depicts the cumulation of the trends, both short term and long term, for 400 Large Cap stocks. He shows how the Short Term indicator is overbought right now and what we need to see for improve conditions....

  • Key Outliers For The Stock Market To Watch | Mish Schneider (09.12)

    Mish discusses the most influential aspects to the market from the dollar, to bonds, to commodities.

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  • Top 5 Stocks For Your Watch List | Larry Tentarelli (09.09)

    Larry brings to the table the top 5 most promising charts that are very high on his watch list. These are ones that are showing a lot of the key things he watches and illustrates why.

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  • 1987 Redux? | Jeffrey Huge, CMT (09.08)

    Today, Jeffrey brings a few excerpts from his newsletter "Huge Insights: The Big Picture." The newsletter brings you the key macro factors affecting the economic and markets for free! In the show, he covers the S&P 500, which is appearing to show a similar setup as the DJIA collapse in 1987. W...

  • Are These Charts Ready to Pop? | Greg Schnell, CMT (09.07)

    If the stock market can make a bottom here in the next two weeks, this would be an interesting place to be long into the fourth quarter. Greg points out some charts that could be ready to pop.

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  • Monitoring The Tech Giants | Leslie Jouflas, CMT (09.06)

    Leslie updates her current view of the tech giants. These were showing a lot of weakness in April 2022. Since the market is making a rally, she takes a look at how they are positioned now.

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  • The Moxie Indicator Is Your Friend | TG Watkins (09.01)

    Today, TG shows current charts from this morning where he is seeing some action. These are charts that are still playing out to his Moxie Indicator patterns. This show also has a textbook Elf Shoe pattern on the S&P.

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  • Global Indices To Watch | Greg Schnell, CMT (08.31)

    Greg discusses global indices, commodities, and cryptos. These indices are a place to watch as potential precursor for the rest of the markets. First up is the Bombay Stock Exchange which is currently showing a bullish pattern and may breakout to the upside. He then rounds out the discussion wit...

  • Bright Spots Driven By Macro Events | Mary Ellen McGonagle (08.30)

    Today, Mary Ellen takes a look at pockets of strength that are being revealed in a difficult downtrend period.

    "Being aware of synergies between stocks and select macro events will help you navigate this difficult market environment."

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  • Stocks At A Crossroad Pt. 2 | Bruce Fraser (08.29)

    This episode is a continuation of "Power Charting" which aired on August 26, 2022 which can be found here;

    They also include a scan "Damage Assessment" and results.

    Special Guest: Johni Scan / John Colucci

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  • What to Look For in a Soupy Market | Mish Schneider (08.26)

    Mish goes through the key macro factors of both the stock market and inflation indicators to help you plan your next moves.

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  • Buyer Beware! | Jeffrey Huge, CMT (08.25)

    1) Crude Realities Ahead: WTI crude oil poised for a bullish reversal.
    2) Fed Following 2-Year Treasury Yield: Rates still poised to trend sharply higher.
    3) Volatility Rising: Alligator jaws ready to snap shut? The VIX / VVIX ratio suggests caution.
    4) Countertrend Rally Topped: An "Island Rever...

  • The Key To Market Direction Into Year End | John Kosar, CMT (08.24)

    John shares the 5 most important charts, data series, & quantitative models. These are the ones that he and Asbury Research are watching for the stock market direction for the next weeks and possibly year.

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  • Target Zone For The SPX | Joe Rabil (08.23)

    Joe Rabil of Rabil Stock Research describes what is taking place in the SPX using technical analysis in multiple time frames. He shows how the monthly & weekly trends are at odds right now. Joe then gives 2 bearish individual stocks & 2 bullish individual stocks.

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