Your Daily Five

Your Daily Five

With key insights and top charts from leading analysts, "Your Daily Five" is a concise yet action-packed daily rundown of the five most important charts you need to be watching. Each episode during the week features a different host, bringing a wide variety of perspectives and strategies to your screen every day.

Your Daily Five
  • Off To The Races With Cryptos | Jane Gallina (10.27)

    Right now, we are starting to see crypto really ramp up. Bitcoin also recently reached a new high and that usually leads to alt season coming into November through the rest of the year. Jane brings the top 3 coins that she is looking at.

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  • Let's Check In On The Indexes | Leslie Jouflas (10.26)

    In this episode, Leslie shares some of the analysis she is using to look at the indexes. This includes Fibonacci Retracements, signs of a turn for correction and more.

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  • Triple Threat Scan | Bruce Fraser with John Colucci

    Johni Scan (John Colucci) joins Bruce to profile a scan that combines three trend indicators. The indicators measure different important criteria and combine them to signal an uptrending condition. On-Balance Volume (OBV), Relative Strength and SCTR are combined with the stock’s proximity to the ...

  • Market At A Major Decision Point. Watch These Key Metrics | John Kosar (10.21)

    In this episode John presents his five most important data series, models, and charts. These are ones that will have the most directional influence over the stock market in the next several weeks.

  • Big Moves In Consumer Discretionary | Greg Schnell, CMT (10.20)

    Greg discusses Shopify and, Amazon which are showing positives setups going into a strong season for Consumer Discretionary. Next, Freeport McMoran in Materials is where he is watching for a positive push. Silver Standard is a good looking chart he'd like to see run-up. He finishes with First ...

  • Persuasive Patterns in Energy Stocks | Joe Rabil (10.19)

    Joe Rabil from Rabil Stock Research discusses what is taking place in the Energy sector right now. He starts by going through the Crude Oil Continuous Contract ($WTIC) in multiple time frames and showing how this contract is looking. He then gives 4 stock ideas in the sector that are showing at...

  • Under The Hood Indicators Point To Real Estate Taking Off | Erin Swenlin (10.18)

    Erin brings the 5 charts that she thinks you need to watch going into this week of trading. This is going to be an interesting week as far as she can tell. The "Sector To Watch" is Real Estate. There are a lot of stocks as well as sectors that are showing new momentum or positive crossovers an...

  • Mixed Response to Q3 Banking Results | Julius de Kempenaer (10.15)

    In this week, a lot of financial companies published their Q3 results. In this episode of YD 5 Julius zooms in on companies in that sector, focusing on Banks and Investment Services stocks. Highlighting the fact that despite seemingly positive results that are generally beating analyst's estimate...

  • Sectors, Industries, And Stocks Leading In Earnings Season | Tom Bowley (10.14)

    In this episode, Tom focuses on five charts as we head into earnings season and how he approaches that. He wants to see which areas including sectors, industry groups look strong and then find individual stocks in those groups.

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  • Watch The Banks For The Big Picture | Jane Gallina (10.13)

    This week is huge starting off with earnings and, banks are reporting. So, it's time to keep a watch on the banks and what's going on with the money flow which really runs the market. Jane shows charts from the XLF ETF for Bank Of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley They cover mu...

  • Analyze The Current Markets Using The "Moxie Method" | TG Watkins (10.12)

    TG talks about how the market has been down and in some turmoil. However, there have been some clear things he has guided his subscribers into using the Moxie Method and how he trades using that indicator. So, let's get into it!

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  • 5 Unusual Setups To Watch Going Into Earnings! | Mary Ellen McGonagle (10.11)

    Mary Ellen reviews 5 stocks that are due to report earnings over the next week. Given that the markets are in a downtrend, some of the charts have a bit of work to do - but all have compelling attributes.

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  • Mish's Picks To Keep On Your Radar | Mish Schneider (10.08)

    Mish likes to have a group of stocks from all asset classes to pick from so that regardless of what the market does, she has a choice. For example, if it decides to react to inflationary pressures, she has picks that can do well in that. Or in the case of some easy policy by the Fed, we have som...

  • Three Outstanding Stocks In The Financial Sector | Jeffrey Huge, CMT (10.07)

    Jeffrey dives into sector relative strength with the Financial sector vs. S&P 500. He is noticing that energy and financials are making a strong comeback from the lagging RRG Quadrant to Leading. Further study brings 3 standout stocks in financials that have exceptional profit potential.


  • Today's Technicals Write Tomorrow's Headlines | Andrew Cardwell (10.06)

    We certainly do live in an interesting and what's beginning to become an exciting time in the markets. Looking at the charts the last couple of weeks, we're in for some reversals and some accelerations. Andrew explains the patterns that he has taught over the years as he goes through each char...

  • Gold Is Starting To Sparkle | Erin Swenlin (10.04)

    Erin brings the 5 most interesting chars that will help you prepare for the week ahead. Currently, the market is starting to yield to a bullish divergence which she discusses in detail. Finishing up, Erin talks about Gold (GLD) which is one of the charts that she watches very closely.


  • With Global Energy Demand, Stocks Are Poised For A Surge | Greg Schnell, CMT

    With the power crisis, despite a market sell-off, Greg pinpoints stocks that are just getting started to the upside. He also looks at a promising bullish move in Netflix.

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  • Controlling Your Portfolio In Volatile Markets | Joe Duarte

    Today, Joe presents sound trading principles for Bull Markets which is all about momentum. When markets get shaky, manage risk by looking for stocks with Relative Strength. Consider dividends, buy-write strategies, inverse ETFs.
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  • Who To Watch In The Bear And Bull Battle | Jane Gallina (09.29)

    Today Jane discusses the top 5 charts on her watchlist this week. They cover electric vehicles, cryptocurrency, cannabis, and the Russell 2000 ETF (IWM).

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  • Did The Patterns Work Out? Let's Take a Look | Leslie Jouflas, CMT (09.28)

    Today, Leslie follows up with some trade setups discussed in the September 8, 2021 episode. So, how did they do? Let's see.

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  • 5 ETFs Outperforming The Nasdaq 100 (Plus! Scan Criteria) | Bruce Fraser

    Johni Scan (John Colucci) joins Bruce to develop a scan for identifying attractive ETFs. A relative strength scan is profiled that looks back over three months and compares a list of equity ETFs, ranking them according to performance characteristics. The best 31 are listed, the scan code is discu...

  • Here Comes Discretionary Stocks! | Tom Bowley (09.24)

    Tom Bowley, Chief Market Strategist at shares his 5 key charts and they all relate to consumer discretionary. The sector is quietly strengthening and Tom highlights 4 industry groups within the sector that look to lead into Q4. In addition to the 4 industry groups, Tom...

  • Time To Question The Trend? | Jeffrey Huge, CMT (09.23)

    Jeffrey brings us the top 5 reasons to be bullish, reasons to hedge, and reasons to be bearish. He then follows up with "Trend Reversal" "Breadth Narrowing," "A/D Line Convergence," "The Dow Theory," and the "2021 Cycle Composite."

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  • Play Defense For Wins In Consumer Staples Sector | Julius de Kempenaer (09.22)

    Julius is in the opinion in a transition mode and that we will see a "risk-off" mode in the near future. We should see good things in defensive sectors in the coming days or weeks. For today's show, he dives into a typical defensive sector, Consumer Staples.

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