Your Daily Five

Your Daily Five

With key insights and top charts from leading analysts, "Your Daily Five" is a concise yet action-packed daily rundown of the five most important charts you need to be watching. Each episode during the week features a different host, bringing a wide variety of perspectives and strategies to your screen every day.

Your Daily Five
  • A Market Top Appears Close at Hand | Jeffrey Huge, CMT (12.05)

    Today we discuss our expectation for an imminent trend reversal in the S&P 500 within the context of the Elliott Wave Principle. If our preferred Elliott Wave count proves correct, then the market is poised for an epic "third-of-a-third" wave decline in the days and weeks immediately ahead.


  • Top Stocks Poised To Outperform Now | Mary Ellen McGonagle (12.02)

    Today, Mary Ellen talks about the Macro events that drive price action in the market. First up, interest rates have a powerful impact on select areas of the markets.

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  • Fading The Chairman | John Colucci (12.01)

    Today, John presents "Soft Pullbacks With the RSI." He brings a scan that you can use to identify stocks using the moving average and slope that is pulling back but not in an extreme fashion.

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  • 5 Golden Stocks | Jane Gallina | Your Daily Five (11.30.22)

    Gold is in hot demand as banks have the new Basel IV requirements. Commodities are increasing values as US dollar drops.

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  • It's A Real Bull vs. Bear Battle | Greg Schnell, CMT (11.29)

    Does the market have the power to change the direction or, are we at the end of a bear market rally? Looking across his charts, Greg sees that we are at the upper limit of a bear market range on a lot of the indicators.

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  • Market At Critical Intersection | Mish Schneider (11/28)

    Mish covers some of the Modern Family. She also discusses the long bonds and gold with levels to clear or, fail.

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  • Will the 200-DMA Contain this Bear Market Rally? | Jeffrey Huge, CMT (11.23)

    Treasury yields and stocks have a negative correlation of 86%. We see rates moving higher for longer. If the market has not already topped, then our short-term Elliott Wave count targets a range of SXP 4118-4147 as terminal point to this countertrend advance. If the market pushes sustainably abov...

  • Why The 2 Year Yield Is Important | Chris Kimble (11.22)

    Today, Chris covers the high correlation between the 2-Year Yield and the Fed Funds rate. He presents the 2- Year Fed Funds, and 3 indicators that could switch from bearish to bullish. For 2 breakouts, he suggests to look at Pepsi and Monster Beverage for breakouts. He finishes with the Hang Sen...

  • A "Healthy" Pick For The Holidays | Erin Swenlin (11.21)

    Erin discusses the low volatility expected in the market due to holiday trading.

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  • Has The Fed Gone Far Enough? | Greg Harmon, CMT (11.18)

    Today, Greg continues the conversation "Has The Fed Gone Too Far?" Treasury bonds have fallen through their multi-year channel. Is this consolidation and acceptance? The movements in the US Dollar Index are the linchpin in his analysis. The next Fed meeting is December 14 and speculation is loomi...

  • Sentiment Sending Very Bullish Vibes | Tom Bowley (11.17)

    Tom covers 5 critical charts that you need to be aware of as we look to close out 2022. He points out that sentiment is suggesting a possible explosion in U.S. equities to the upside in 2023. He also highlights a few ideas on how to participate in that rally.

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  • 5 Attractive Stocks | Joe Rabil (11.15)

    Joe Rabil of Rabil Stock Research highlights 5 stocks which have good overall qualities.  He looks at the Relative Strength vs SPX based on the pattern this year.  He also discusses MACD and ADX in multiple timeframes to zero in on the stocks with good momentum characteristics.

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  • Monitoring Key S&P 500 Levels | Leslie Jouflas, CMT (11.14)

    Today, Leslie focuses key levels and a trade pattern forming for the S&P 500. She also has an update for the Dow Industrials ($INDU) and, the NASDAQ!

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  • 3 Sigmania: Extreme Bollinger Band Events | John Colucci (11.11)

    John and Bruce bring you a very interesting scan based on Bollinger Bands. Pushing out the scan by using 3 standard deviations, they come up with some names that have experienced extreme moves in volatility and price.

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  • Volatility Spike Ahead? | Jeffrey Huge, CMT (11.10)

    In this week's YD5 Jeff explores the possibility that the VIX is setting-up for a potential epic surge in volatility.

    Our Long-Term Elliott wave count in the S&P 500 index remains bearish and suggests that the markets may be at the precipice of a "third-of-a-third" wave decline.

  • Looking Under The Hood | Julius de Kempenaer (11.08)

    In this episode of YD5 Julius de Kempenaer takes a look under the hood of the stock market using 5 charts that are often used to determine risk on/off. Julius assesses the messages from each of these charts and puts them in (a longer term) perspective with respect to their potential impact in US ...

  • The 3 Keys To A Year-End Rally | John Kosar, CMT (11.08)

    John presents his 5 most important charts, data series, and Asbury Research’s quantitative models that will be the most influential to the US stock market direction in the near future.

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  • Wyckoff In A Challenging Market | Bruce Fraser (11.07)

    Guest: John Colucci "Johni Scan"

    The theme for today is the Wyckoff in action in a challenging market. Bruce and John cover 5 charts and explain what each means in the world of Wyckoff.

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  • 5 Big Trends On My List | Larry Tentarelli

    Today, Larry covers the top 5 charts he is currently watching. He brings his favorite index, and identifies trends that he sees as both negative, and positive.

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  • Moxie Called FOMC | TG Watkins (11.03)

    We just had the FOMC and TG has a lot to cover for you today. It seems that the market was gearing up for the FOMC to come out and be dove-ish which got the market a boost as it was teetering on edge. If you were watching the Moxie indicator, you would have gotten a lead on what was coming. So, ...

  • Streaking The MACD | John Colucci (11.02)

    Today, John and Bruce Fraser present the scan "Streaking The "D" (MACD)." This looks at the MACD indicator and the streak up command. This scan in particular, focuses on the MACD Histogram. This asks that the slope of the Histogram is up and for price to make repeated higher closes.

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  • Update On Tech Giants & The Dow | Leslie Jouflas, CMT (11.01)

    Leslie brings us a quick update on the Tech Giant stocks, Microsoft, Google, Apple, and so on. Then, she spends the rest of the show with a complete update on the Dow Jones Industrial since her last show on October 25, 2022.

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  • Opportunity Knocks For US Stocks | John Kosar, CMT (10.31)

    Today, John brings you his 5 most important charts, data series, and Asbury Research quantitiative models for the coming weeks.

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  • 5 Charts To Be Aware Of Now | Greg Schnell, CMT (10.28)

    Crude Oil is an important economic indicator for Greg. Right now, the Fed is trying to slow economy and try to manage the demand force to stop the price of oil rising. The question is, if that happens will that dampen crude demand? Other indicators are the US Dollar, and Banking stocks.