Your Daily Five

Your Daily Five

With key insights and top charts from leading analysts, "Your Daily Five" is a concise yet action-packed daily rundown of the five most important charts you need to be watching. Each episode during the week features a different host, bringing a wide variety of perspectives and strategies to your screen every day.

Your Daily Five
  • QQQs New Highs, But...| Leslie Jouflas, CMT (06.22)

    Today, Leslie follows up on the previous "Your Daily Five" and her appearance on "The Final Bar" last week. SP 500 Emini Traded To First Downside Target, What's Next? QQQ's are at new highs, but... So today, she is going to be showing 4 different time frames and patterns to determine important ...

  • Catching Up With The FAAMGs | Greg Harmon, CMT (06.21)

    Today Greg covers the FAAMG stocks which he has replaced (Netflix and AMA Group with Microsoft). These are the stocks he thinks are ready to go after months of doing nothing.

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  • Potential Triggers For A June Market Decline | John Kosar, CMT (06.17)

    John shares his top 5 charts and data series for the end of this month and potentially for the rest of the year. These are the charts that he sees having the biggest influence in the upcoming price direction for the US market.

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  • Time To Deploy Your Market Protection | Jane Gallina (06.16)

    The market today has the FOMC on it's mind. All eyes are on the indexes and what's going to happen, while it feels like the dark pools are positioning. Jane also has added the OBV indicator (On Balance Volume) to her charts to demonstrate what's going on, and highlights Apple (AAPL) as a bright s...

  • Updating Indexes And Analyzing Price Ranges | Leslie Jouflas, CMT

    Leslie shows you how she analyzes price ranges. She includes examples using S&P 500, NASDAQ and, QQQ. The analysis includes Butterfly Sell Pattern and New Highs. She also shows Bitcoin Gartley Buy pattern (corrective rally).

  • Five Russell 2000 Index Stocks | Bruce Fraser (06.14)

    The Russell 2000 Index ETF (IWM) is evaluated and five stocks from the index are profiled. Two re-accumulation structures have formed since the March 2020 low. Point & Figure counts are evaluated. Now the Russell 2000 appears to be nearly completing a re-accumulation structure. Five IWM component...

  • Using ADX to Find Strong Candidates | Joe Rabil (06.11)

    Joe Rabil from Rabil Stock Research provides 5 stock ideas for Your Daily Five. He explains how he uses the ADX indicator to help refine his picks. He shows how he starts with bigger time first and then works down to smaller times frames for timing.

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  • Real Estate Opportunities | Jeffrey Huge, CMT (06.10)

    Jeffrey starts today with a review of the 3 Month GICS Sector Performance. He follows with a dive into the Real Estate sector and 2 opportunities with promising Risk Skew.

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  • Finding Outperformance In A Dull Market | John Kosar, CMT (06.09)

    John shares his top 5 charts and data series for the upcoming week. These are the charts that he sees having the biggest influence in the upcoming price direction for the US market.

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  • 5 Stocks And 3 Powerful Signals | Mary Ellen McGonagle (06.08)

    Mary Ellen shares her insights on catching stocks early in their upside advance. "Beaten down stocks are beginning to repair themselves" is the theme of this presentation.

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  • Opportunities In Cannabis Stocks | Erin Swenlin (06.07)

    We are so happy that Erin is back for another episode. She brings 5 great charts she thinks you should see going into this week. Erin is bullish on Cannabis stocks which are still poised to do really well. MJ is showing a PMO buy signal, and has a high SCTR rank, and is starting to slowly outp...

  • 3 Tops & 2 Flops | Julius de Kempenaer (06.04)

    In this episode of YD5 Julius builds on the seasonality presentation he did in his show Sector Spotlight last Tuesday. He will be highlighting current rotations in Health Care, Financials, and Technology and how they align with their historical seasonal patterns. From those three sectors he will ...

  • The Three Things All Markets Do | Leslie Jouflas, CMT

    Today, Leslie talks about the three things all markets do. They go up, down, and sideways. As traders, we can learn to identify these types of price movements. You don't need to know what the market is going to do to make money. Technical Analysis is a tool we use to determine probabilities no...

  • Getting Back To Growth In A Range-Bound Market | Grayson Roze (06.02)

    Grayson is the VP of Operations at StockCharts. He is sharing some of the top charts he is looking at to run through the current market. Lots of rotation under the surface but it has been chopping around, a little range bound but so many things are starting to happen.

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  • Opportunities Popping Up | Greg Schnell, CMT (06.01)

    Greg brings up an energy name that look like there's trying to popup again. There's also Magna International in the Consumer Discretionary/Auto Parts. Next, is Nutrien in Specialty Chemicals which merged with Potash Corp. a couple years ago. There's also Scotiabank where there's lots of opportu...

  • Buying The Pullbacks | TG Watkins (05.28)

    A pullback is a pause or moderate drop in a stock or commodities pricing chart from recent peaks that occur within a continuing uptrend. As TG recommends, "cross, test, cross, test.

    He compares a couple of charts for QQQ and points out that there are differences in an hourly chart and a daily ...

  • Accelerations, Trends, and Reversals | Andrew Cardwell (05.27)

    Andrew describes a seasonal cycle for Gold and Silver. He has been bullish on Gold for a while and shows how the Pivot Points and other indicators turning up. He is starting to see an acceleration in Gold. He sees the charts indicating a commodity inflationary cycle coming which is why we are ...

  • Squeeze Into The Holiday | Greg Harmon, CMT (05.26)

    Greg brings 5 stocks that have lately had short squeezes. He uses a simple scan for more than more than 20 percent short interest and up more than 5 percent.

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  • Bitcoin - No New Highs Anytime Soon | Leslie Jouflas, CMT (05.25)

    Today, Leslie is going to go over several charts and patterns for Bitcoin. She also goes over Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC). She doesn't except to seen new highs in Bitcoin anytime soon.

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  • Five Wyckoff Case Studies | Bruce Fraser (05.24)

    Fascinating comparison of the IPO market and growth & momentum stocks to Bitcoin $BTCUSD as they seem to be forming Distribution. This is in contrast to other industry groups under Accumulation and Re-Accumulation. Episode concludes with a potential Campaign Candidate.

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  • Charts To Get You Through A Market Rotation | Joe Duarte

    This week Joe discusses Market Correction and Market Rotation and how to identify the difference. He also shares some emerging leaders that you might consider.

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  • If Stocks Can’t Rally, Look Out | John Kosar, CMT (05.20)

    John brings his five most important data series and charts this week. Market Internals "The Asbury 6" is currently negative. First, Market Internals are warning of a tactical decline. Second, S&P 500 is testing tactical support. Next, Investor Assets leaving QQQ ETF.

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  • Five Financial Warning Signs | Chris Kimble

    Today, Chris discusses five financial warning signs you can't ignore in the markets. He covers the "Hussman Valuation Model," Russell Value/Growth Ratio," "Semiconductors Testing Fibonacci Level, "Semiconductors/Nasdaq," and "Emerging Markets."

  • A Visit With The Relatives | Jeffrey Huge, CMT (05.18)

    Today, Jeff compares Cap-Weight Sector Relative Strength and Equal-Weight Sector Relative Strength. Right now, he focuses on stocks that have the ability to outperform with positive alpha.

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