Your Daily Five

Your Daily Five

With key insights and top charts from leading analysts, "Your Daily Five" is a concise yet action-packed daily rundown of the five most important charts you need to be watching. Each episode during the week features a different host, bringing a wide variety of perspectives and strategies to your screen every day.

Your Daily Five
  • Surprising Bullish Sector Success | TG Watkins (03.22)

    There is a lot going on in the market. One of the largest conversations going on out there is about the yield curve inversion & the recession coming up. He also shows how the Moxie Indicator helps keep you safe. He goes over charts for RIOT and Cryptos which are going insane.

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  • Trade Setups In Semiconductors | Joe Rabil (03.23)

    Joe Rabil of Rabil Stock Research starts with the Nasdaq works his way down from Tech Sector chart to Semi Industry and then provides a few stock ideas inside this industry group.  He explains why he would be inclined to play these as trades rather than longer term investments right now.


  • 5 Bullish Signals Say GET IN NOW! | Tom Bowley (03.20)

    Tom explains how he combines intermarket relationships and research with the correlation coefficient tool to provide better odds of getting the market direction right. These 5 ratios have shown very strong positive correlation with the direction of the S&P 500 in the past and they're telling us ...

  • The Return Of Mega Caps | Greg Harmon, CMT (03.17)

    Today, Greg announces the return of Mega Caps. They were written off in 2022 and now, he presents where they are today.

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  • Ideas For Your Potential Buy List | Larry Tentarelli (03.16)

    Today, Larry brings 5 charts that are of interest today in some detail. Four are setup very well and one that is not. He explains why.

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  • Every Bank, Everywhere, All at Once | Julius de Kempenaer (03.15)

    For this episode of YD5 Julius takes a look at the financials sector following the turmoil and fallout after the collapse of Silvergate and Silicon Valley Banks. And while banking stocks inside XLF are taking a hit, there are certainly a few other names that pop up as potentially interesting.


  • Spotting Squeezes In Sector SPDR's | Danielle Shay (03.14)

    Today, we welcome back Danielle Shay. She brings you the 5 charts that she is focusing on for this week and the reasons why.

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  • Bond Market Is Rolling Over | Greg Schnell, CMT (03.13)

    The Bond market is rolling over. How soon will it affect the stock market?
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  • Look Out Below! | John Colucci (03.10)

    Today, John presents a scan, "Look Out Below!" This scan looks at stocks that moved down and closed near the lows on high volume.

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  • Rates, Valuations, Price Action! | Jeffrey Huge, CMT (03.09)

    Today, Jeff talks about the fed funds rate and earnings estimates. Also, he shows how the Elliott Wave Model predicts that stocks are headed lower.

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  • Big Base Investing | Bruce Fraser (03.08)

    Today, Bruce is going BIG talking about "Big Base Investing" which is a fascinating topic. Bruce walks you through some potential candidates.

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  • Stocks At Major Decision Point, Leaning Higher | John Kosar, CMT (03.07)

    John is back to share his five most important charts, data series, and Asbury Research quantitative models. He believes these will be the most influential to the stock market direction in the next several weeks, and potentially into the second quarter of this year.

  • Keep On Trucking | Leslie Jouflas, CMT (03.06)

    Today, Leslie talks about trucking stocks. She has been looking at sectors the last couple of days and she noticed that this particular industry has a lot of things moving. So, she brings up some charts to look into things a bit deeper.

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  • Has Spring Sprung In The Market? | Jane Gallina (03.03)

    This week, Jane is not convinced that Spring has sprung in the market. Charts are showing a bit of a rebound, but on very little volume. Are we ready to move to the upside or is it a further move to the downside?

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  • Bullish & Bearish Setups | TG Watkins (03.02)

    The markets have been moving every which way lately. Fortunately, TG has identified some charts with bullish and bearish setups to help you navigate this interesting time.

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  • Trading Ranges & Emerging Trends | Mish Schneider (03.01)

    While the indices remain range bound, Mish shows you several emerging trends.

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  • How I Look At RSI Ranges | Leslie, Jouflas, CMT (02.28)

    On her last show, Leslie covered patterns on some indexes. Today, she is going to look at them again with the RSI indicator (Relative Strength Index) and what she sees when she uses it. She also noticed a classic chart pattern on Ford.

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  • Defensive Names With Growth | Mary Ellen McGonagle (02.27)

    Mary Ellen brings 5 charts that show growth during this uncertain market phase. Most, have had very strong numbers which are reflective of strong earnings reports.

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  • Managing Risk In Liquidity Crisis | Joe Duarte (02.24)

    Joe discusses assessing the future of stock prices based on liquidity analysis. This will help you to adjust your portfolio risk.

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  • Will Rising Rates Sink The Stock Market? | Jeffrey Huge, CMT (02.23)

    Jeff is back to share his views on the market, including the probabilities that are favoring higher rates for a longer time period, how 10-Year treasuries poised to breakout and volatility spikes. He then shares a couple of charts using Elliott Wave Analysis.

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  • Key Support Levels For 5 Major Charts | Larry Tentarelli (02.21)

    The markets have been a bit volatile over the past few days. Last week was pretty busy, there was the CPI report, PPI, and some Fed speakers. He starts with the 10-Year Treasury Yield which is one of the most important charts in any market. He also explains his current positions and potential pos...

  • 5 Attractive ADX Setups | Joe Rabil (02.17)

    Joe discusses that he is seeing some patterns that are looking attractive in his daily reviews.  While the general market is still in a questionable position, his bottom-up reviews are yielding some exceptional looking charts.  He shows 1 specific ADX pattern in multiple timeframes that is develo...

  • Market Shows Longer Term Strength | TG Watkins (02.16)

    The market keeps handling economic news well. The dollar, CPI, PPI and, treasury ($TNX) are all up a bit. The market is not falling apart and those are the things we should be looking at. Watch and see what TG signals sees on the charts!

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  • 5 Growth Stocks Ready To Explode! | Tom Bowley (02.15)

    Tom discusses the recent market heater to the upside, before highlighting 5 growth stocks that he expects to outperform over the next 3 months.  It's all about finding leading stocks in leading industry groups and Tom shows you why these 5 are set to outperform.

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