Your Daily Five

Your Daily Five

With key insights and top charts from leading analysts, "Your Daily Five" is a concise yet action-packed daily rundown of the five most important charts you need to be watching. Each episode during the week features a different host, bringing a wide variety of perspectives and strategies to your screen every day.

Your Daily Five
  • Second Chances at the 20 SMA | John Colucci (08.19)

    John Colucci, a.k.a. Johni Scan, illustrates how to scan from a distance, whether for a simple moving average or exponential moving average. He shows how you can use these scans to find stocks that are pulling back into a rising moving average, if you're looking for an entry.

  • Have The Majors Fizzled Out? | Jane Gallina (08.18)

    We have seen some major upwards moves in the indexes. However, they are testing a trend line on the S&P 500. Looking at the weekly chart, there the volume is descending as it moves to the upside. In that situation, many times, it will lead to a divergence.

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  • Climbing The Wall Of Worry | Erin Swenlin (08.17)

    Today, Erin covers the 5 most important charts she is watching for the week. For SPY, there was a rally in mid-June. Are you we coming out of a bear market? Well, things looks really good, it is also very overbought. She also covers the Energy sector chart and she is not impressed.

  • Hot & Cold Opportunities | Chris Kimble (08.16)

    Today, Chris talks about hot & cold opportunities combined with moving average extremes. Natural Gas is white hot or, is it just getting started? Is the King Dollar at any extremes? Are there any opportunities in yields or commodities? He also covers stocks that have done well since August.

  • How To Identify Trend Changes Early | Joe Duarte (08.12)

    The goal for today is “Preparing For Market Turns.” In this episode, Joe talks about combing sentiment and liquidity indicators to trade market turns. This includes, recognizing meaningful sentiment shifts, identifying liquidity & momentum, and, identifying trend changes early. Trading is uncer...

  • Time to Move to Cash | Jeffrey Huge, CMT (08.11)

    Core Inflation is Still Rising and Likely to Remain High.
    Prepare for a Recession; Trust the Yield Curve.
    Midterm Election Cycle Not Poised to Bottom Until Late-October.
    VVIX diverging Relative to VIX; This May Imply a VIX Spike Ahead.
    The Countertrend Advance Off the June Low is Topping Now.


  • There Are Always Strong Stocks Out There | Grayson Roze (08.10)

    Grayson brings you his 5 picks for the show today using StockCharts ACP (Advanced Charting Platform) to present. There are always strong stocks out there and Grayson has two names making new all time highs.

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  • Looking For Stocks In A Recession | Leslie Jouflas, CMT (08.09)

    There's a lot of talk about recession right now. Some economists are saying we are in a recession, some say we aren't but we will be and some say we are not in a recession. A recession is a significant, pervasive, and persistent decline in economic activity. Today, Leslie covers "What To Buy D...

  • Market Bottom Is Confirmed! | Tom Bowley (08.08)

    Tom highlights 5 charts that he's watching to make sure his mid-June market bottom call is confirmed. Consumer discretionary, growth stocks, and transports are among areas that he'll be laser-focused on as we move throughout the second half of the year.

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  • Look For Pullbacks Into Strength | TG Watkins (08.04)

    TG brings the 5 charts that stand out to him this week. They are a collection of some setups that he identified earlier this week that are kicking in today. He also gives an example of his "Elf Shoe" pattern to help you more easily identify it.

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  • It Could Be A Great 3rd Quarter | John Kosar, CMT (08.03)

    Today, John is back to share the 5 most important charts and data series and signals that he is closely watching. These are reports that are important that will have the most influence on the direction of the markets in the coming months.

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  • The DO'S & DONT'S of the DOW | Julius de Kempenaer (08.02)

    In this episode of "Your Daily Five", Julius uses the Relative Rotation Graph (RRG) of the Dow Jones Industrials index as a starting point to find 3 stocks with upside potential and two which are better avoided.

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  • Semiconductors Getting An Upgrade | Jane Gallina (07.27)

    This week, Jane is highlighting the Semiconductors. The Semiconductor ETF (SMH) is first, because of the short volume and she explains why. Jane then heads to Nvidia (NVDA) to discuss it's current charts over different periods.

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  • Short Term Bounce For Energy | Leslie Jouflas, CMT (07.26)

    The markets have been testing all over the place. Today, Leslie discusses this current bounce in Energy that we are seeing but that it is just short term. Starting out today, she brings up the Crude Oil futures chart and follows up with some related ETF's and stocks to check out.

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  • Upside Breakout in Oil? | Erin Swenlin (07.25)

    Erin brings the 5 charts she is closely watching right now. She is cautiously bullish, is this the the market bottom? We are still in a bear market, but would like to be surprised. With all of the things globally and economically, there really aren't any changes there. So, more than likely the ...

  • Inside the Industrial Sector Groups | Julius de Kempenaer (07.22)

    Julius de Kempenaer uses Relative Rotation Graphs to break down the Industrials sector into its groups, of which it has many, to find 5 that are worthy of our time either from a positive or a negative point of view. These groups vary from Commercial Vehicles & Trucks on the far negative end of th...

  • Countertrend Bounce In Progress | Jeffrey Huge, CMT (07.21)

    For this week, Jeffrey shares the 5 most important charts related to the work he has been doing recently. In this show, he shares some very valuable and interesting perspectives to study.

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  • Markets Move Higher Despite Bearish Sentiment | TG Watkins (07.20)

    There is massive bearish sentiment and yet, the market is moving up. This happens when everyone is on one side of the trade and the market will starts going in the other direction. TG presents some price targets to watch for a signal of upwards price migration. Primarily, start looking at charts...

  • Important Pattern Developing In S&P 500 | Joe Rabil (07.19)

    Joe Rabil from Rabil Stock Research analyzes the S&P 500 chart in multiple time frames. He looks at a monthly chart, 2 weekly charts, a daily and an hourly chart. There are a few important things taking place in this index that needs to be monitored over the next few weeks, and Joe explains what ...

  • Quiet The Noise & Check Out These Stocks | Mish Schneider (07.15)

    It's a very interesting time in the market. We are hanging on for dear life for with lows & lots of buzz about the fed. There are other contributors including earnings season, consumer sentiment expecting inflation starting to peak, and much more. So, Mish is here to quiet the noise and give you...

  • Larry's Top Trend Ideas | Larry Tentarelli (07.14)

    Larry follows up with a few charts he spoke about when he was last on the show. First, he covers the core markets, key support levels, and what their trends are saying to him. He then, presents a new chart with upside potential.

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  • Where Is Amazon Headed? | Leslie Jouflas, CMT (07.13)

    Today, Leslie updates and focuses on Amazon (AMZN). Back in April, she looked at tech giants and now, Amazon is getting to some support. So, where is it headed?

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  • 5 Stocks With Great Potential | Greg Harmon, CMT (07.11)

    Today, Greg brings the 5 charts that he is watching closely this week. These stocks were also put out to his clients. Some were triggering and some may trigger later in the week. He presents how he might trade them.

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  • Dual RSI Scan | John Colucci (07.08)

    Today, John takes a look at the RSI using the Dual RSI Scan that he developed with his late colleague Andrew Cardwell. The RSI is a helpful momentum oscillator that looks at the speed and change of price movements.